Friday, September 04, 2009

R-71: New Lawsuit Filed and Judge Rules on Signatures--Sort of

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A couple of things happened yesterday that you will want to be aware of.

A new lawsuit has been filed in Thurston County Superior Court, once again trying to block Referendum 71 from appearing on the November ballot.

In another Thurston County Court hearing yesterday, a judge heard both sides of why the names of those who signed the R-71 petition should be sealed from public disclosure.

The new lawsuit has been filed by the same group that had filed the suit last week which was denied by Judge Julie Spector earlier this week in King County.

They are alleging the same thing they alleged earlier regarding the Secretary's accepting of signatures that according to them, were not valid.

They are also alleging that we used deceptive practices to get people who actually support SB 5688 to sign the petition and that the petitions themselves include false information.

We did not. I am not aware of any attempt to mislead anyone, nor is anyone else involved in leadership in R-71.

They are challenging our statement on the petition that says SB 5688, "effectively makes same-sex marriages legal."

It does, and that is precisely one of the points we are making to the public. This suit may help to educate the broader public to what SB 5688 is really about.

They are also challenging our statement that says, "If same-sex marriage becomes law, public schools K-12, will be forced to teach that same-sex marriage and homosexuality are normal---even over the objections of parents."

This is an absolute true statement.

David Ammons, from the Secretary of State's office released a statement yesterday afternoon that said in part, "The plaintiffs lost in King County with essentially the same arguments, the same concerns. Our attorneys would expect to prevail again and we expect the voters will be voting on R-71 this fall."

If they are so certain of the state's support for the "every thing but marriage bill," why are they so relentless in trying to keep it away from the public?

You will recall that we asked for and received a Temporary Restraining Order to seal the names of those who signed the R-71 petitions. The reason for the TRO was because of legitimate threats to those who signed the petitions by at least two homosexual activist organizations, who promised to publish, on the Internet, the names of those who signed, so they could "be contacted."

As you may also know, both Larry Stickney and myself have had public death threats directed at us personally.

The judge heard both sides yesterday and said that he will have a final ruling on September 11 on a permanent restraining order.

I spoke with Steve Pidgeon, our attorney, late yesterday afternoon after he left the courtroom. He said the judge ruled that the names will continue to be sealed from the public until the final ruling on the 11th.

He said, "The disclosure law to verify the Referendum has not been thwarted and the names have not been made public."

These are times that try our soul, exhaust our strength and measure motives, but I am certain of one thing. If we do not stand for what is right in our culture, who will? I have an abiding sense that God is leading in all things. Thank you for your prayer and support.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. If it make it to the ballet box I will NOT vote for it.

    What I do agree with is making the signers names secret.

    This is an extremely emotional issue and to make these names public will put the signers in danger of harassment and even physical harm.

  2. I found again some good reading from the Pilgrim's Progress about
    how they suffered at Vanity Fair,
    and how they were tried.

    Faithful escaped this world in a firery blaze. Christian, to prison till God turned things around for his escape.

  3. The Serpent was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.
    He acted in the garden on his own, has been cursed by the word of the Lord, and will be rewarded
    for his doings, along with all those who let themselves be used by him for his evils. He's cursed
    above every beast of the field (see Genesis 3:14). Because of Genesis 3:15, (and all the other scriptures) we have authority over him in Jesus.

    Let's everyone who prays, bind those death threats in Jesus' name. Larry Stickney and Gary Randall have done nothing worthy
    of death but rather, have rewards coming to them pertaining to life.
    May God richly reward them for their good work which was done in the Lord. God's blessings to all the rebuilders.

  4. If you seriously had those statements in your petition, it's going down, baby. You can lie all you want on your blog, but not on a legal petition. Good gosh.

  5. Ralph. Me and 62 members of my family are voting to reject SB 5688. That gives us a net gain of 61.

    Robert in Everett

  6. As for my family, we are all voting for R-71 to pass and block the "everything but marraige" law. What people forget that the New Testament, especially pertaining to the end times, stae that anyone in homosexuality will be condemned to the fires of Hell. Jesus himself in the Gospels states that in the End Times, it would be as the days of Noah before the flood and looked what happened to homosexuality then. They were detroyed in the flood. We, as a nation and Christian community, need to get back to the BIBLE (basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) and bring back morality before God's wrath falls on this country. Legalization of abortion and euthanasia (which violates the 5th commandment "Thou shalt not kill") was the first step into immorality. Now we have gay marraiges and rights being given. Welcome to Sodom and Ghommorah! What did God do to those cities? Destroyed them for the grieveous sins against His word. Wake up and smell the coffee America! We are next to be destroyed if we don't change our ways! As John the Baptist said: "Repent! Repent!"

