Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ABC Exposes Secret Bible Codes On US Military Weapons

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Thousands March For Life At The Capitol In Olympia. Thanks to all who joined us yesterday in this significant statement about the value and sanctity of life. More to come on this over the next few days.

Brown Wins Obama Loses

In an epic upset in Massachusetts last night, Republican Scott Brown upset the Democrat for a Senate seat formerly held by both Ted and John F. Kennedy and once, long ago, by John Quincy Adams.

The upset has left Obama's health care plan in doubt, if not in peril, and marred his first year in office.

For the moment, forget party affiliation. People are angry and this election was more about Obama and the direction he is taking the country, than any party affiliation. In 10 months, the President has made significant progress in "re-making" our country. The problem? A growing number of people apparently do not want the country "re-made".

Socialized health care is the banner for his bolt toward a European style socialized democracy. He is quickly dismantling the Republic. And people are revolting at the ballot box.

So much so that the Seattle PI, just minutes after Brown was declared the winner, was wondering, out loud, if all this should be a concern for Patty Murray, who is running for re-election this year.

It should.

The PI gave 3 reasons why she should not worry:

*Murray isn't Martha Coakley.

*The GOP is weak in Washington State.

*Ten months is a long time in politics.

The PI gave 3 reasons why she should be worried:

*An anti-incumbent tide can sweep a lot of people out of office.

*Brown's victory could spur a formidable GOP candidate to challenge Murray.

*Fourth terms are hard to come by.

There are already a number of good and qualified candidates declared for a number of seats in both the Washington State Legislature and US Congress. We will be highlighting these candidates and directly working to help some of them get elected over the coming months.

I believe historic times lie ahead.

Mimi from Massachusetts summed it up very well last night when she posted the following on our website: "God has just answered the people's prayers in Massachusetts. Do not grow weary in the struggle."


ABC Exposes Secret Bible Codes on US Military Weapons

ABC NEWS reported yesterday that there are "secret Bible codes" on US military weapons. In their report, ABC shows examples of Bible verse references stamped on the sides of rifles and say sometimes soldiers refer to the rifles as "Jesus rifles". One of their examples has Jn. 8:12 stamped on it. John 8:12 says, as you probably know, "Then Jesus spoke again to them, saying, "I am the light of the world; he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."

Outrage. "It's wrong".

Here are the details and the video report.

There are those who feel this is wrong. They feel the inscriptions are pitting Christianity against Islam.

They feel the Scriptural references are offensive to soldiers of other faiths and to those of no faith.

ABC points out that President Obama promised the Islamic world, during his speech in Turkey last year, that America, "is not and will not ever be at war with Islam."

Does this suggest that?

Michael Weinstein, who runs the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, is upset and demanding the inscriptions be removed and the practice terminated. He says it is "wrong and an outrage." He said soldiers who disagree with the practice have told him it is a, "sick and scary joke."

I think you will be hearing more about this over the coming weeks.

How do you feel about this?

Keep in mind the deep Christian heritage of America. Scripture verses are itched in the concrete of every building and monument on the Capitol Campus in Washington DC.

Someone has written, "From cornerstones to capstones, from cornices to colonnades, from halls of Congress to the hallowed hillsides of Arlington Cemetery, a mighty causeway of faith courses through the landscape of the nation's capitol."

Indeed it does. America's heritage can be denied, but cannot be escaped. It was a deep faith in God and a profound sense of patriotism that caused the founder of the company who makes these weapons, to begin including these inscriptions. He passed away a few years ago and the practice has continued in his company.

Patrick Henry, one of America's most prolific patriots said, "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity and freedom of worship here."

Given our heritage and the fact that a large majority of Americans profess to be Christian, and those Christian principles have provided the freedoms bestowed by God, that we enjoy and protect today, is it wrong to have such references inscribed on military hardware?

What do you think? Please view the video report from ABC and post your thoughts in the comments linked below.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Of course some people will be offended. I guess that they would be offended by General George Washington orders for all troops attending church service during the Revolutionary War.

  2. Last I checked, Barak Obama was not the Democratic Candidate for Senate in MA, Martha Coakly was. We know you deeply despise our President, but that doesn't change the fact that he remains popular in MA.

    The company making the scopes is in violation of their contract with the government, who is paying them, end of story.

  3. I appreciate your comments regarding the election of Senator Brown. Your points are well made Regarding Senator Murray. The PI is not acknowledging that it is not the Republicans that took Brown to the Senate but We The People. The coalition of strength of We The People in Washington is even greater than that in Mass.

