Thursday, December 03, 2009

SB 5688 Became Law Today

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SB 5688 Became Law Today

SB 5688 became law at 12:01 AM today. Washington homosexuals have "everything but marriage" which is the final stepping stone to deconstructing marriage in the state.

Secretary of State Sam Reed and Governor Gregoire have made it official.

There were 951,822 votes in favor of approving SB 5688 and 838,842 who voted to reject it and preserve marriage.

My comments are directed toward the 838,842 citizens who believe in natural marriage and believe that it should be protected.

The impact of this law will be presented as socially compassionate, a major step forward for so-called equality and essentially benign culturally, by a press who led in passing it.

However, the financial impact will be significant as it becomes reality and the long term erosion of the traditional family and the historic institution of marriage will become apparent over a longer time frame.

It is the immediate impact on our children that concerns many of us today--myself included. For those of us who hold a biblical and historical worldview on natural marriage will find our children, and in my case grandchildren, being taught principles and norms that we do not embrace.

The many redefinition's of terms historically associated with marriage---such as "husband" and "wife" will now be altered and become the topic of discussion in classrooms across the state.

While many teachers will proceed with hesitation and reluctance to redefine marriage, some activist teachers and administrators will seize the opportunity mandated by law to "re-educate" our kids and grand kids. The primary class will be sex ed.

What is not normal and has been rejected by every society in human history and by every major religion, will now be normalized in classroom discussion.

In the coming months Faith and Freedom will be directing a great deal of our time and resources toward this issue. We will have an additional lobbyist in Olympia---in addition to myself and will be in constant contact with our elected officials regarding these matters and any new legislation the homosexual activists in the legislature may try to advance. We will also continue to focus on the preservation of traditional and biblical values relating to marriage, the family and our freedoms.

The R-71 campaign was brutal and was a setback for those of us who defend marriage. I know some of the 838,842 of you who voted to reject SB 5688 are disappointed and even perhaps discouraged, not only by the defeat in the election, but by some--- actually one, in the faith community, who publicly criticized us after the election---specifically me.

Don't be discouraged. While the remarks hurt, I have put it aside, decided not to respond publicly, to forgive him and move forward in what I believe God has called me to do. Your thousands of emails of support are deeply appreciated.

I ask that you do the same. Remember forgiveness is not synonymous with trust.

We are honored and blessed by the flood of emails encouraging us to rise above the criticism and move forward, promising their financial support to do so.

I thank you and am counting on that.

Most of our work, with the exception of direct lobbying, over the next months will be educational in nature and will be carried out through our Faith and Freedom Foundation, which is a non-profit, 501(c)3 educational foundation.

Your donations to the Foundation are tax deductible and your name will not be made public.

As we prepare for the next chapter, I expect the attacks to continue. I am spiritually and emotionally prepared for this. These are personal matters and I have dealt with them on a personal and spiritual basis.

The funding component is in the hands of others---like you. I am certain God will speak to hearts as He has spoken to mine and equally certain you and others will respond in appropriate ways.

If you feel what we are doing is worthy, please forward this to friends and family members whom you feel may want to join and support us.

We have no reserve. We are moving forward on the basis that we believe this to be God's leading in our life. if we are wrong we will simply be forced to go away.

You may make a donation online or you may mail a check to:

Faith and Freedom Foundation
Box 399
Bellevue, WA 98009

Thanks and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Does this mean that I will not be married to my wife any more?

    What does same sex marriage have to do with my marriage ?

  2. "What is not normal and has been rejected by every society in human history and by every major religion, will now be normalized in classroom discussion."

    It is normal and was accepted by the majority of the voters in this state. I recall Gary acting as if a majority vote confers legitimacy back when he was laboring under the delusion that a majority either shared his bigoted views or would buy his lies and vote with him on this issue. Recognizing same-sex couples is normal in this state, if you don't like it move somewhere more bigoted like the deep south.

  3. "It is normal and was accepted by the majority of the voters in this state"

    That is not true,just like abortion is not accepted as normal . It has been considered legal and allowed to occur based on fairness in the minds of the voters. I find Gary's perspective way off the mark on this as yours.
    In fact I find same sex couples and their behavior as being made to sound equal with race is just a cliche talking point . Special rights day and you still need to compare your lifestyle to other people on a religious right web site . Could it be you have problems that have nothing to do with sexuality or race, perhaps you just need a hug ?
    Take care , have a better day.


  4. No, the majority is from KING COUNTY--if you take just the votes from Pierce county along with eastern side of our state-it would've been a landside!
    Being taught this 'deivant' behaviours in schools, will be a crime, and yes, demeans the natural marriages. Now, parents have to 'unteach' their children of what they will be taught in our public schools. I encourage parents to do this, as we did this, and our chidlren believed us, ptl, and not their teachers!

