Thursday, February 11, 2010

Confused Leadership in Olympia

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The Washington State Democrats are trying their best to raise taxes, but they are tripping over their own eagerness.

In an attempt to circumvent I-960, which requires that two-thirds of the Legislature approve any tax increase opposed to the normal simple majority, the Democratic leadership has submitted a bill to suspend I-960, because they have a majority, but not a two-thirds majority in the Legislature.

In their rush to raise taxes, they approved the wrong bill this week.

They intended to vote on a bill that would entirely suspend I-960, but instead approved a bill that partially suspended it.

Oops. Not to worry. They promised to get the right bill back for a vote within the next few days so they can completely circumvent the peoples desires. Voters have approved the I-960 mandate three times, yet the Democratically controlled Legislature will not accept the will of the people.

One more reason we need new leadership in Olympia. If they can't get it right on their own bill, people need to take a good look at what else they are not getting right.

This year is a great opportunity to make changes in the Legislature. As we progress through the primaries, Faith and Freedom will be giving you a call to action along with helpful voter information.

Thank you for your support.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I wanted to comment on the global warming blog about whether it is becoming a religion or not but didn't see how to get on it.

    The global warming theory seems to be a tool some people are using in order to gather people around themselves so they can be used to get votes. They like votes so they can enjoy status or a sense of power. They like to be in power in government.

    When a person is around a lot of people with the same ideas or belief it can be a good thing or bad depending on what the thing is.

    If we all gathered together around the belief that God is doing miracles and healing, and the thing is true and we are seeking him in faith and a pure heart, we should see many healings if it's an atmosphere that is inviting to the Lord.

    Just being there can raise a man's level of faith.

    But if people gather around something worldly, corrupt, or false, then they can be used for what is not good. If people gather around a wrong doctrine they can be used by a cult for example. As long as they hold those views they won't feel they fit in anywhere else.

    Sometimes a man will want to gather around himself a certain kind of people so he can be some kind of leader over them.

    But why do men want to be leaders?

    It's good to be around people who are doing good. I want to be around people who want to be involved in the things of God, for God is good. I want God's blessing. I want to learn about God. I want to learn how to walk right and do good, and have his favor. I want to be a part of what is right and not be one that follows a crowd for the sake of following something if it's something vain or of little value.

    I don't want to be used by men.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out. We live on the other side of the state and don't often hear these things. Makes me smile a bit.

  3. I'm looking forward to your voter's list or guide.

  4. Is anyone going to Olympia on Mon. protesting the threat of more taxes? Dori Monson from KVI and others will be there!

  5. They suspended I-960 in order to keep the state running, and they only suspended it for 2 years then it is made permanent. Why do you need to moan and complain about something that is being done to save the state.

  6. I didn't like hearing about how those in government overturned something passed by the people (suspending I-960) but maybe there is a silver lining, because in my opinion the people chose poorly in the matter of SB5688.

    Maybe in the future we will have a government that overturns that.

    It seems to me that what we have seen lately is a people that follow the government, that have been turned by their government.

    I expect this to change. I do expect this to change. The change is coming.

  7. 9:41--this is NOT the way to 'save' the state!
    Our state auditor, Brian Sontag, made good suggestions to reducing and allimating wastefull spending.
    Just like each one of us, we need to be on a budget, stick with it, and be willing to adjust to changes, and Not borrow and get into debt, like our state has allowed us to be in! WE voted to be part of the process via 1-960, and now they are disrgarding our vote--this is a BIG mistake! Now, they will 'feel' the consequeses of their actions!

  8. This is a good time to elect new leaders this year. I hope every conservative in the state votes this primary and general election.


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