    The people of this state are moving aggressively on candidate vetting that will reveal more about candidates than ever in the past. The electorate of Wa is more knowledgeable than the media gives us credit for. We know the Constitutional requirements for elected officials and the fact that by the intent of the Founders, Senator Murray has not kept her oath of office. We will ask her to participate in the vetting process. We will see if she complies or continues in her arrogance against will of the people. To that extent, Murray is worse than Coakley in that she has continuously operated outside her oath of office and the bounds of the Constitution.

    Keep up the great work!

    Thank you.


  4. As was said in WW2, 'Praise the Lord, and pass the amunition'!
    I heard on the radio that the men using these guns, appreciated them.

    Another distorted view coming from a few.

  5. As far as I can tell, the scopes only have the reference to the bible verse, like "Jn8:12", not the actual verse. If you aren't familiar with the bible, you won't know what that means. If the anti-Christians or atheists don't want to be offended by the bible verse, they don't need to look it up. I don't know why they would be offended by some initials and numbers. I would think that soldiers had other things to worry about than what a manufacturer printed on a scope for the encouragement of the majority of its users.

  6. If we deny Christ he will deny us. We sure need him, especially nowadays, so we'd better be true to our heritage before we lose it.
    Having a subtle, coded reference to the Bible doesn't in anyway force muslims to believe our faith, but it may give strength to our soldiers in a time when they aren't feeling too well supported by our government.

  7. I think Jesus would be highly offended to have His precious words put on guns and ammunition. He Himself said He came to save the world not destroy it. I am not against the war or guns at all but verses on weapons of destruction are totally inappropriate and downright disgusting.

  8. "As far as I can tell, the scopes only have the reference to the bible verse, like "Jn8:12", not the actual verse. If you aren't familiar with the bible, you won't know what that means. If the anti-Christians or atheists don't want to be offended by the bible verse, they don't need to look it up." i just quoted one of the earlier comments and agree 100%. If you don't know whats in the Bible, why would you be offended by 'Jn8:12'? I beleive those soldiers who do know whats in the Bible feel great strength and peace in and amid the chaos of thier battles...I would want my son to see that and be reminded of his faith. But if another son didn't know the Bible, I don't feel it would make any difference...Leave it be....Do NOT deny Christ for those who get 'offended'. I am sure those are only a very small minority anyway.

  9. I was surprised to hear that some of their rifles have scripture references on them.

    I didn't have that when I was in the Army. I did have a green pocket New Testament which also had Psalms and Proverbs.

    I had company commanders that encouraged us to attend Chapel services.
    I had a batallion commander who told us how he saw soldiers die and how Christians died easier, not beating the ground with their fists as some who did not believe.
    He told us how we should expect to get into situations where doing all you can is Not Enough!, and how we need God, about how he was pinned down by rifle fire and couldn't reach his ammo that was only a yard away, and how he dug a hole in the ground to burry his offering (all the money he had) to God because there was no-where to give it on the battle field.
    We had Chaplins that would give you whatever kind of worship service you wanted, Catholic, Protestant, or whatever because they knew how important it was to serve the soldier as any day could be his last. They would baptize you wherever if you wanted them to, with a little bit out of a canteen if that's all they had.

  10. I saw a Brown political ad.
    Very powerful. A lot of marshal music and flag waving.

    The insurance companies
    have gotten their moneys worth with election of Brown.

    Apparently there is no limit to the stupidity of the American public.

    Insurance companies do not care about the families of those that voted for Brown.

  11. Trijicon makes self-illuminating gunsights. (Tritium isotope based.)

    I would guess that is part of the reason for the reference to the 'light of life.'

    In a combat situation, good gun sights DO make the difference between life and death.

    And BTW, what do you think is written on the skin and clothes of the most of the suicide bombers?

    I got news for ya baby, it's not a 'Get Well Message'.

  12. This was done for years. It's a serial number with bible references encoded. It is this company's numbering system. I think it is something they were doing as a gift to soldiers on the battlefield. I guess if it were references to the koran I'd be upset. I think if it is offensive to anyone who has to use the guns they should be given one with a different numbering system. It sounds like too big a deal is being made from something that was intended for good, in the name of political correctness.

  13. As a current active duty Soldier I am not sure who these folks have been talking to but can assure you that I have not heard anything derogatory said about the verses. Most Soldiers even those who claim no religious affiliation are more than happy to have any assistance (especially from above) they can get during times of eminent danger.

  14. Jesus is still, as He was when he was here on earth, "a rock of offence, a stone of stumbling". He who brought love, life and redemption! Strange but true. Wonder what is on the rifles of other nation's guns. Is it a thing to be snuffed at, that a man who loves the Lord would want to somehow want to honor his Lord in what he makes and presents to the world. Get a life ABC!


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