  7. It is surprising to me that a growing portion of the population are so blinded by this issue. Women were made for men and men for women. Anything else is not only a perversion of God's highest creation, but a perversion - period. Let us not forget the act that we protest against - men lying with other men as they would a woman, and women desiring other women in the same way. I know it is difficult to think of this perverted scene, much less keep it in focus, but this is the real thing we must continue to resist. If you remove the sexual act from the gay relationship, what you have left is bff - best friends forever, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    It is the sexual act that takes the wonderful thing of friendship and relationship that God condones and wants from us, and turns in into a thing that is detestable in his eyes. It is this very thing that should remain detestable to our eyes as well. I pray for all of the perverted and twisted men and women that feel they need to add this one thing to an already commendable friendship, and ruin our civil society because of it.

    May the scales fall from your eyes. May you see truth and light, and may you know peace that passes all understanding. May you finally shed the chains that bind you and know that the love of God Almighty can heal your wounds and forgive every shameful sin. May we ALL know this truth and begin our lives again, today, living the life that HE would have us live.

  8. Yesterday I felt sadness and reading the update now know why. Thurston County is where I grew up the first 21 years of my life. I, as a Child of THE MOST HIGH GOD, disallow the lawsuit filed in Thurston County against R-71 and I ask Almighty God to keep the signatures sealed for R-71. In Jesus Name. Further, there are natural laws of gravity in place which we do not question because the results are immediate. There are economic laws of 'Do Not borrow' which many, saddly, did find out the hard way what happens when they are violated. DOMA protects the spiritual laws of reproduction that an ALL KNOWING CREATOR gave us. Let's simply say NO to SB 5688! AND Let's say YES to R-71. Then we WON't have to find out what can happen.
    We are NOT leaving the gay community without remedy by STANDING FOR DOMA and R-71. I have heard Abba Father refer to gay men as "MY sons". Reach for HIM prodigal sons and daughters. HE CAN AND WILL RENEW A RIGHT SPIRIT IN YOU FOR THE ASKING. IN JESUS NAME.

  9. We all have the freedom
    to chose to sin or not to sin.

    The consequences of sinning
    and not sinning come from God. it is not our place to punish others for their sins . it is not our place to reward others for not sinning.

    If you disagree tell me .

  10. Well, Robert, 85 members of my family and I are all voting to approve on Ref-71, so now you're left with a net loss of 24 votes. How you like them apples!

    Jack in Renton

  11. Anyone read the book of Jeremiah lately? Prophecy can be applied to America today.

  12. Yes, 9:19, thus as believers, we are to stand up for God's principles, and ignore the condemnations coming our way. We need to consistently answer in Love, and reject the lables being put on us. Eternity is a LONG time, and thus tne need to pray for those who reject God's ways at this time!

  13. Gov. Gregoire reminds me of LOT of Old-Except she has Crawled into Bed with the Sodomites and Judgement will Fall upon her and her Family !!Trying to pass SB 5688without a vote of "We the People" is Socialistic Practice-NOT Democratic !!!

  14. 2:50

    Passing legislation w/o a vote of the people is exactly what they're supposed to do. It's called representative democracy. They are representing the people who elected them. This obviously wouldn't include you in this case.

    Also, socialism and democracy are not antithetic. In fact, it's an apples to oranges comparison. There are many countries that are quite socialistic by choice of the citizens.


    The work is just beginning. So many have been buffalo-ed by the "politically correct" liberals. We need to help them remember what it was like before we "progressed". Crime was down, neighbors helped neighbors, Marriage was sacred, children were respectful and chastity was a valued thing. Now, all these and more have been thrown out the window in favor of "if it feels good, do it". What have we gained? More credit debt, mental illness, crime, selfishness, and fear.

    Right is still right, and wrong is still wrong. Expressing sexual acts with a partner who is the same sex OR who is not your spouse is wrong. Always has been and always will be.

  16. Please help me, I’m confused. Please show me where in this bill it says that your marriage will be dissolved if it passes. Please show me how the state will be forcing your church to perform ANY marriage, gay or otherwise. I am going to be getting married in may (to a lovely person of the opposite sex,) should I be worried that this marriage will not be legal anymore, or that it diminishes the love and rights we will share in matrimony? Will God look at my marriage as a lesser thing, should this bill grant rights to a segment of society that engages in a lifestyle not approved of by certain religions? Perhaps we should move to a country that not only disallows such things, but punishes them with severe beatings and death. Like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. As for teaching Gay Marriage in Schools, I'm not buying it. In fact, throughout my school days, I don't recall the subject of marriage in general ever coming up, except between school friends. Fear mongering is the old fallback, eh?


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