Monday, November 09, 2009

Will Petition Signers Be Protected?

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The matter of protecting those who signed R-71 is now in the hands of the US Supreme Court and it is on the mind of the press.

Chris Grygiel at the Seattle PI wrote an article yesterday suggesting, "US Supreme Court Could Be Next Stop For R-71".

While Grygiel gets to the point of the case by interviewing a Loyola Law School professor and referencing comments by a Columbia University Law School professor, he misses or ignores a critical point of the case.

He, as others in the press are careful to do, casts the concerns of petition signers as a speculative and hypothetical future possibility saying, "Gay rights groups have said they'll post the names online, and some petition signers fear harassment or threats if their identities are revealed."

The threats and harassment has and is happening. It is not a future possibility.

Here are the names of some who are already actively harassing those who participated in R-71.

You know about the defacement of the REJECT signs and have likely heard about the comments hurled at those holding signs in a number of the rallies. They were often verbally abused for their beliefs and participation.

Earlier in the campaign, John Bisceglia, a homosexual activist, was advocating on his web site that all government property and church property that supported R-71 be destroyed. He was also advocating that Larry Stickney and myself be killed. It was only after KIRO TV 7 in Seattle did a story about it, did he remove the advocacy of killing and property destruction text.

Dominic Holden, from a homosexual newspaper in Seattle, has harvested names and addresses from the PDC donor disclosure forms submitted by Protect Marriage Washington. He called the people at their homes demanding to know, "Why do you hate me?" He then posted their full name, where they live and some of their comments in the newspaper.

You tell me. Is that harassment? Does that have a chilling effect on their freedom to participate in the political process? Does that compromise their expression of free speech?

These are a few of the many specific examples of harassment toward people who hold a different view from the homosexual activists. While this may not reflect the position of all homosexuals, it certainly reflects the position of some of them.

As we have seen, one misguided person consumed with hate and passion, can hurt a lot of people.

While R-71 will now fade from the media interest, be assured we will continue to do everything possible to protect the names of those who signed R-71 petitions.

The US Supreme Court will now consider whether they will hear the case. This consideration will likely take place around June 2010. In the meantime, the names remain sealed from the public. We will keep you updated as this process moves forward.

We are not unaware that there will be those who will attempt to exploit the loss in the R-71 campaign, both from within and without of the faith community. However, this is a spiritual, not a political matter for us and we will continue to be faithful to what we feel God has called us to do, whether or not we fully understand certain developments.

Be discerning.

The cultural issues we face are also not political, but spiritual. We are not resisting flesh and blood in these issues, but principalities and powers. We understand that and know that you understand it as well.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us as we move forward with greater insight, a stronger grassroots base and more resolve to resist the assault on godly principles.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Anyone who signs a petition should understand that under the law their name and address becomes public record. There is no privacy once a petition has been signed. Afterall, this is a form of the legislative process.

  2. one of the last lines in your post explains how the issues faced are not political but spiritual. from my point of view that is correct, and following the logic, why don't you keep spiritual views out of politics? lots of room in this country for people to have different spiritual views that are not pressed on someone else that might not believe the same thing.

    if someone wants to marry someone of the same sex, that is their issue, not yours.

    -derrick, a straight white christian male from seattle, that believes gays and lesbians couples should have the same partnered benefits as straight couples.

    please don't moderate out my comment if you don't agree with it. it's on topic, nicely worded, just a different view point

  3. My name is John Leslie
    My phone number is 253-535-6251
    I donated to the NO on 71 campaign.
    I am not afraid of any Homosexual harassment. All I can say is - be careful what you wish for.

  4. Who we vote for and why is up to each of us individually and is not a matter of public record. Tradition and law states your vote is protected and no record is kept. Following the same logic, what petitions one signs should be just as confidential. It is part of the political process to prevent the kind of harrasment being exibited by the homosexual community and their supporters. That being said, if the effort to prevent the release of our names is not successful, I can live with that. Be warned that if I am contacted in anything but a respectful manner there will be very steep consequences for anyone trying to intimidate me or my family. I will defend my family, property and rights to freely assemble, speak and practice my faith under the law. Supporters of homosexual special rights should consider that very carefully befre they take any controversial actions and the courts should consider the type of chaos that might ensue if they do not decide to prtect my personal information. This is fair.

  5. The reason spiritual views are part of the U.S politics, is because our forefathers made statments of the importance of keeping God within our country and laws, and HIS laws and quidance, thus making this country a 'Christian' country, in spite of our presidents comments!People have the right to exercise their 'religion', as long as they respect the fact that ours is founded on Christion values, that they need to respect!

  6. "I am not afraid of any Homosexual harassment."

    Nor should you be, given that such "harassment" seems to be entirely a figment of Gary and Larry's fevered imaginations. Although, by your side's standards, you last sentence is undoubtedly a death threat, or harassment in the very least. But pat yourself on the back Mr Leslie for being so very very brave.

    John Colgan

  7. I am proud to answer questions about my signature on any petition submitted to our state for the ballot.

    Being called by a reporter and asked to discuss my views is an experience I accept as part of living in a democracy.

    Don't hide behind anything. Be "out and proud" for your beliefs. Isn't that a Christian ideal? It's a civic one.

  8. I voted for 71. I am not going to give my name or phone number.

    This is a very emotional issue and all it takes one unstable person
    that believes that he is doing GOD's will by harassing me and my family and others that voted for 71 .

    It also goes the other way all it take is one emotionally unstable gay person to cause trouble for those that voted against 71.


