Tuesday, December 01, 2009

"Merry Christmas" Preference Up From Last Year

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In a new poll released this past Sunday, Rasmussen Reports has found that more Americans prefer "Merry Christmas" than did last year.

The Rasmussen survey found that 72% prefer "Merry Christmas" while 22% prefer "Happy Holidays".

The other 6% were unsure.

I found other data from the survey very interesting, including a political, partisan difference. Who do you think prefers "Merry Christmas"---Republicans or Democrats?

Interestingly, 91% of Republicans prefer "Merry Christmas" compared to just 58% of Democrats.

Seventy percent (70%) of adults not affiliated with either major political party prefer "Merry Christmas".

Last year, 68% of all adults preferred "Merry Christmas".

Rasmussen also found that married couples significantly prefer "Merry Christmas" over single adults.

With more people wanting to be greeted with "Merry Christmas," one would wonder if the "There is no God" campaign is having an effect. And if so, what effect? The leaders of the "No God" campaign have said they want people to think about these things. Perhaps people are thinking about it.

Merry Christmas.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I work for the public and what I find strange is some people now say Happy Holidays for Halloween.


  2. I prefer Happy Holidays, but then, I do not celebrate Christmas. I am a christian, but I am also aware of the extremely pagan roots that Christmas has, and that it does not have a foundation for celebration in the Bible. I see tons of mockery every year against the Christian faith by non-believers who, rightly so, note that Christians are keeping a pagan day. Subsequently, they then wonder, wrongly so but logically based off the Christmas issue, why they should believe that Jesus is not just as mythical as Santa Clause or as legendary as Tamuz or any of the pagan sun gods. Our God is a God of truth, not lies.

    Bellevue, WA

  3. It sort of seems like to me that when we honor Christmas, we honor
    him who sent his Son from heaven to be born among men, and that God didn't just do this so we could have happy holidays, though having happier holidays with him is one of God's blessings which we have received by him.

    Will the world be pleased if we give up everything that is Christian, or has any connection with Christ? Can we win them to God that way, and would the world be better off for it?

    If you left heaven's glory to come to this earth to be born in a stable and live with those who didn't know God and was killed by them because of their sins, and returned to God after your bodily resurrection, what would you think of all this?

    Would you prefer that there would be no remembrance of all this?

    I think we should let every man decide for himself if he should remember certain days. If my greeting you with "Merry Christmas" causes you to hate me,
    should I stop?

    I suppose I should, but why would you hate me for the mention of Christmas or for wishing you a happy one?

    I suppose you might not celebrate Christmas as I do, and you might tell me so, and I might wonder why. That could be an interesting conversation.

    If you do not like to see any reference to Christmas in stores, schools, or goverment buildings and such, why is it?

  4. The enemy is willing to use any group or political party that will let him in. They that think alike seem to group together. They seem to be sticking together.

    I wonder if we are beginning to see the tares being bundled together as Jesus prophesied.

    All the more important that we stay connected with him it seems.

  5. My God.... is this what we are spending our time thinking...much less talking about????

    How far is from the high call of Christ to be thinking on the things above - the things of the Kingdom of God - whatsoever is pure - but to worry about with this Mass is Christ's or whoever...

    In fact, why are the disciples of Jesus talking about a Mass at all??


  6. Happy Saturnalia!

  7. If I celebrate a birthday, should I be concerned if on that date someone somewhere in the world also celebrates it in a pagan way?

    Should that affect my day? If I were to blacken out such days on my calendar it might begin to look like a checker board or worse.

    Each family has to decide how they want to celebrate a day.

    Some families might want to allow colorful pictures of Santa Claus if one member of their family wants it displayed for sentimental reasons, and though it may cause a tease or two by others it might remain up. I suppose the same might go for a tree, bulbs, lights and such, but that is up to the family, to the head of it.

    No one would like another to come into their house and tell them that they can have no manger scene, or tree with lights and bulbs, or some other display that is not offensive to the majority.

