Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obama Signs Bill---Gregoire Attacks McKenna

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Today is a high mark for the far left as President Obama signs his centerpiece legislation into law.

However, some of the magic has been lost for Governor Gregoire, as she learned yesterday that Attorney General Rob McKenna will join a multi-state lawsuit challenging the President's healthcare legislation.

She told The Seattle Times, "I don't know who he represents. He doesn't represent me."

However, if she follows through with her threat to file a legal brief opposing McKenna's action, he could conceivably have to represent her.

According to McKenna, Washington State will be joining a number of other states challenging the constitutionality of the Obama healthcare bill, specifically the mandated purchase of a healthcare policy and the required expansion of Medicaid eligibility, which violates state's rights guaranteed under the 10th Amendment.

This, of course, does not set well with the Governor. Particularly in that she became aware of McKenna's intention from someone other than McKenna.

On this matter, we agree with the Attorney General and wish him the best.

However, on another matter---the R-71 case coming before the US Supreme Court next month, we do not support Mr. McKenna.

You will recall that we asked the courts to seal the names of those who signed the R-71 petitions because of threats and acts of intimidation from the homosexual community.

Attorney General McKenna and Secretary of State Sam Reed will be opposing the people who signed the petitions, arguing to the Court that the names should be made public regardless of the threats and intimidation.

Perhaps the squabble between the Attorney General and the Governor will be a favorable distraction.

Be Prayerful. Do not be silent.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. As a Christian, the present governor of the state of Washington has so often misrepresented me, in my opinion,
    our values being entirely different as if founded upon different foundations.

    There are so many legitimate concerns which the far left has been unwilling to hear.

    I've heard it said that 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Such a thing as requireing them to pay the cost of health insurance may be too much of a burden for them right now, and possibly later.

    It makes sense to me to consider that each American should be able to decide for himself if he can afford health insurance, better than the government can decide for him.

    There is a joy in being free that I do not want to see taken away. There is a liberating feeling in freedom that results in so many positive ways that do cause prosperity for America, and it seems to me that the more government infringes upon those qualities of life, the more it will be unhappy, and likey will be financially poorer for it. This isn't good news at time when the government needs more money.

    I should think to assume that whatever this health care fiasco is that it will not affect veterans since they have no need to buy health insurance because they are able to receive free health care at the VA hospitals.

    Being a veteran, this is what I was told by an Army Sergeant while standing in formation shortly before I was honorably discharged for completing my time of service.

    Though I've never used the benefits nor have I found the need to do so, I hope they are still there. If that has changed, I have not been notified of it as far as I can recall.

    It's been about 25 years since I've been in the military. God has healed me of many things. I have the grace he has given me because of Jesus who purchased for me all that I have so far needed. Though at times I have suffered some things, (no strange thing) he has always brought me through. In him I am blessed. Blessed be his name forever.

  2. This is hard. I am excited of what Mckenna did, joining the other states, rejecting the fiasco ruling that was made yesterday, but also, I am one of many who did the R-71, and want the right outcome from that. Thus, yes, God is in control with these issues,and I for one Trust Him for the right outcomes! sigh!

  3. So let's see:

    State Attorney General doing his job and defending the open records law of his state, which reflects this will of his states populace = bad.

    State Attorney General adding to the already large budget problems his state faces to finance a lawsuit, that runs counter to the wishes of his states populace, to set up his Gubernatorial run = good.

    Seems Gary doesn't have a clue about how democracy is supposed to work.

  4. Maybe if Gov. Gregoire supported I-1058, which calls for the teaching of our constitution in Washington State schools, and the constitution of Washington State, she wouldn't feel so misrepresented.

  5. The president and his democratic entourage overstepped their legal authority in this vandalism of our health care systems.

    Set against the constitution, it will not stand before a legitimate judge.

    Let's therefore pray for justice from the Almighty in this matter.

  6. It's a big evil thing. Ask Joe Biden. Gen 10:10. May the Lord come see what the children of men have builded and what they have begun to do. Gen 11:6.

  7. 2:14 PM,

    The President and the Democratic majority worked well within the confines of existing legal precedent. The only way this gets overturn is if an activist judge decides to put partisanship before justice.

    5:26 PM,

    Got shot at Biden, I agree he should take an example from our previous VP and reserve such "salty" language for when addressing members of the opposing party on the floor of the Senate.

  8. Seems to me like Barry berated the Supreme Court Justices during the State of the Union address. Barry doesn't want this going to the Suprme Court.

  9. I just got a letter from the White House in the form of a letter.

    It starts out "Dear Friend,".

    In it the president talked about the nearly 100 years of talk about manditory health care enforced by the government.

    Let's see now, that must have been the talk of the town back when ah...let's seen now...I don't know my American history very well. I'm just a carpenter,
    not even a pundit, like he seemed to be calling me...must have been the talk of the town back in the roaring twenties or something, long before my time.

    I suppose that's something about history I'm supposed to know.

    But the good news according to the president is that Congress (let's put it all on them) finally decided that we all deserve the security of knowing that here in this country (not like others I suppose) that no accident or illness should endanger my dreams.

    I don't remember telling him my dreams. I dream of being free to decide for myself if I need to buy health insurance or even if I can afford it and to be able to stay in my appartment at the same time.

    He's been busy destroying my dream that I have enjoyed thus far, and putting it on the Congress.

    It goes on.

    Let's keep writing. How they love their Babylonian towers of bereaucracy!

    I'd like to have a beer with him sometime...that is, if I get to order it myself. Sometimes I like the non alcoholic kind. Lord willing, I could drink him under the table.

    Let's all keep writing.

  10. This nation must work to throw off the weight of barackracy quickly, completely, and permanantly in order to protect our freedom.

    We can not allow ourselves to think that federal government is the one to decide everything better than we can, nor can we well afford to be put under the intimidation of the IRS, for the ideals of those who believe government forcings are the way for America to function properly.

    The twisted words that we must turn around are everywhere to be found and this we must work to do, to set things right again.

    Things are backwards, let's Turn It Around.


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