Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Homosexuality is not a civil right" says Board of Education Chairman

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Calendar Update: R-71 Rally scheduled this weekend. Check Events for details.

California Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill this week, creating a day of recognition for Harvey Milk, a homosexual activist.

The bill encourages schools across the state to set aside a day to honor this controversial person.

The homosexual activists are claiming a civil rights victory.

Dr. Alexandria Coronado, chairman of the Orange County Board of Education, says she is "absolutely furious." And she is not silent about her concerns. I have linked the story which gives more detail.

Her concerns and her willingness to speak out about them raises an even larger question.

Coronado says she knows several Californians who are far more deserving to be honored than a controversial homosexual activist. She mentions the late President Ronald Reagan and former Governor Pat Brown.

As the homosexual lobby continues their attempt to remake the culture, why are there not more people in leadership speaking out as Dr. Coronado is doing?

They are demanding special rights---rights that are above and beyond those given to any other part of our society.

They are demanding the right to redefine marriage and rewrite the textbooks of our children, normalizing homosexuality---calling it "equality".

They mislead the public with deceptive legislation, as in SB 5688, claiming one thing to the public and something else to the press.

They demand honor for Harvey Milk simply because he was a homosexual, yet we pass over the likes of Reagan or Brown who actually did something.

You tell me what's wrong with this picture.

We are standing on our head culturally, wondering why we are loosing our sense of moral balance.

The press seems mandated to support their wishes, regardless of how extreme. Some politicians are driven to prove they are not homophobes or worse----bigots, so they support every bill that comes from the homosexual lobby, from normalizing homosexuality in the classroom, redefining marriage or writing and passing extreme so-called "hate crimes" legislation and ENDA.

The press and the politicians seem to be willing to do anything to escape the wrath and scorn of a vocal and sometimes violent homosexual lobby.

And unfortunately, some pastors and Christian leaders go to great length to avoid addressing the moral decay and its cause that is destroying the culture.

We cannot remain silent.

Many of us are trying to right the listing cultural ship with Referendum 71. Make no mistake, the price is great. Many who read this blog know exactly what I am referring to.

But if not us, who? And if not now, when?

Wake up. Be prayerful. Be vigilant. Be discerning. Be active.


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Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I say a great BIG Hallelujah to Dr. Coronado!!

    The gay activists have had way too much influence and have managed to twist societies views and ethics so far astray - it is just scary. It is time we had some leadership with a little backbone! Just because you oppose a lifestyle choice based on recreational fornication does not make you intolerant or a bigot or a nazi!

    No child or teenager likes to be told "NO" - most will argue incessantly to have their way. Gay activism is no different. We need to follow this courageous example and stand up and stand out! Without fear!

    A deviant lifestyle choice is simply a choice. Lots of people make them, from drug addicts to hamburger addicts to those who are a fashion disaster. It does not justify civil re-engineering and undermining the institution of marriage.

    If we don't start to defend our society pretty soon, we will find it has been wrestled away from us. It starts with the kids - so be vigilant in your school curriculum. Defend freedom, honor, morality and righteousness!

  2. Actually Harvey Milk did do something… It was just something that you don't like.

  3. Homosexuality is neither civil nor is it right. True, it is not a cival right. It's a vice not a virtue. It's a trap, not freedom.
    It's corrupt. It's not good.

    It brings shame to a society, state, nation, school system, or whatever it comes to, if it is allowed, tolerated, given permission to occupy, endorsed, or sanctioned.
    Shame comes as a dishonor, or disgrace to those who know better, but there is another shame.
    There is a character called Shame.
    It's an evil spirit that doesn't have shame, for it does not have feelings of falling short, and that is a shame.
    A person shamed can be turned, but this character called Shame will never turn. He takes captive those that are willing. He doesn't like godliness, nor is he one for repentance. Humility is contrary to him as it goes against his nature. He's a thorn, an undesirable plant. He scoffs at religion...

    And he seeks entrance through things like the homosexual agenda.

    Only through Jesus can one find escape from that one called Shame,
    for the righteousness of Christ is far greater than he.

  4. "a controversial homosexual activist"

    What about a non-controversial homosexual activist? Would you go for a non-controversial homosexual activist??

    "They are demanding special rights---rights that are above and beyond those given to any other part of our society."

    Gary - You know that is a totally false statement. Shame on you once again for making false statements. You disgrace the name of Jesus when you do that - Jesus called his people to be honest and not make false statements. I am sorry your "passion" has so distorted your mind that you can tell the truth in your efforts.

