Friday, February 12, 2010

A Conflicted Culture

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NARAL has dedicated their newest status report to the late Dr. George Tiller, who was one of only a few late-term abortionists in the country.

Tiller was shot and killed by a man last year with a history of mental problems.

That was tragic. All premature loss of life is tragic.

In the report NARAL praises President Barack Obama for his pro-abortion policies and for choosing pro-abortion people to serve in his administration, including NARAL's former legal counsel, Dawn Johnsen, who is yet to be confirmed for a senior position in the Justice Department.

The honor bestowed on Tiller is both tragic and sobering.

The report reads, "Through his life's work, Dr. Tiller compassionately and heroically served women from all across the country in order to ensure their right to reproductive health services. Dr. Tiller often spoke of his values---kindness, courtesy, justice, love and respect---which he brought to work every day."

In an era where our Founding Fathers are often trashed or "historically revised" in the classroom, and those who have truly made contributions to our country ignored or discredited, it is troubling that even NARAL would characterize that man's work in that way.

He was a man who even at the time of his death was under investigation for illegal practices in his abortion business.

A man who routinely artificially extracted babies from their mother's womb and destroyed their life shortly before natural birth, should not be honored as "compassionate," nor should he be elevated as "heroic".

And how have we gotten to a place where this practice is associated with "kindness, courteous, just, loving and respectable"?

We truly live in a conflicted culture, where what is right is said to be wrong and what is wrong is said to be right and just.

May God bring restoration and help in our time of need.

God bless you. Thank you for standing with us in the face of darkness.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Gary, this breaks my heart, but thank you. We do stand with you.

  2. It seems death is preferable to life.

  3. Scott Roeder may have had a history of mental problems, I don't know that this was presented in court as part of his defense, which seems odd if true.

    What Roeder did have, which seems far more likely to be linked to the murder of Dr Tiller, is a history of so-called "pro-life" activism. In fact, his defense at trial attempted to justify his actions based on "pro-life" rhetoric. It's shameful that people would try and act as if Dr Tiller's murder had nothing to do with his occupation.

  4. "We truly live in a conflicted culture, where what is right is said to be wrong and what is wrong is said to be right and just."

    Given the context, it seems Gary means this statement to mean that "pro-life" activist Scott Roeder's actions were right.

  5. 11:32 Gary's comments would only seem affirming to Roeder's actions if seen through the eyes of someone who either doesn't read what Gary writes or doesn't care and wants to be critical. He has strongly condemned violence of any kind for any reason.

  6. Justice, love, and kindness has a name. One day we will face all of these things and more. In that day we will be judged as to what we did with Jesus. O that we be used by him in this life.

  7. Thanks Gary. What is also sad is that there are other peole outside Planned Parenthood and NARAL that also support and honor such a man and his work. You are so right.

  8. I think the abortionists are feeling the pressure. Public opinion is turning against them and more are now opposed to abortion especially Tiller's kind of abortions.I pray that will continue.

  9. His mental health was presented as part of his defense in court.

  10. If you believe Tiller should be honored, you probably believe that 4 feet of snow in DC proves global warming.

  11. The culture is conflicted in all areas not just in the prolife part. Look at marriage. Men wanting to marry men and women the same. The things that build up people are torn down and the things that tear down people and our culture built up and promoted.

  12. Besides being murder, we have killed so many of God's babies that there are not enough paying into Social Security and it will deplete itself....we have to stop playing God and start obeying God.


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