Monday, November 23, 2009

Sex Ed in Public Education; AKA Indoctrination

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Soon Washington State public education will be rolling out the full impact of the "every thing but marriage" bill, SB 5688, as it becomes law.

The redefinition of terms such as "husband" and "wife" and a litany of others traditionally associated with natural marriage will soon be the topic of discussion in your child's classroom.

While some teachers will do so reluctantly, others will welcome the opportunity to advance a far left, post modern, relativistic worldview---at public expense. The views reflected in SB 5688 elevates that which is not normal to that of normality and socially acceptable behavior. And rewards it.

Dr. Miriam Grossman, for 12 years a staff psychiatrist at UCLA and respected expert on sex ed in public education, has written in her book, "You're Teaching My Child What," that sex ed is not about preventing unwanted pregnancies--it's to promote sexual freedom.

She says, "This is not about health, folks. This is about indoctrination."

Grossman says that the Sex Information and Education Council of the US (SIECUS), who provides sex ed curricula for schools across the country, promotes the idea, without any basis in fact, that it is "healthy" for kids to explore their sexuality.

She also says that many sex ed instructors encourages kids to, "question what they've been taught at home and at church."

She says sex ed not only undermines parental authority, it has the potential to promote dangerous behavior in an age group already eager and willing to break rules.

Dr. Grossman, in the conclusion of her book, advises parents to check carefully, ahead of time what their children will be taught in sex ed classes.

With the negative impact of SB 5688 now ready to be downloaded on our children in an already hostile environment toward traditional Christian values, it is even more important over the next few months to be very, very vigilant regarding what they are teaching your children.

Your child is a gift from God to you---not to state run education.
Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I love the smell of "fear-mongering" in the morning!!!

  2. "The views reflected in SB 5688 elevates that which is not normal to that of normality and socially acceptable behavior."

    Actually, as the recent election showed, homosexuality is not only normal, but socially acceptable in Washington state. I'd like to thank Gary Randall and Larry Stickney for their work in making the public's views on this issue definitively known. It is not LGBT people, but Gary, Larry and their ilk, who are outside the mainstream in our state. But don't worry, those of us in the mainstream aren't about to start trying to take away your rights, we'll leave the attacks on minorities rights to fringe extremist elements like you.

  3. Luke 6:20-25
    And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said, Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God.
    Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.
    Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake.
    Rejoice in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.
    But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation.
    Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep.

    And he also said through his apostle, "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."
    (see Galatians 6:7)

    Let's also remember Matthew 13:24-30.

    The harvest truly is plenteous.

  4. Abstinence till marriage is stated by an RCW to be the focus of sex education . In our current understanding of how the state views legal benefits for partners and what is required to gain them it appears its an oxymoron now .

    More importantly though , abstinence till marriage never really took precedence in many classrooms for sometime now. At least in my district. In most of the learning materials it is often stated , then the main aspect of the curriculum has included flavored condoms to legally knowing you have a right to privacy from parental knowledge of what you behind closed doors.
    Even had literature about masturbation, can't wait to see the new homework assignments that will be coming soon .

    The times are changing , but interestingly in almost all my conversations with those in authority on this subject they always have stated how personally they are Conservative valued in their own homes , but they don't see that as being important in public education .

    Basic common sense sex education is not conservative or liberal , but these sex experts however believe what they teach their own kids " if they are being honest" so they will be more likely to have healthier and happier lives is not good enough for the rest of the kids who come from different types of homes that have no guidance .

    Shame on them ,


  5. I think we all can see that a storm is brewing. Are we going to be ready to rumble? Are we going to be ready to roll? Are we ready to mount up with wings as eagles above it all, to run and not be weary, to walk and not be faint?

    Such is the inheritance of the children of God. Are we ready to receive priestly garments? Are we willing to lay hold of the horns of the altar?

    I wonder what's going to happen.

    Is there a parent who talks to his children about what's happening with the laws of this state and what the consequences might be to their children's education should
    the school system be caught up in what's becoming more and more offensive to God, which is the ways of this world which has fallen into corruption through the lusts of the flesh which can not be satisfied?

    Is there a parent who takes hold of their child's shoulders and speaks the encouragement of the gospel into them before they go to school, because their child doesn't have to go along with the world's systems when they are contrary to God, no matter if it comes to them from a teacher, fellow student, or whoever, and because they will find protection by living godly in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, as they pray daily, remember the cross, look to God for help, thank him daily, ask him for his strength, wisdom and whatever else they may need.

    Is there a parent who tells his children that they should tell him whatever is being taught about sex in school, or feel free to ask them any question about it.

    Are there fathers who tell their children that they should not be afraid of anything at school, but if they are that they should talk to him about it because one of the things he wants to do for them is to plead their cause and deliver them out of any oppression as he does have an understanding of the simplicity of the gospel which is effective against the sins of this world, and that he is willing to ask for mercy from any offender who is oppressing another after finding out what the present distress is all about, and that he has talked to the pastor about this kind of thing, and the pastor has told him of supporting elders who will also back him up with prayer, counsel, and even plead his case if need be?

    Is there a church that is getting prepared for this that is ahead?

    If so, then what have we to fear?

    If a church will stick together in Christ, they should do valiently.

    Do their children walk together wherever they go with other Christian friends who are willing to watch over one another and plead for one another when necessary? Do they protect one another? Do the parents meet with their parents and talk about these things? If so, then the Church should be something to be respected if not feared in some sense of the word.

