Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Global Warming: Is It a Religion?

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., wrote a 2008 column highlighting the lack of snow in the Washington D.C. area.

While it was intended to be a hit piece on then vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, parts of it are charming.

He recalls his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, standing erect in a toboggan, in his topcoat, sledding down the hill and the Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, his father, bringing home a delegation of Eskimos for lunch and afterward spending the afternoon building an igloo in the Kennedy's backyard.

Those were the days. Now he says, "snow is so scarce that most Virginia children probably don't even own a sled."

This past weekend over 32 inches of snow fell on the Washington D.C. area, and there is another snow storm moving in today.

Last weekend the family of Senator Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., built an igloo near the US Capitol and put signs on it reading, "Al Gore's New Home" and "Honk If You Love Global Warming."

The left has seen the igloo or at least pictures of it and they are mad. Many are calling Inhofe a "right wing extremist."

Why are they so touchy about this. They're fervent. Their faith in Al Gore and a growing body of flawed facts is impressive, to say the least.

Is global warming a religion? Or maybe a cult? As a youth pastor, I have helped a lot of kids who have gotten involved in cults. I think I see some similarities.

The Copenhagen Climate Summit ended in disaster by nearly everyone's estimation. Collapsing with the discovery of fraud among the scientists who represented the movement and public fighting between the rich nations and the poor nations over the money.

The left's response? Stand firm. Keep the faith.

Monday, the Associated Press reported that President Obama has, you guessed it, proposed a new agency for climate change, aka, global warming.

Washington State's own Gary Locke, the administration's Commerce Secretary said, "Whether we like it or not, climate change represents a real threat."

Keep the faith. Move on. Keep the heat on. Forget the snow.

Is any of this related to the investments of Al Gore and his investors? Who is actually invested in the many green projects Gore has under way, which according to him, can only succeed with government subsidy.

Is the idea of man-made global warming an Earth worshipping religion or cult? With a few at the top profiting from the followers?

Walter Williams, a syndicated columnist, has written an excellent article that explores that very question and suggests that the movement is built on a whole lot of flawed information and an even greater amount of ego. I recommend you read his article.

And remember; the founder of a truly great religion has said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

Be free. Be vigilant. Be active.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Great thoughts Gary.

  2. The weather is a heat driven engine - if you are getting lots of cold air further south than usual that means its been pushed out of where it usually is by unusually energetic air movement.

    Common sense people, with 'global warming' you will have warm air going where it didn't have the energy to go before and cold air displaced into places it never reached before. Warming northern interiors and the cold air masses that used to sit there pushed further south is exactly what you would expect with more heat energy being put into the 'weather engine' of the planet and just what we are seeing.

    And it makes no difference anyway because there are other reasons to pursue renewable energy technologies the most immediately important being we would have no economic reason to care about the middle east if they had nothing we needed.

    Relatively miniscule tidal/wind tower fields off the coasts and solar energy collection in the southern dry regions of the US could provide our country's energy needs, new battery technologies could make all but large vehicles electric only.

    We have the technological ability right now but not surprisingly we don't have the intelligence or the will to actually committing to make it happen.

  3. Man, you really have to turn off critical thought in order to follow the logic of these columns.

    The big East Coast storm no more proves global warming is false than last month's all-time warmest January in Seattle's history proves global warming is true.

    Kennedy makes the same error in his column... big deal.

    Global warming is not seen in day-to-day events, or even in monthly or weekly trends. It's seen in measurements that span years or decades.

    It's like joining a family on Thanksgiving day, taking measurements of what they eat, and then reporting that the family is a clan of gluttons. Who cares what they eat the other 364 days of the year!

    The scientific community overwhelmingly supports the idea that manmade activities are causing the mean earth temperature to rise. Not last weekend. Not on Tuesday. But as measured year-to-year, decade-to-decade.

    Frankly, I believe scientists more than talking heads on the religious right who point to snowstorms as evidence of long-term weather trends.

  4. 1:06 If you believe scientists, you are going to end up agreeing with Gary. There is a growing number of scientists that are concluding that most evidence that has been presented has been more advocacy than fact. Gary is absolutely correct when he suggests we follow the money. There are studies that are now confirming the earth has been cooling for some time and will continue for several more decades. It makes sense that the earth's temerature is cyclical and humans have little or nothing to do with the fluctation in tempture.
    Gary is informed.

