Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Reconciliation" Good Word---Bad Word

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Reconciliation is generally a good word. The process often brings together marriages, families and friends.

In the Christian faith, it is what happens between a person and God, when the individual accepts Jesus Christ, God's Son, as his Savior. The individual's sins are forgiven, he is justified and reconciled to his Creator.

Webster's New World Second College Edition seems to think it's a good thing as well. They say to reconcile is, "to make friendly again or win over to a friendly attitude" or "to bring into harmony."

Bring into harmony?

It's hard to imagine a place where the most divisive thing you could do is called "reconciliation"---but that's where we are in America, in regard to the health care reform bill. And that's exactly what the President and his administration is threatening to do if the so-called bi-partisan health care summit doesn't work today.

When the dust settles from today's meeting, a meeting that syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer calls "mere theater," you will hear the word "reconciliation" soon and often.

It's interesting and revealing what leading Democrats, including Senator Barack Obama, Senator Joe Biden and Senator Hillary Clinton, were saying about "reconciliation" aka., the nuclear option, just a few years ago.

Simply stated, the "reconciliation" is a legislative process that is intended to allow consideration of a budget bill without the threat of filibuster and can be passed by a simple majority.

For more information, I have linked WIKIPEDIA for your convenience.

It is both stunning and revealing what Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton and others were saying about this process.

I have linked a short video with their comments in 2005 regarding "reconciliation".

Please take a look at it. There is nothing I can say to bring more clarity than they bring in their own words.

While there is some humor in this on the surface, just below the surface is a very troubling matter that is getting worse, not better.

America is deeply polarized.

There are several good reasons to oppose President Obama's health care plan, however, the one that is perhaps most important to many of us is the unwavering commitment of the President and his administration and the Congressional leadership to federally fund and advance abortions in America.

And deny they are doing so.

This is a sad commentary on how far we have drifted from our founding, godly principles.

I firmly believe that for the most part, the contention is not so much partisan or political, but is principle centered.

It is a more than a Democratic or Republican issue.

It is a matter of ideology--- a matter of deeply held personal beliefs.

On the one side there are those who along with the President see abortion as a choice---a right, which trumps the sanctity of life itself.

On the other side there are those who believe life is a gift from God, our Creator, and must be protected above all things. They hold a profound belief in the sanctity of life, which cannot be compromised.

Will the Democratic leadership and the President ram their health care bill, including federally funded abortions, through the Congress? I don't know. We'll see.

However, I am absolutely certain there can be no blessing and continuing prosperity in our land until we are reconciled with our founding principles and the God who gave them.

And that is why we do what we do at Faith and Freedom. Thank you for standing with us.

God bless you. And may God's blessing be fully restored on the greatest country in history.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. thank you gary. everyone should read this. it is informative and inspiring and hopefully will call us all to action and prayer.

  2. Gary is playing the dishonest, Republican partisan game. The quotes in the video aren't about reconciliation, but about the so-called (by Trent Lott) "nuclear option" which was an attempt to change Senate rules mid-stream to do away with the filibuster on Presidential nominees. Reconciliation is and has always been apart of the Senate rules, it has been used 22 times in the last 24 years. It is how every one of Bush's tax cuts and his unfunded Medicare expansion were passed.

    While a few gullible rubes may be fooled by this attempted slight of hand (how low an opinion of their constituents and followers the purveyors must have to even attempt it), those, who are following events will realize it for the dishonest partisan ploy it is.

  3. Anon 9:26 Why then did Sen. Byrd, who created reconciliation say it was never intended for the likes of pushing through a health care bill or a climate change bill. I think you are the one trying to mislead. It doesn't appear you viewed all the video information.
    You also are reading your bias into what Gary is actually saying. He says reconciliation has become a bad word, rather than a good word as it has always been, that he doesn't know if reconciliation will be used or not and that he believes reconciliation with the founding principles and with God himself is the only way America will continue to be blessed.
    I see a slight of hand, but not from Gary.

  4. 9:26 You are listening to the wrong people. Media matters is the slight of hand experts. They are saying what you are saying. Here is what Fox is saying.
    Bret Baier: Reconciliation was "once called the nuclear option." On Fox News' Special Report, Bret Baier said that the Senate process of reconciliation "was once called the nuclear option" and then aired clips of what he claimed were Democrats criticizing the "nuclear option" "when Republicans were using it." After he aired the clips, Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers said, "Thank you for establishing beyond all doubt that politicians are hypocrites." [Special Report, 02/24/10]

  5. Thanks Gary. Your comments are not at all misleading, but I can certainly see how there are those who resent what you are saying and what you stand for. Keep it up.

  6. "Other opponents of Democratic legislative initiatives in the 111th Congress began to refer to reconciliation as the "nuclear option," although that term had previously been used to refer only to a majoritarian procedure to effect a formal change in Senate rules.[7]"

    that's from the wikipedia article that Gary links to. Didn't anyone notice that none of the democrats supposedly talking about reconciliation used that word? Wonder why? It's because they were talking about something completly different. The current rewriting of history in realtime by a republican party mad with a lust for power is stuning. They've even got their pastors bearing false witness for them!

  7. America can't afford to be joined to a harlot. What is there in common between what's right for America and a harlot's ways?

    One organization that has some foundation is the Boy Scouts of America. They stood against the homosexual agenda. As far as I know they didn't falter.

    The things of this world are so contrary to the things of the Bride of Christ. The Lord's Bride is a woman of his understanding, much different than the ways of this world. She's seated with him in the heavenlies whether here or there.

    Proverbs 14:1
    Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

    Ecclesiastes 3:
    .......a time to break down, and a time to build up.

    I wish the powers at the top of America's military were as connected to the Church as the Boy Scouts. God bless every Boy Scout and their leadership.

    Unless God does the building of this nation, it will not be built right. Unless God builds it, it will look funny, be crooked, be despised, lean, and either fall apart, or fall.

    Unless God builds it, I hope it falls apart.

    I believe it's time to scrap government run health care and not start over. There's other work they should be doing that's much more important that will help
    America stand, be something respected and honored, something to really thank God for.

  8. Maybe they should call it force instead of reconciliation.

    Somebody's changing labels again.

  9. It seems like our government has been going further into lawlessness, a city of confussion.

  10. If our elected president is going to use reconciliation, I want to see the budget he is going to reconcile. I want to see the money.

    If he can overhaul health care and save the wasteful spending of our government's funds, without adversely affecting people, maybe I should listen to his his plans, but if not, I see no place for reconciliation.

    Anybody can talk. I want to see the money and I want to see how no one's health care will be adversely affected.

    I want to see how good this president is. I want to see him prove to America just what it is that he's putting America through.

    It better be something good. So far I haven't seen it.


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