    This statement is so twisted - it seems that maybe someone was truing to deceive people wrote it:

    They are demanding the right to redefine marriage and rewrite the textbooks of our children, normalizing homosexuality---calling it "equality".

    They reality of course is that as citizens of the US and the State of Washington, they are simply requesting that they have the same CIVIC rights as everyone else since they pay the same taxes and have the same citizenship in our great State as all the other citizens.

    Kind of like the same rights that Evangelicals get despite the nasty spirits and their desire to hurt people.


  5. Let me make this as simple as possible -

    You are NOT called to be morality police.

    God IS the morality police.

    You are called to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and the salvation that is offered in His name - that He might draw all men to him. Then you are truly the light of the world - when His name alone shines through you.

    You are called to be come broken, fearful and trembling before him - fully releasing yourself to Him - and when you actually meet God - and see yourself - you will NEVER want to be the morality police again. You will want God to take His rightful position as the morality police - and He will judge quickly by His Spirit - FIRST in the Church.

    Even so come, Lord Jesus.

  6. We are God's voice in these matters. 'If you deny me, I will deny you to my father.' How else will the world know of the traps the enemy has set up, if we don't speak up? No, we need to be consistent, never waiver, concerning God's priciples, and is not marraige the backbone of family and children, and should we not stand up for the the way God as set up family, of a man and a women establishing relationships and having children. With today's science however, has allowed society to stray away from the original way God set up famlies. Some ways are good, for authentic couples to have children, but NOT for 'same sex' couples. Sorry, it's just not God's plan, thus, the need to speek up. Yes, accept and love those in this lifestyle, and the children, but, consistently pray for those caught up in this harmful lifestyle, that they may eventually realize the harm and turn to God for help! It' logical, only a man and women can create a child, does this not show how 'maybe' one should shun the gay lifestyle? Yes, it's a spritual battle, to which we pray consistently for those caught up in this harmful lifestyle, and pray for their eventual discernments! Many have left this lifestyle with support and prayers.
    May many more do so--for thier sakes, and society!

  7. Yes, we are not called of God to be "morality police" (whatever that is).

    It sounds like an over zealous officer of the law, who would go about to arrest offenders who are really not offending.

    If people are offending and causing offences that are contrary to God, shouldn't we attempt to arrest their attention?

    To be just in such a cause is good, it seems to me.

    I wonder what would have happened if Eve would have said to the serpent, "I'll just let God be your judge. I won't judge you at all. If you think the fruit in question is good, that's up to you. You go eat it. I can't say it's bad because then I would be some kind of "morality police woman". So I can't say it's bad.
    That gives you the freedom to say it's good, but I can't say that it's bad. And all of this in the name of fairness... "Fairness"? Now I have an idol don't I?" ?

    And what if Eve would have seen Adam come to the tree and examine the fruit? Would she be wrong to say anything? Would she be wrong to say what God said about it, that they should not eat of it?

    Now I wonder what morality police work is all about. How does this work? Is it OK for some to be morality police, but not others?

    Matthew 10:34,35
    Think not that I am come to send peace, but a sword.
    For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    We're called of God to be witnesses unto Christ.

  8. We are God's voice in these matters.

    Anon 9:36

    With all due respect, you don't show much faith - thinking man has to do God's job. My God is the one who made your mouth - and, trust me, when He needs to speak - He does NOT need your mouth to do it!

  9. I would say that when God calls those of us who hear his voice will answer - here I am, Lord send me!

    It is an honor, a privilege and a Christian duty to stand up and proclaim righteousness for God's sake. You cannot send us away trembling with your PC speech.

    All through the Bible, the prophets job is to speak God's word and set the people straight! get a grip!

    Your attitude is just like the old hebrew tribes. Better get saved!

  10. There are a lot of choices "out there," especially these days. However, that does not necessarily mean that they are either right or healthy ones.

    Is it possible for us to get back to thinking what the outcomes of thumbing our nose at God are - & where it takes us.

    I work with school children each year and as a sub have been to many different school buildings. First off, young children are the loudest proclamation that not sticking to the divine mandate of marriage and family is both dangerous and destructive. Our boys are grown, but how I wish I could adopt at least one boy and one girl to help them have a well balanced view of being female or male, understanding our culture, etc. all from a Biblical perspective. What I see in our schools are children with mutiple problems - and many, many, many tears.

    Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you. More of our children will be beaming with smiles if we do take His Word seriously.

    Wishing all of you the best in life. May we be faithful and wise and able to deal with this Administration that is working against us - unfortunately!


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