Monday, November 02, 2009

WA State at Crossroads. Does It Matter?

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Tomorrow, Washington State will choose whether to cross the threshold to same-sex "marriage" or push back and preserve natural marriage as the historical institution that has served every successful society in human history.

And SB 5688 is about homosexual "marriage".

Senator Ed Murray and Representative Jamie Pederson have repeatedly made it very clear that SB 5688 and domestic partnerships is a "long term strategy" and a "bridge" until homosexual "marriage" is legal.

The Seattle Times and others in the print news have selectively reported on the R-71 campaign while their editorial boards and columnists have been calling for passage of SB 5688, with the Seattle Times editorial board actually calling for same-sex "marriage" following the Governor's signing of SB 5688. In the celebratory spirit of the moment a few months ago, the Times Editorial Board said, "Give them the name."

Domestic partnerships has been advanced as a compassionate expression--an act of tolerance and equality, while in truth, it is a train rushing across the threshold to a place that will, in fact, negatively impact every aspect of society.

If you think that homosexual "marriage" is a benign act of tolerance that really doesn't affect the life and marriage of anyone else---think again.

That's the big lie.

In Massachusetts, it has become a hammer to force acceptance and normalization on everyone---in every part of the state's culture.

Homosexual "marriage" came to Massachusetts through litigation in the GOODRIDGE Court opinion, which ruled that it was unconstitutional not to allow same-sex marriage.

SB 5688 sets the table for the same legal conclusion. And the sponsors know it.

Brian Camenkar, with the organization, Mass Resistance, has written an overview titled, "What Same-sex 'Marriage' Has Done To Massachusetts," which covers the period from the "Goodridge" case, November 18, 2003 through this past year.

If you read nothing else today, please read this article.

He says, "Homosexual 'marriage' hangs over society like a hammer with the force of law, affecting every aspect of life. And it's only just begun."

In this article, which is downloadable, he reviews how re-defining marriage has impacted the public schools, with a school wide assembly to, "celebrate same-sex 'marriage' and a teacher telling NPR that she tells kids in the classroom that, 'lesbians can have vaginal intercourse using sex toys.'"

He gives an extensive overview of the negative impact to public education, public health, increased cost of domestic violence related to homosexual behavior, business, the legal profession, homosexual adoption, government mandates, the media and the public square.

"It's pretty clear," he says in conclusion, "the homosexual movement's obsession with 'marriage' is not because large numbers of them actually want to marry each other---This is about putting the legal stamp of approval on homosexuality and imposing it with force throughout the various social and political institutions of a society that would never accept it otherwise."

He says, "To the rest of America: You've been forewarned."

Washington, you, too, have been forewarned. And it matters.
Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. How appropriate that on the final day of his campaign against gay and lesbian families in Washington the mask falls from Gary's pretense of "it's not about hate", with Gary openly and approvingly quoting the leader of the SPLC identified hate-group Massresistence. Anyone, who reads the vicious lies told about LGBT people by Brian Camenkar, will not be able to deny that it is bigotry and hatred, plain and simple. He doesn't feel that gays and lesbians should be treated equally, he doesn't even think they should be allowed to exist.

  2. If only the gay community would live as they use to do, and not make issues that just cannot be, that of marriages. For years, they had their freedom with their chosen lifestyle, and did not attempt to change society. Their anger is so obvious, and sad to see. Yes, prayers are coming their way, for inner peace, and maybe consider to stop hating us who are just sticking up for God's principles in this matter. It's not them as people--as we love and pray for them, but it's our authentic marriages that needs to stay intact! This is our main concern! Also, to keep this issue out of our schools. Parents don't want their children to be taught things that are contrary to their basic values. This should not be a battle, and it's sad that we can't be living with mutual respect, as it use to be!

  3. 10:09 You can continue to beat up on Gary and falsely accuse him of hate when he does not hate you, but how do you deal with the facts? Regardless of what you think Camenkar is or is not, his article contains links to facts. Are you suggesting that he is making up those news stories and some how creating links to support his comments?
    Hate? The word kettle comes to my mind.

  4. Everyone please forward this to all on your list today.

  5. Like you said Gary. sb5688 is the big lie. Why are people so blind.

  6. what are people going to say if sb 5688 passes and 6 months from now we are like mass.

  7. I wish this information/link could have been available earlier than a day before the election. I'm sure it was there but hard to find. I hope most voters won't be duped into buying the lie that it's not about homosexual marriage but about domestic partner rights.
    A strong faith in and understanding of God's word is needed here. I don't hate anyone including homosexuals. Its the sin of homosexuality that is against natural law and God's plan. This is a basic argument but needs to be repeated more often.
    Thanks for your efforts Gary.

