Monday, March 01, 2010

Perverted Tolerance

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The NCAA has pulled a Focus on the Family ad from their website and the Mayor of Beverly Hills is angry because another Miss California contestant in the Miss USA pageant believes in natural marriage---one man-one woman.

All this in the name of tolerance.

The NCAA (National College Athletic Association) has taken a Focus on the Family ad off their website after homosexuals complained.

The ad features a picture of a father holding his young son. The ad is titled, "Celebrate Life. Celebrate Family."

The caption under the picture says, "All I want for my son is for him to grow up knowing how to do the right thing."

Why is this so controversial that the NCAA would break an advertising agreement made with Focus which included the Tim Tebow ad at the Super Bowl and this ad on the NCAA website?

Is it distasteful or offensive to want the best for your son?

Homosexual activists said the ad had to go because Focus is controversial, because they are pro-life and support natural marriage---one-man, one woman.

Twisted logic. Perverted tolerance.

In another story from Associated Press the mayor of Beverly Hills is angry and is disowning a Miss USA contestant because she does not believe in homosexual marriage.

Lauren Ashley has spoken out against homosexual marriage in recent interviews. She told FOX news she believes same-sex marriage goes against God and the Bible.

Although the pageant rules allow for contestants to choose the area they represent, whether or not they live there, Beverly Hills mayor, Nancy Krasne, is angry saying Ashley doesn't live there and doesn't represent the city in any way, "Which," she says, "has a long history of tolerance and respect."

Tolerance? Respect?

I assure you her address would have never been an issue if she had held the proper beliefs.

Whether it is the NCAA or the city of Beverly Hills or a number of other public entities, there is an increasing trend to re-write or re-define biblical morality, while simultaneously seeking to silence those who believe in it.

It seems tolerance is a one way street and the distaste for biblical Christianity is driving it from the public square, public discourse, education and even the free expression of beliefs in the paid media.

Ironically, intolerance of Christianity and a Christian influenced culture is most often demanded in the name of tolerance.

Christianity must not be tolerated because of the need for greater tolerance. A Perverted Tolerance.

Be informed. Be inspired. Be active.

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Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Ah yes, the tired old "how dare you not tolerate our intolerance!" meme.

    I see for an added bonus of dishonesty, Gary has mischaracterized the anti-gay positions of Focus and Ms Ashley (opposing any rights for gays and lesbians, or in the case of Ms Ashley calling for their deaths) as "opposing homosexual marriage".
    Dishonest as the day is long, and willing to latch onto any faux controversy being ginned up by the right-wing noise machine describes this blog to a T.

  2. Like all of the right-wing media reporting on the Miss "Beverly Hills" controversy, Gary omits the fact that this woman advocated death to gay people. Is it really controversial that the city of Beverly Hills doesn't want to associate itself with someone who wants to put gays to death?

    Regarding the NCAA controversy: The NCAA recognizes that one of FOTF's stated goals is denying gay families access to marriage rights, harming them and their children. While such advocacy is still acceptable in many places, it is becoming less so every year. Anti-gay groups are finding fewer places to broadcast their discriminatory messages, and fewer willing to listen. While FOTF and Gary and other anti-gay groups and individuals might not feel these anti-gay positions are harmful and frightening to a significant minority segment of the population, and increasing number of people and organizations do.

  3. Death to gays? I don't think so. You better reread the story. She is not advocating that.

  4. Ya, neither is Gary. Shame on you for suggesting that.

  5. 3:02 PM

    Oh, she claims she isn't but then she quoted a verse from Leviticus stating that gays should "surely be put to death" then said it was clearly all there in black and white in the bible. Funny thing is Fox News has pulled the original story, leaving only secondary stories where they dishonestly paint her as a victim. Just search Lauren Ashley on the fox news site, the first hit is to the original story, but the link leads to the follow up story, which omits her speaking of putting people to death.

    The simple fact is she is merely seeking attention, she saw how Carrie Prejean used anti-gay bigotry to turn a failed quest for a beauty queen title into a career and is hoping to jump on the bandwagon. Of course she is being aided and abetted by the dishonest opponents of marriage equality like NOM and FFN, who see it as an opportunity to further their lies of poor Christians being oppressed by those mean, nasty gays and lesbians.

