Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Homosexual Marriage: "Not a Fundamental Right"

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A judge has ruled that homosexual "marriage" is not a fundamental right.

A lesbian couple "married" last June in Massachusetts are now seeking a "divorce" in Pennsylvania.

Judge Scott Lash says "No" because their argument is unsupportable to pass the test for being a fundamental right.

Judge Lash said, "This is a plea for social change. If homosexuals had a fundamental right to marry each other, this plea would be unnecessary."

The judge also wrote the following in his ruling:

"Courts should be reluctant to identify a right as fundamental when not clearly required by the Constitution or established precedent. A court who finds a fundamental right where none exists, bypasses the legislative process and denies the people a voice in effecting social policy, in essence, trumping democracy by judicial fiat."

Take away fact:

Some judges try to "follow" the Constitution and some try to "use" it.

Judges are either elected or appointed by people you elect. In either case it is in your hands.

Be prayerful. Be vigilant. Be active.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. He said everything right, but unfortunately this judge will go through a very hard time and might be impeached over this ruling. We need far many more judges like him. And he needs our prayers.

  2. Excellent. Thank you.

  3. This should be a motivation for all of us to get involved and vote.

  4. It has to start somewhere...and this seems like a very good place.
    So weary with liberal folks screaming for their rights, as they snatch our rights away from us. Good post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Judges hold a real special place.
    It was a most sacred duty in Biblical times.

    God's throne is founded on justice and judgment. Therefore mercy also. In good faith and true allegence to the same his kingdom reigns. Therefore we have hope and know that though evil flourish for a season, there will be change.
    Change is coming. It's already begun. Things are beginning to turn around for this nation. We have the help of God. The future of this nation is in the hands of God and also in the hands of his intercessors who have been praying.

    I don't know what America is going to have to endure. I know God's guardian angels have been protecting this nation.

    I sensed a changing of the guard in the spiritual realm when I heard a man tell of what he saw of angles in his church. It's a time to stay close to the Lord and get free from sins.

    For all that we've been seeing, can you sense that judgments are coming? Can you sense that there has been a long time of God's forebearance?

    So let's determine to stay in the word, and stay clean from this world's ways.

    His help is on the way.

    Job 34:22
    There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where workers of iniquity may hide themselves.

    Job 34:28,29
    ..he heareth the cry of the afflicted.
    When he giveth quietness, who then can make trouble? and when he hideth his face, who then can behold him? whether it be done against a nation, or a man only:

    (our righteous judge)

    America has been on a decending road for a long time. By the grace of God, the Lord is waking us up. There are still many more to awake.

    I don't know how much shaking we will need.

    Isaiah 60

    Let's ask to be used for the harvest when many shall turn to the Lord.

  6. This judge seems to make a lot of sense...Let's see now...how does this work?...The recent so called "reconciliation" should not be identified as a fundamental right because that action clearly was not required by the constitution or past established precedent. If fact, it wasn't even a real (honest and true) option afforded by the constitution.

    That being as it is, (Ecc. 10:1, 11:3b)we have watched as the legislative process has been denied the people. Therefore we have lifed up our voice.

    See, God calls a thing the way it is, and when he calls a thing that isn't as though it is, he does so in good...faith, understanding, integrity, honesty and real authority, and it becomes what he intended it to be.
    (which is something good, honest, straight, and just.)

    When I heard a man (John Kilpatric) tell Sid Roth about seeing angels in his church, I sensed it was a changing of the guard. That's what it reminded me of. Maybe it was some kind of awards ceremony, but I still sense there are changes being made and that we are in a time of change. I trust that changes will not come without the hand of God, in both blessings and corrections as a father deals with his sons.

    Let's pray for justice in this thing for God hears the prayers of his saints and watches over the goings of the whole earth.

    May God not let the people of this nation be forced through deceptive practice and craft by the nation's government on any level, but rather, restore. May God use our legal system, for when he uses it, it will be restored. After his hand has been upon a thing, it's in better condition than it was before.

  7. The homosexual agenda is being forced and it's wrong.

    There are reasons why a female soldier and a male soldier shouldn't be spending the night in the same foxhole.

    Let's keep writing our president.

  8. I must say, I am a bit perturbed by the judge's logic. By his reasoning, the US should still be a slave-owning country.

    The right to not be a slave in America was a long time coming. So was the right to freedom from racial discrimination. The right of women to vote was not considered "fundamental" in any way when the Constitution was written.

    Not coincidentally, at the time the Constitution was written, Americans were burning each other at the stake, as commanded by God, when it did not rain.


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