  8. I wish this information/link could have been available earlier than a day before the election. I'm sure it was there but hard to find. I hope most voters won't be duped into buying the lie that it's not about homosexual marriage but about domestic partner rights.
    A strong faith in and understanding of God's word is needed here. I don't hate anyone including homosexuals. Its the sin of homosexuality that is against natural law and God's plan. I haven't seen this point in many recent blogs/comments.
    Thanks for your efforts Gary.

  9. SB 5688 opens up the gates of hell. It's time to shut them.

  10. Yes, it is ALL about love AND hate... Hatred of sin. God Hates sin. But, God Loves you. The Messiah, Christ Jesus, Our Saviour and our God (AKA: "The Supreme Ruler of the Universe", as per the Preamble to the WA State Constitution!), died to save you FROM your sin(s). And, for there to be true victory, it must also be said that God Hates divorce. For us who call ourselves His, love is to be without hypocrisy. Marriage is for life, period. If there be divorce, remain divorced or be reconciled [God had given us both the Word of Reconciliation and the Ministry of Reconciliation! We worship a Reconciling God!] until a spouse gives up the ghost. period. His word shall not return void.

  11. The big lie is Gary's equating SB 5688 to "marriage". It is not as he knows. Silly people like Anon 3:28 trying to "religify" a civil rights issue just show depraved the Evangelical right is - though this is nothing new.

    Why does Gary and his ilk do this? He hates homosexuals - the very thought of homosexuals seekinig peace, freedom and the basic civil rights that all citizens have simply burns in his bowels. Likeise, of course, so do most Evangelicals and non-Evangelicals alike. They simply don't have the honesty to admit the truth. I spent many years in this community and am fully familiar with the spirit that drives it.

    It will be interesting to see if the murderous, oppressive, phariseeism of the Gary's ilk remains the dominant demon holding WA State in bondage.

    IMHO - I suspect the spirit is still dominant and will be for perhaps one more generation. I pray that I will be wrong and that the Pharisees that murdered the Lord Jesus Christ will be cast down.


  12. Honestly the link Gary provides includes a few things that are probably true, a few that big distortions, a few that really aren't the end of the world, and a few that upset me.

    So some truths and some lies in my book ----just like most politicians and both sides of R-71. None of it is a game changer in my mind.

    I'm just glad this will be over tomorrow and then everyone cans sit and wait for the results.....I just hope whichever side wins it is a blowout so we don't have months of court battles.

  13. I still haven't heard what the Reject crowd will do if they lose tomorrow? Isn't it game over for good?

    The approve side just has to keep pushing forward as the demographics of the state change. It is like a holding back water at the green river dam.....that water will come through sooner or later.

  14. Anon 5:40

    You are correct re: the ethics of the Church - therefore, you are called to do these things - otherwise you are sin.

    However, this is a civic issue - NOT a Church issue. ICor5:12, 13 calls you to judge the Church - it also calls you to let GOD HIMSELF judge the world.

    Please repent of your sin of usurping God's job - that is idolatry.

  15. Actually, 10:38, hatemonger Camenkar links exclusively to his own hate site. So I guess if you believe what a dyed in the wool anti-gay bigot says these count as "facts". For those of us in the reality-based community, it's a lying bigot linking to his own lies as "proof".

  16. "I still haven't heard what the Reject crowd will do if they lose tomorrow? Isn't it game over for good?"

    Hoping politically they will go away . I however did like the idea of being able to vote on this , its a shame our current representatives did not see it was important . Also would like to see those who sign petitions be protected , not those who contribute money , just those who sign petitions and vote .

    Have noticed a large amount of people , usually those who are very passionate of 71 passing are quite open about their hatred of Christianity and them seeing it as a negative for its input to our culture . I would expect it here somewhat because of the homosexual activists who lurk , but also on secular blogs. Which I find strange considering basically the view of marriage being so important is basically from that cultural contribution Christianity has given to our culture . Of course the definitions have gotten a bit re arranged .

    In any case , I would hope churches get back to the business of orphans and widows . And loving one another , because it is obvious the folks who are in control now have little tolerance or love for anyone that they see in their way . The world needs god more then ever .

  17. Anon 10:25

    The world does need Jesus Christ more than ever - and making the effort to engage in oppression is exactly the opposite of presenting Jesus Christ - it is, rather, a presentation of Satan and a despising of Jesus.