  9. For those of you who are concerned that signing a petition is the equivalent of voting and should, therefore, be secret; you need to work to change the law. I doubt enough of your fellow citizens will agree in order for you to pass such a change in the law.
    For those of you that are concerned about harassment, I share your concerns. Harassing people for their religious and/or political beliefs is despicable. Every religious or political group has its share of morons. Those who would harass you are morons.
    Keeping names on petitions secret imposes a prior restraint on the law, in my opinion. Prior restraints require a much stronger level of justification. I do not believe the Supreme Court will decide in your favor.
    I choose to disagree with your vision of what the law should say, but I respect your right to say it and pursue it. That's the democratic process.

  10. John,

    Thanks for you boldness - while I believe you misunderstand God's word - at least you have enough integrity to not to hide in the darkeness.

  11. "given that such "harassment" seems to be entirely a figment of Gary and Larry's fevered imaginations"

    I guess it was a figment of imagination in California wasnt it?

    Call it what you want. I wont stand for it.

  12. Gary, there's been enough venom spouted from both sides. Playing the victim card just makes you look like a child. For a group of people who claim to know the "truth" and the creator of the world you sure do whine a lot about being persecuted. It leads me to believe your foundation isn't as strong as you might want to make it appear.

  13. 4:22 PM,

    people have a right to not give their money to support business, that disagree with their views. I don't know if you've heard or not but Christians do it quite frequently, they've even been known to organize a boycott or two.

    For all the sturm and drang on the right, the events post Prop 8 boil down to one woman crashing a protest and getting a cross knocked out of her hand, and some boycotts and civil protests. Hardly the hell on earth your side continually paints it as.

    As for events in WA, where are the police reports? Where are the prosecutions? Death threats and actual harassment are illegal, so where is the supporting documentation?

  14. We seem to live in a time when some might think to burn a man's house down and then call him on his cell phone and ask, "Why did you burn my house down?"

    It doesn't make any sense does it?

    It's not a love campaign to ask people why they hate someone if they sign a petition to protect marriage.

    It seems like the homosexual agenda is to use one thing to advance their cause to destroy another, one step at a time. Even our national government might learn their ungodly ways.

    But God is the Father of many children. He has a quiver full of them. They are like arrows in the hand of a mighty man. What might it look like if he were to release all of them at once? What could it look like but lightning from one end of earth to the other?

    The enemy of our souls seems to be advancing that which will be the cause of his own end. It's a lose, lose situation. In the end,
    God always wins.

    You who support the homosexual agenda, I have a question for you.
    Why do you hate Christians?

    What's so noble about two men living together as if they are husband and wife? Can they produce children? Will one be a mother to the children? Will that be as good as God's design? Is there no difference between a peacock and an ostrich? Is the hawk
    the same thing as a finch? Will a
    horse cross the desert the same as a camel? Will a donkey run a race with horse? Didn't God make a difference in things? Are they not all made for his glory?

    Those who practice homosexuality participate in something that they can never please God by. It has therefore no value. Are a people wrong therefore if they do not give it any value? Are they sinners if they do not reward it?

    Is an ounce the same as a pound when it's on scales? Is a bushel the same as a cup?

  15. You who support the homosexual agenda, I have a question for you.
    Why do you hate Christians?

    Anon 2:35

    If you question is genuine, I am happy to dialogue with you. First, you must know that my approach is not based on a so called "homosexual agenda" any more than it is on an "anti-homosexual" agenda. My agenda is singular - the gospel of Jesus Christ - the Kingdom of God.

    The question is whether you really want to walk according to the Word of God - or, whether you want to be mis-led by religious leaders who either for ideological or profiteering motivations pound the pavement in search of those who are weak in the faith and can be fear-mongered into engaging in oppression against your fellow citizens.

    Number 1 - the citizens of WA State who practice homosexuality are citizens JUST AS MUCH as the citizens who practice Evangelicalism. They pay the SAME amount of taxes as you do. Therefore, they are guaranteed equal rights under the constitution. It is nothing but shameful arrogance to think that you are so self-rightous and speak for the Creator of the Universe to suppress your fellow citizens because their behavior does not correspond to the ethics of the Kingdom of God. Why would you want to behave in this arrogant and violent manner??? That is my question to you - that, Christ did not do.


  16. If the law says those signatures are open to public review I would think they should be allowed .

    But petitions should not be treated as PDC records, I think they should be protected like our vote. The law should be changed for the future .

    Shamelss how I heard people were treated in California, especially the Mormon Church . Even protesters coming into their Sanctuary , this is worse then marching into your home , also considering the number of people there, kids , who had nothing to do with PROP 8 . Which gets back to the issue, some people were indeed intimidated and there are those in the homosexual advocacy groups that use intimidation . As is none here. Which basically what motivates many to stand up to the godless left . I don't expect the left expect to support issues or have morals similiar to Christians , and no one should be offended or treat homosexials as inferior because of that. Why be surprised if people who say they don't have God in their lives to act like it ?

    Its the hateful comments here and in the public square that cause much of the support by many against homosexual advocacy, some linger here and that is all they do . I supported domestic partnerships till i saw all the intolerance that was coming along with it. That has to be harmful to all of us.

    The truth is we have become a culture of victims . homosexuals portrayed as victims get supported for it , Christians pictured as Victims become supported .

    Life is too good here in the USA and all of us have been blessed by the laws and principles this country coded into our laws.


  17. The problem Mick is that Mormon church engaged in violence, oppression and intimidation - all funded by unethical tax deductible contributions - of the free community....

    There only received a small drop of what they deserved.... but God will be the judge of these idolators!!


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