    I think it's time to prepare. Let's pray that God brings us all together on these things, prepares us and makes all the connections, in Jesus' name.

    I can imagine parents talking to teachers, pastors telling teachers that they may call on them if they are being forced to do some things they would rather not do, or teach some things they would rather not teach.

    I can imagine fathers of students talking to teachers telling them that they are willing to hear any matter that causes anyone any distress and is willing to plead their case if they are willing to call on them, if they are willing to forgive others and repent of any sins that become known to them. If teachers are threatened by school board members, it should be something they should be able to walk through together if they are willing. Whatever it is, a Church together should be able to handle it. Hasn't God given us everything we need? Doesn't everything belong to us and we to Christ?

    Genesis 12:3
    Genesis 18:19

  6. I see one of Gary's endorsed judges was in the news recently (, just more proof that Washingtonians need to listen to a wise Christian man like Pastor Randall when it comes to political issues.

  7. Will we mount some kind of campaign to expose and change this?
    We are looking toward you Gary.

  8. Isn't it something how some people think that society determines for us what is normal?

    It's deception. It's not true. It's not just. It's not good. It's not lovely. It's not of God.
    It will not prevail. It has no value, no foundation, no virtue,
    and it's not worthy of any praise.

  9. When my kids were in high school, one teacher did not like the idea of teaching 'sex-ed'. Thus, he simplifed it by telling them about the 'pill' with instructions for the girls to keep the pill between their legs! I was on the parents commmitee to choose the sex curriculum. It was called 'SEx Repsect'that had God's principles taught, but never used the word God. I pray it's still in our schools!

  10. Shame on them ,



    Shame on those who plunder the public cofferes through the miltary industrial complex and leave children without food or healthcare. Shame on those who drop bombs on children in the name of name of "national security".

    When I hear judgement according to righteousness rather than worrying about other people's sexuality, then I will find some credibility with that speaker.


  11. "Isn't it something how some people think that society determines for us what is normal?"

    Actually nothing new here its called culture.

    "the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: the youth culture, etc"

    Remember when your Mom said two wrongs don't make a right ? Well I was taught prejudice was always wrong , that say
    because of race discriminating against a person
    was bigoted , I have heard people using the same bigoted example of people opposed to affirmitive action when its based on race. If your against discriminating against a person on race , actually stopping employment because of race at one time was wrong in the dominant culture, the exact opposite is called racist now . Confuses some of us .

    Its more important to accept behavior that you consider wrong in our present culture then it is to say it is wrong . The wrong begavior is teaching the behavior is wrong , say having sex out of marriage. That older culture supported the belief sexual relationships out of marriage promote negative results . The amount of diseases and poverty caused by sexual contacts depite the best sex education available proves that . The culture supports sex out of wedlock . It supports protection for sex , mutually agreed a wise decision , but never the less kids being kids will and never always follow that , the culture at one time helped promote the better activity of abstaining or limiing many sexual partners.

    Worse thing is seeing kids being brought up in a culture like that , tell a kid that sexual relationships are Ok if they are monogamous for instance , to a 15 year old seeing the same girl for 6 weeks is monogamous relationship . Speak to an athesist who say conforms to the Humanistic belief system which is basically a religious system of standards, and for most part you will see many common bonds with most people , but an athesist who chooses not to adhere to any kind of standards , well then you got a nancy pelosi . " sorry cheap political shot" What i find strange is say in the marriage debate , take out the homosexual issue if you can , take out the aspect that homosexuals are treated unfairly if you can , people who just have the same value systems that their parents had , their grand parents had , are now called bigots . So your comments work in reverse as far as
    you see them to someone in another culture hearing them . The problem in this country right now is we are in a cultural shift , and the intolerance is seen from a long standing culture that indeed produced tolerance and showed compassion to others , perhaps not always , but just the same that new culture that is arising in many aspects appears quite intolerant.

    As with me , I don't like using religion to put anyone down , I do support standards because I think they help all of us , any many Christian/Jewish cultures have contributed to our culture more in the past providing good results.

    Remember the homosexual movement came out of culture that was based in freedom of choice , but with a dominant judeo christian ethic of value systems . I don't see much good coming from some of the changes , especially the amounnt of diseases and erratic messages kids get from our present culture .

    For instance , homosexuals wanting to marry and live long lives together does support some basic good things for them , better lives , more security economic and emotional, better job performance and such . All things my culture supports but with a twist of traditional marriage . The change is believed to hurt or lessen that security that is now allowed for homosexuals . I hope I am wrong , but no turning back regardless.

    But will be intererested say what the grand kids of some of the homosexual families say when they are adults and see greater changes in the present culture , I suggest to you they will be saying what is this world coming to.


  12. Mick

    Traditional marrigage has typically included several wives and a few concubines. Do you see today's emphasis on only one wife and no concubines as a twist on traditional marriage?


  13. If you are concerned about promiscuity, you should have been cheering domestic partnerships in this state, not opposing them.

    Domestic partnerships encourage people to commit to each other for life.

    Without domestic partnerships, we are telling gay people that they should move from partner to partner with no commitment and no respect for a lifelong relationship.

    Our schools can still teach abstinence until marriage/domestic partnership. What's so wrong about that?

    Your arguments are quite hollow and society is gradually realizing.


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