  18. Patrick you have quite a view , if it is in the Lord, it is pass my understanding .

    Marriage is not oppression, just like bath rooms for males or bathrooms for females is not oppression .

    If a person is of the belief that its opprssing to force him or her to go to a specfic bathroom I understand your point . But the oppression is within that person's mind , and of course adding to that person's oppression I find distastefull.

    a Bibical biew , the Bible , which I use for encounter more then a rule book will allow you perhaps to understand my view here . That God does not speak to the male and female as a means to oppress people , but marriage it his gift to us. Civil Government uses that principle , a good one may I add, to increase the possibility and success of kids taking over the reins of government and society when their time comes . a natural mom and dad is designed to take us there . i trust in God for his wisdom , and many secularist trust evolution . But many understand the point of it , without the term oppression coming into play . The gay child is better off with a mom and dad , as is the black , white , yellow.

    To counterfeit that gift may bring some sense of joy , but to me its counterfeit . But the person who is loosing is the person who wishes to counterfeit that gift . hence I would agree with you somewhat , but your comments appear worse then any no 71 supporter here in tone and hypocracy in regards to the love of Christ. You show none . On ly a point of view . No teaching , idealogical understanding with no reference . No intent of relationship or love .

    But if you believe your standing up for righteousness , go right ahead . I am more in to living with Christ and doing the best I can myself . If i am oppressing someone ? I would have to have the Lord explain it to me or someone with that abilty . some how from my experiences , the oppression of todays culture is not from my doing however . I suggest your view is more uses with intimidation and vulgarity in public schools and other places then the views of gary's misplaced advocacy. .

    Nothing personal , but you don't seem to be all that concerned about my walk or relationship with God either. I figure i am equal with any gay peron who voted yes on this . I think perhaps your out of the loop as they say.


  19. Again Mick Sheldon tries to make the conversation about those, who do not share his views. How sad that he cannot just debate the issues.

  20. Mick

    With all due respect, what you are saying does not make sense. It does not reflect anything that I said or believe.

    If you could pick out one item, I would be happy to dialogue on it if you are genuinely willing.


  21. "and making the effort to engage in oppression is exactly the opposite of presenting Jesus Christ - it is, rather, a presentation of Satan and a despising of Jesus"

    Patrick This is what I was responding to . Actually I stated that the Church should focus on the orphans and widows, and not political matters .

    You targeted your comments to me . ANOM 1025 You addressed them to me , all I could assume was because I stated I voted no on ref 71 that you saw that as oppression ?
    Does it mean you believe Americans are oppressive for not wantng to 'change' marital requirements . If that was not your intent , I was way off base . I apologize . If I was right , you need to explain your self if you want a conversation. Supporting traditional marriage as it has been is oppressive ?

    From a liberaterian view I can understand this vote . But the vote that supported this issue was from a liberal leftist of big government leading the way . More government in our lives , not keeping government out of our lives . I see the hypocracy from that point, I am not sure you see it .

    I don't think it really will have the effect the religious concerns here believe also . But yes I am concerned in the long run and the future consequences . The frame work of the institution of marriage has been changed . The peoople who compare this to race show an obvious in ability to discuss the subject , this is dealing with a new subject. New sexual normsin a culture which has been expanding those norms for 50 years now.
    When abortion was legalized , it brought more into the culture a means to abort babies , the culture at the time still would over whelming consider abortion as immoral . Because of the legalization people did integrate that in their morality as being just , normal, just one more health care / birth control option. It changed our cultures thinking and its view towards life.

    How this effects social norms ,
    " what their is of them" public education, marriage stats, children living with parents, etc, is of and should be of all concerns . Change marital status could cause a problem ? Hopefully not.

    Kids are important , the most important thing . If this law helps kids , I am wrong and will be glad . But I don't see that , and that does not make a person oppressive. But if you notice , the people here sho attempt to intimidate , bully, etc have little to do with religion or sexuality . They do it from both sides . I notice more from the left because ususally I get the heat from it , I ignore much from the right because the insults are not directed towards me , but am growing I believe to see all the perjoritives on matters like these is throwing a mud pie at the Cross. At least from the right when they be little homosexuals. I don't hink politics have the answers so many think it does,

    Mick Sheldon

  22. anom 237

    "Mick Sheldon tries to make the conversation about those"

    I was responding to a person who directed a comment to me using the oppression . I would suggest that if I stated your view was trying to oppress opthers, intimidate or whatever you would respond .

    But on the subject of oppressibng , I notice you put my last name in your comments . For what purpose would this be ?Clarity, oppression , or some form of inttellectual sharing we all do not undertand .