    I wonder how God feels.

    Psalm 24:1
    The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

    So does the floor of our government buildings belong to him?

    I wonder how the enemy of our souls feels about it. I wonder if he claims it as his?

    When I was a child, I remember drawing and coloring a picture of Santa Claus stepping into a chimney, and for the age that I was, I do remember it as quite a nice work of art. I still remember it that way today.

    That's why it held such significance for me. I was excited to show my mom and dad what I had done in school. This was in the second grade.

    But I remember plenty about Christmas which was about Jesus being born, about wise men that came to give him gifts, and songs like Silent Night, Away In A Manger, and others.

    There's nothing in the Bible about colored lights on trees and fictitious characters who work making toys at the north pole, but
    God allowed us to have this family fun when I and my brothers and sister were young. Sometimes we had more of it than we wanted for we learned the real meaning of Christmas through hearing what the Bible said about Jesus' birth and through the songs we sang about that time.

    I would think that anything that does not disregard God, should be allowed to be displayed in government buildings and schools and such if they have been a part of the times and seasons of the holidays at hand.

    Halloween is one celebration that doesn't seem to honor God in any particular way. If it does, I don't get it, but I'm not out to make it illegal.

    Veteran's day honors those who did good in serving the defense
    of their nation. On that day we set aside a lot of reasons for the wars fought and simply honor those who sacrificed, suffered, and endured hardship for the sake of others, many of them till dying. When we honor such things we do honor God who gives men such virtues even though the cause
    has been sometimes wrong. I think of the American Civil war here. Somebody must have been somewhat wrong.

    All the holidays and what we do should in some way honor God, even if it's making allowances for others. That too honors him and is in obedience to his will.

    Those things that do dishonor him
    we do not have to take part in, encourage, or promote the display of.

    There came a time in my family when us children grew up and there was so much less about Santa
    Claus that he seemed to have disappeared completely.

  8. Hi Anon 1:38

    I think you are asking really good questions - it means you are trying to think through the issues as opposed to simply responding with pat answers that someone else gave you from the pulpit.

    May I kindly suggest that you do some study on the orgins of Christ's Mass and determine for yourself whether you want to be participating in what is a pagan fastival glossed over with a pre-medieval institutionalized religious system....

    I have a hunch that you have enough of a heart for the Lord that you will flee the whole thing once you realize that it is totally contrary to the Jesus Christ.

    BTW - I have no reason to say either Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays - I hope that everybody has a day within the will of God - which may not always be that merry or that happy quite frankly - unless getting nails driven into your hands is a positive experience....

  9. Bahh Humbug!
    Whatever.... All this cerebral degeneration of the second best holiday is wearying!

    Happy Birthday JESUS!! Thank YOU Lord, that you loved us pathetic, disobedient humans enough to come and hang out with us for awhile! We needed your love and your example to show us the better way!

    I'm celebrating with a bang, and a big cake! The Bible doesn't say that either, but I want to honor my Savior and the fact that he was born as a man.

    It is a great segue to the BEST holiday a few months later - The day that Christ was resurrected and conquered death. He made the way straight and clear so that I can celebrate eternity with the God who loves me! THANK YOU LORD!

    And don't get all cerebral and tell me THAT one is pagan too. The holiday celebrations are what you make of them!

  10. I was wondering if Santa will make it into the rotunda in Olympia this year. It seems to me if anybody could get in there it would be Santa. Not that I really belive in him...If I did, people might call him a religious figure.
    Well, let's see, first a Santa, then some rein-deer...Next thing you know, somebody wants a manger scene...I guess there won't be any Christmas this year. That doesn't seem fair.
    What's been happening to America?

    It seems like God isn't even given any mention in important speeches anymore.

  11. Amonite thanks for sharing that , I believe its important for others and myself to understand this also . I love Christmas time , always have . But I also see it as a door in order to open and Evangelize also.