  5. Mick,

    I said nothing about race in my post. The bigotry of which I speak is anti-gay bigotry not racism. I know the talking points handed out by Gary and his ilk tell you to refute any comparison between sexual orientation and race, but it doesn't work if said comparison was never made.

    Also, same-sex couples have been accepted by the voters of this state. Homosexuality was accepted some time ago when laws against it were repealed.

    I don't see what your point is. Voters are voters, regardless of where they live in the state. The fact is without the sizable minorities voting for decency and equality in all the counties where R-71 was rejected the forces of darkness would have prevailed in the last election. Luckily God is in control and equality won the day!

  6. I don't agree that God is control on this, but an example as to how He allows us 'free will'. I am confident He would prefer us keeping authenic marriages intact and ONLY between a man and a women. With the 'threat' of teachers maybe teaching other wise, affects those of us who don't want children to be taught this 'deviant' behaiours via the gay commuity. We 'deserve' to be respected also, and not have our believes trodden on, in our schools!

  7. Things like the gay agenda becoming law is because voters followed a governor that either forgot what the constitution is about, or was always a weak adherent to a constitution she never really understood to begin with, and so also there is no manger scene allowed in the rotunda.

  8. Anon 1:41

    No worries - God could care less about the civic activities of man - God is focused on the Kingdom of His Beloved Son (which, in my humble observation - is rife with enough issues to warrant full attention of both the genuine and the claimed adherents...).

    In the Kingdom of Christ - genuine marriage is a lifelong committment ideally determined by God - the only question is whether we will wait and submit to His will - as He stated - "that which GOD joined together" - let be so Lord!

    BTW - you will not find mono-gendered relationships in the Kingdom of Son - BUT more important - you won't find marriage AT ALL in the new earth... (check Rev 20, 21 if you are wondering where the genuine disciple are spending eternity).

    So the fact is, frankly, marriage really isn't that big of deal to God except for a moment in our earthly existence. Maybe if we focused on things above instead of earthly things - we would see a lot more of the glory of God down here....

    What do you think about joining me in doing so??


  9. 1:41 PM,

    Last I checked, "authentic" marriages were still intact. Even second, third and fourth "authentic" marriages. Also SB 5668 doesn't change allow for same-sex marriages.

    As for schools, gay people are part of our community, some children even have two moms or two dads (aside from those that are a result of "authentic" marriages ending in divorce and "authentic" remarriage), your desire to pretend they don't exist doesn't outweigh their right to exist.

    I see no evidence that you are not being respected in school curricula, it's just that families headed by same-sex couples are being respected as well. That is your real problem, isn't it? Treating gay people with respect?

  10. SB5688 harms the liberties of those it seeks to govern and should be rescinded. This will become increasingly clear in time.

  11. I'm with you, 1:41
    Pretty sure that God's word is clear on this, calling it detestable and an abomination. If that makes God a bigot then hallelujah - praise the Lord!

    Perversion is a choice. It is a sad thing that so many have lost their lives and souls to this choice. I know some kind and loving people who have a perverted sexual life. I love them dearly but we don't talk about it. I would like to, but they don't want to listen to anybody who does not agree with them - including the Most High God Almighty.

    So you see, when you cut God out of your life - you are at the mercy of his enemy. Where do YOU want to be?

    I am sorry that we, in Washington, need to live under this cloud too (as if we don't already have enough clouds!)

  12. They must have had a good reason for taking the easy way out.

  13. 924 you missed the point . Hopefully for the sake of homosexuals the leadership of the movement and their ilk realize it . Voting to allow domestic partnerships is not because the majority of voters believe it is normal or even it is accepted . Homeless people have the same rights as everyone , and you should see how they are treated by the majority. Homosexuals are no different then me , you or the homeless. I have said before we are better off with a mom and a dad. The lack of tolerance shown to people who happen to believe that is what we all have to worry about. Of course not if you really think a mom and dad are not important . But I suggest to you talk to a gay parent who is the natural parent and have an honest conversation with them . Its not too hard to understand actually , its unnatural not to .

    But regressing to your belief that racism and bigotry towards homosexuals is the same , perhaps, but when it is used to advance political activitism with usage in marriage and such , I don't think so . In fact it is detrimental and insulting to the bigger picture. It disguises the real issues with homosexuality and how some people treat them unfairly or harshly , it changes the real meaning of racism .

    But if you wish to sit in celebration of your day in the sun , well congratualtions , the better political and culturally acceptable side won . Fairness in marriage means homosexuals can in Washington State. I wonder how many people will do it ?

    Question for you , does this mean same sex partners can still get medical benefits through insurance plans in the state but still not register to be domestic partners ?

    Just wondering , if they can it sounds like gliche to me.