    I suggest to you I gave Patrick an option to reconsider his words , confirm , or for my self to acknowledge that i responded to what i thought he meant about me voting no .

    But as for you , what is your name ? Just wondering why a conversation based on mutual trust and sincerity is not part of your perspective here . I suggest to you tat you are fullfilling the stereotypes many of the Christian Community see homosexuals promoting . I know different from experience and gaining freindships despite myself . We all are not as blessed as I in the way people reach out to us. Many people only know homosexuals motives and commentary from what is left here .

    Mick Sheldon

  23. Actually I stated that the Church should focus on the orphans and widows, and not political matters .

    Mick - In this matter, I fully agree with you and have been asserting this for sometime - in fact, to engage in political matters, particularly those that oppress such as Gary engages in, are idolatrous in their usurpation of God's position and authority (ICor5:12,13).

    "all I could assume was because I stated I voted no on ref 71 that you saw that as oppression "

    Actually - my comment was not specifically directed toward you - however, if you voted to reject Ref71, they do, of course, apply.

    My view is neither libertarian nor what you call (and I believe falsly although knowing your sincere heart, I do not assume it is intentional but that you have been misled) liberal, my view is the genuine Judeo-Christian view - the Biblical view and stands squarely in opposition and contrary to those of the same spirit that murdered Jesus Christ - right wing religionists.

    BTW - if you want to get the government out of our lives - I assume you fully support the Drug Policy Reform in conjunction with Law Enforcement who support ending prohibition( Am I correct about this???

    I also assume you support eliminating about 70 - 80% of the military (which simply is an exercise in profiteering for wealthy CEOs - and ex-generals at large corporations)?? Am I correct about this?

    As always, I appreciate your pure heart and what I perceive as a sincere desire for the truth. If Gary had such a spirit, he could be doing good rather than disgracing the name of Jesus.

    There is only reason non-Christians hate Christians - it is NOT because of Jesus - it is because of oppressors such as Gary - and, I fully understand their hatred - it is very justifiable - when someone seeks to oppress you, to steal your life from you, to rob you, and manipulates and fear mongers to do it - you will have strong negative feelings towards that person. When a community - the right wing evangelical community is led astray to do the same - they will have negative feelings towards that community. This should be expected. It is so pathetic then when the oppressors cry "victim, victim" and plea to the government to save them - including using judicial activism to do that. The heigth of hypocrisy is seen through this whole affair.

    No wonder the world laughs at Jesus. How sad. I wonder how many souls Gary will be responsible for sending to hell....


  24. Patrick I just started viewing some comments and found this from the first ome I read from you .

    "In light of the facists and religious nazi's that inhabit the eastern portion of the state, I strongly expect Ref 71 to ultimately be rejected"

    Considering this is your "religious" understanding of how to depict and bundle up ever so nicely all who may share a different opinion with you , I really think any kind of conversation would not benefit the church or either of us .

    You realize you put many a brother , sister under the bus with your comments. and in doing so , make the Cross to be some kind of impotent aspect in the majority of our lives . I happen to know the Power of God has more ability to change lives and hearts of people , you diminish the Power of the Cross in your ramblings based on our consciences, and also a traditional cultural promotion of marriage that so many of us were given to us by the generation before us . Defending abstinence till marriage , supporting marriage are just ways people believe keeps us safer and better able to live . Your views are just what they are , you obviously have no gift within the church as far as building it up , supporting brothers and sisters , or attempting to reach out to others in any intellectal capacity. . Your comments are abrasive and mean spirited.

    God knows why your making them.
    But I really don't think this issue is even why .

    Go in peace to the One who Gives it .

  25. Anon 1:08

    I appreciate your sincerity in reaching our to me - and respect your manner. You will receive the same from me in return.

    Facism - the governmental system that oppresses its citizens. This is exactly the mentality of so many in Eastern WA - of those who voted to oppress tax paying citizens by stripping them of civil rights that are granted to other tax paying citizens, etc.

    Nazis - Isn't this the portrayal of President Obama in the Evangelical community??? Why would you criticize me for simply returning the same depiction that you are using for President of the United States??

    Regarding your other comments and concerns - I respect your intent and I remain willing to dialogue in a respectful manner when a respectful manner is presented. I generally do not see respect coming from the Evangelical right but partisanship, deception and oppression - hence, my characterizations. I realize that there may be exceptions (yourself??) and there may, in fact, be a few genuine disciples of Jesus Christ that have been misled by the subtile words of such as Gary. I reach out to them.

    As to why I am here? Because God called me to be here. When He takes away the anointing, I will leave -



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