    The topic is one I find interesting because even those who are not Christian and say merry chjristmas to people see the secular liberal cultural attempt my some to intimidate others into PC speech. I guess they reall see it as "dangerous" from their perspective . Believing in fairy tales you hear some say here. Also there is cultural strongholds that are not the majority by no means but who do try to enforce their secular beliefs on the rest of us . We had a School Administrator in my district who said Christmas Trees Pictures hanging in class rooms got him nervous , same guy endorsed a sex education curricullum that supported falvored condoms and such . Just cracks me up sometimes how some folks get so weird about Christmas . I love it myself, at my job I come into contact with people all the time , I say merry Christmas because its what I really mean .

    As important as that is to allow people their freedom to say Have a Merry Cjristams , it is also important not to intimidate those who just see it as another holiday, or in your case perhaps not worthy of your Faith In Christ. Good comments ,

    Happy Holidays to You


  12. If I were celebrating my own birthday, then it would not matter if someone else shared the same day even if they were a mass murderer. (Although whether or not Christ would want a 'birthday' party is another matter entirely) - But, we know clearly that Christ was not born in winter. We know the reasons -why- Dec 25th was 'chosen' to 'honor' Him, and that is because it coincided with an already existing celebration honoring the sun god. So in this case, one should be very worried that the birthday man -assigned- to Jesus, which Jesus did not ask for, already belonged to a very specific 'other guy' along with all the trappings.

    (It would be like, say I had a nasty nemesis that was always trying to stab me in the back, and later on historians were trying to assign me a birthday, so they gave me his. And they gave me all the stuff he liked too, all his toys and rituals, even the darker ones like orgies and death, they just gave them a fluffier meaning and stopped the dark stuff - even though I very clearly stated what sort of stuff I do and don't like, and they most definately know that my birthday is -not- his)

    The key is, every 'sun god' up to that point had been born somewhere between Dec 21 and Jan 6th, depending on the culture, to commemorate the winter solstice. The 'eve' before the birthday was supposed to be the shortest day of the year, the birday, the day the sun began to get stronger. By choosing the existing iteration of the sun god celebration of the time, Jesus would become more 'popular'. (This is also why Jesus gets a sun halo around his head in many pictures - not because of the shikina glory, but because such a sun halo was used since Babylonian times to represent the sun god/his mother/etc, and down through time.)

    (Merry Christmas, by the way, means 'Merry Requiem for Christ' - A mass is performed when someone dies, not when they are born.)

  13. Yikes Amonite you sound like an Enclopedia of Holidays . Wondering where you got requiem for "Christ" though. Yes But you do realize the Apostle Paul even used the greek made up gods as an avenue to spread the Gospel . If Christ was born in a culture where there were many gods in it , instead of a culture where they worshiped one , the Christ would have been looked upon as just another God instead of thee God. So replacing cultural holidays that celebrate different gods with celebrating ONE I don;t look down upon . You mean you don't like the ligts , the excitement of the kids , the extra giving to help charities and total bond we all feel with each other either ? I love Christmas ,
    Christmas the word to me me always meant More Christ . I looked it up and The word Christmas originated as a compound meaning "Christ's Mass". It is derived from the Middle English Christemasse and Old English Cristes mæsse, a phrase first recorded in 1038.[6] "Cristes" is from Greek Christos and "mæsse" is from Latin missa. In Greek, the letter Χ (chi), is the first letter of Christ, and it, or the similar Roman letter X, has been used as an abbreviation for Christ since the mid-16th century.[12] Hence, Xmas is often used as an abbreviation for Christmas.


  14. It always gives me personally a sense of 'peace' and good will, during Christmas season. It's as if many of us stop, put aside whatever problems we have at the moment, and bask in the reason for the season, having gratitude for our Lord and Saviour! 'Behold, I bring you great tidings of joy, for a baby is Born, to give peace on earth'-as the angels sang-how wonderful to envision this, and be oh so grateful! Yes, tis the season and opportunity so bask in the Love from and to others, that which God has created--LOVE!


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