  14. 7:30 PM,

    What liberty is that? the "liberty" to have your personal prejudices enshrined in state law?

  15. 5"32=no, this is NOT my 'problem'. My problem is the gay community getting 'into our faces' with the agenda to 'be accepted'. You are accepted as fellow citizens ONLY, and nothing 'special', just as we are 'nothing special'. I am from the era when you were 'repected' because the gay comminity did not 'flunt' their life style, and did not 'force' their issues on anyone, but lived a quiet life, as did the rest of us, and we 'mingled' together in harmomny. I have sweet memories of friends in high school, whom I had the pleasure of knowing! So, to ask for 'special rights' is asking too much, from us who don't get to have 'special rights' and who do NOT ask for any! It was against the majority of society to have gays to have speial rights- then--and it still is!

  16. Patrick, What you say is true, but what we say is true also, that we have the responibility to speak up for God's basic priniples, and with the gay commuity going against God's principles, we need to be HIS spokes person,and share God's truths, would you not agree!?

  17. I find it very interesting that the R71 opponents place great emphasis on the number and location of the people who voted their way. In CA and ME, it is "the people have spoken" - with no recognition of the 47-48% of voters who voted for same-sex marriage. But in WA, there is no concession that "the people have spoken".

    And one commenter above apparently thinks that votes don't count if they come from King county. King county carries more weight because more Washingtonians live there. Rocks, soil and trees don't vote; people vote. And the people have spoken.

  18. "Patrick, What you say is true, but what we say is true also, that we have the responibility to speak up for God's basic priniples, and with the gay commuity going against God's principles, we need to be HIS spokes person,and share God's truths, would you not agree!?"

    Anon 12:57

    Thank you for a reasonable question. First, may I humbly ask you to read ICor5:12,13 and ponder its meaning. Second, may I likewise ask that you read Ph3:20 and also ponder its meaning - particularly in conjunction with Heb 11 and the City that Ab was focused on. I can add more but these are a good start.

    In all this you should see that there is a fundamental category difference in the focus. As Christians we are NOT called to oppress the equal rights of ANY citizens based on the "unique" ethics of the Kingdom of God - that is God's providence and HIS ALONE!! He has said so - and to attempt to wrest his position without him giving it to you is the exact sin of Satan.

    We are to lift Jesus up to people - that is whom they are to see - and whose salvation they are to come to. Once a human makes that decision - to be translated from darkness to His light - then there are a different set of rules that apply to their behavior. Those are the rules in the Church - the Kingdom of God. In the church, there is no such thing as homosexual marriage - we don't do that. Period. We are to freely share with those who are interested in the Kingdom that there is a call to sexual purity (whatever that might specifically mean) if you want to walk in Christ and be a member of His church.

    Do you see this critical distinction??? As to how I relate to the world - I only related in agape - I reach out, support, uplift and build up - I manifest Christ in all things. I DO NOT DEAL WITH THE SIN OF SINNERS - that is ridiculous - they are simply being who they are (no different than a child before they learn how to control themself, etc.). God judges sinners - not us. We show forth Christ - that is how you are to be the light of the world - for he IS the light of the world.

    I am proposing that the kingdom of God is fundamentally different than the fleshly, often deceptive, dishonest, and manipulative politics engaged in by the religious leaders of today (no different than in Jesus day). Is that very surprising??

    Does this help provide an understanding of this vast difference between the Kingdom of God and simple religious flesh??


  19. What liberty is that? the "liberty" to have your personal prejudices enshrined in state law?

    How about your personal perversions ?

  20. And one commenter above apparently thinks that votes don't count if they come from King county. King county carries more weight because more Washingtonians live there

    131 this is normal political sourgrapes. Also it is interesting and telling to see how voters voted in rural or urban areas . Age , sex , etc. I often remember seeing maps when Clinton won how red "republican" actually won the largers areas of the US map , rural areas vote republican. Basically they don't get the benefit of tax dollars on mass transit and such . And usually more traditionally minded people also.

    But the same thing happens when the right wins , in fact it was worse with Bush the first time , and I still will see a lefty mention Ohio once in a while . But your right , the people spoke , domestic partnership is the law in this state. On the blog in my local paper the announce ment it was law brought comments from people mocking "fundies " and even a person who spoke about the recent shooting of church windows in our area of a couple of churchers . stating it was no big deal ecause the church was exempt , and it should not be anyway. So you see a definitely hostility by pro 71 folks who really have a probelm with people of faith . If the election is over and the people have spoke , why don't the god haters give it a rest too ?

    So you see it looks like to many people because it was what was predicted that once these kind of laws go into effect , it gets worse and worse for people of Faith and or traditional moral beliefs. And I would say from what i read here , it actually makes sense . I suggest it is better to make comments about people in a more specfic manner , otherwise it looks quite bigoted.



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