  5. I appreciate your blogs. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  6. If snow storms are meaningless, then why is Gore and his followers always showing us pictures of the parched earth somewhere in num num land?

  7. If snow storms are meaningless, then why is Gore and his followers always showing us pictures of the parched earth somewhere in num num land?

    You realize that question is nonsensical as you've written it, right? Evidence that weather patterns are changing and traditionally stationary heavy cold air masses are being energetically pushed further south and the drying up of fresh water aquifers in areas that used to have plenty of water are both signs of global warming. Both of these are are evidence to someone who understands the issues involved.

  8. 2:25

    If you follow the money, you'll find that the allegedly growing number of skeptics are being funded by the oil and coal industry!

    The idea that the planet is cooling when the last decade was the warmest on record is absurd. Try thinking, rather than just regurgitating talking points.

  9. Seriously, 2:28 pm?

  10. Seriously.If record snow and cold is meaningless, why does parched ground prove global warming?

  11. Seriously.If record snow and cold is meaningless, why does parched ground prove global warming?

    'Meaningless'? Cold air further south than it normally is found is a sign of global warming. That's why parts of Alaska had abnormally warm temperatures though large parts of it in January - warm moist air (which is much lighter than cold clear air) was pushed north so hard it was able to displace the heavier cold air much further south than it generally goes where it hit moist ocean air and produced mass quantities of snow. I mean where do you think that cold air came from? Why did it leave where it normally stays? Why are the places it would normally be warmer than they historically are? Something is super charging the force of traditional weather patterns and that something is increasing heat.

    This simple fact that you can't seem to understand is why showing drought-stricken areas is more the norm - its something easier for people to understand who don't have (or seem to even want) basic understandings of climatology.

  12. Isn't propane a relatively clean source of energy? I say this because when I go to the grocery store in the mornings there is a big floor buffer going that is run off of what looks like a propane tank.

    So what about all the bubbles coming up out of the ocean off the coast of America?

    Shouldn't we be drilling there?

    It's almost like the earth is trying to tell us something we're not hearing.

  13. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Confused Leadership in Olympia":

    I wanted to comment on the global warming blog about whether it is becoming a religion or not but didn't see how to get on it.

    The global warming theory seems to be a tool some people are using in order to gather people around themselves so they can be used to get votes. They like votes so they can enjoy status or a sense of power. They like to be in power in government.

    When a person is around a lot of people with the same ideas or belief it can be a good thing or bad depending on what the thing is.

    If we all gathered together around the belief that God is doing miracles and healing, and the thing is true and we are seeking him in faith and a pure heart, we should see many healings if it's an atmosphere that is inviting to the Lord.

    Just being there can raise a man's level of faith.

    But if people gather around something worldly, corrupt, or false, then they can be used for what is not good. If people gather around a wrong doctrine they can be used by a cult for example. As long as they hold those views they won't feel they fit in anywhere else.

    Sometimes a man will want to gather around himself a certain kind of people so he can be some kind of leader over them.

    But why do men want to be leaders?

    It's good to be around people who are doing good. I want to be around people who want to be involved in the things of God, for God is good. I want God's blessing. I want to learn about God. I want to learn how to walk right and do good, and have his favor. I want to be a part of what is right and not be one that follows a crowd for the sake of following something if it's something vain or of little value.

    I don't want to be used by men.

  14. I was watching Dirty Jobs on the Discovery channel and Mike Rowe (spelling?) was helping drill some
    wells for a geo-thermal system.

    He told of how the temperature of the earth down about 200 feet is a constant 60 something degrees at that area of the earth and remains that throughout the year.

    Now when I go to a doctor's office and he takes my temperature
    he doesn't check the air temperature around my body does he?

    This is why I don't want government run health care.

  15. I think global warming could be a faulty diagnosis based upon unreliable information, something one might conclude if that's what he's wanting to find.

    I don't think there's hard evidence, no real proof.

    The changes that have happened from year to year in recorded temperatures have variations that are not conclusive. One might just as well make the case that the planet is cooling as warming if he was to take information from certain time periods.

    This is the kind of thing that a person could use to gain a following for his agenda if he can convince enough people.

    Feigned words and fair speeches can often convice people of things that are not.


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