  6. Prejean did not turn a failed quest into anything. By many reports she was leading, when a gay activist judge ask her a question he knew would be controversial. Then he jumped on the band wagon of intolerance toward Christian beliefs, but in the end got spanked. All Prejean did was respectfully answer his question. Truth is a funny thing isn't it?

  7. Maybe the homosexuals would be interested in rewriting the Bible while they are rewriting the laws.

  8. They already are, with the help of some so called evangelicals.

  9. 4:02 PM

    That was Carrie's story. The actual judges say she wasn't in the running to win anyways.

    She then turned herself into a Christian martyr, or at least was trying to when her naughty, and very unchristian behavior in videos came to light.

    Yes, truth is a funny thing, but the lies people tell themselves when the truth doesn't fit their narrative are often funnier.

  10. perverted tolerance and perverted truth. gary "omitted the fact that this woman advocated death to gay people". you've got to be kidding. she advocated death because she believes in marriage between one man and one woman? you accuse her of that because she is a christian? gary is right.

  11. 4:25 PM

    No, her opposition to marriage equality is not what is being referred to, it was her quoting of Leviticus saying that gays should be put to death and then saying "it's all there in black and white". If a Muslim quoted some part of the Quran stating that infidels should be put to death, then said "it's all there in black and white" you would equate that with calling for infidels to be put to death, why shouldn't the same standard apply to Ms Ashley?

    Of course, you already knew that.

  12. We all deserved death for living in the flesh. It's a city bent on destruction. It's proclivity to sin and corruption of all kinds demands the judgment of God, just as Sodom and Gomorrah.

    A city of the flesh never gets any better. It seems to be getting worse as time goes by. It can't improve itself. It doesn't have the power. The energy it has is destructive. There's no light in it unless Jesus is found there.

    If Jesus is found there, it can be saved. It can be redeemed. It can repent of it's evil ways.

    There is hope in Jesus. Everything good abides in him.

    Outside of him there is only darkness and destruction, corruption of all kinds.

    All that is true is in Jesus.

  13. Why do you folks always characterize Gary and Focus ON The Family as anti-gay. I don't think either is anti-gay, they are pro-family and pro-marriage. Can't someone have core beliefs without being taged as anti? I read this blog because I too am pro-traditional marriage and family. I don't like gays trying to restructure our culture. I am against that very strongly, but I'm not anti-gay, I'm anti what they are trying to do to our culture.

  14. So anyone who reads or refers to the teaching in Leviticus is what, intolerant or a bigot? Should Leviticus be banned in your mind?

  15. 5:38 PM

    We refer to Gary and Focus as anti-gay because their actions are objectively anti-gay. Opposition to the inclusion of sexual orientation in existing hate crimes laws doesn't lift up or aid families. Opposition to our state's domestic partnership law didn't help protect a single marriage or family. Opposition to allowing gays and lesbians to continue to serve in the military without having to lie about who they are doesn't assist a single family or marriage.

    We call these groups anti-gay because their actions ARE anti-gay.

  16. "So anyone who reads or refers to the teaching in Leviticus is what, intolerant or a bigot? Should Leviticus be banned in your mind?"

    I know you desperately want someone to support that, so that you can feel all put upon and persecuted, but the facts are no one has called for anything to be banned.

  17. 5:38 right on--my thoughts also. The threat of my grandchildren being taught that 'gay is ok' via others, makes me shudder. PTL their parents have 'kept the faith', and sad that they will have to 'unteach' the things that may be taught in our schools and with society! With this 'movement' of 'moral blindness' and the earth quakes, killings, etc, do I have company of 'looking' up this days?

  18. 5:38 Would opposition to legalized polygamy marriages or group marriages also indicate hate. If not, why not. If so, why are you not moving a bill forward to legalize their desires and tendencies? Is it fair to bypass this behavior without affirming it and providing equality for them?

  19. 5.38 If you are pro gay marriage are you hateful and anti-heterosexual marriage?

  20. Why is it that if you believe something different than the gay agenda you are a bigot? Why can they not be accepting and inclusive of the belief that marriage is only between a man and a woman?

  21. "Why do you folks always characterize Gary and Focus ON The Family as anti-gay. I don't think either is anti-gay, they are pro-family and pro-marriage."

    Then why are FoTF harassing GAY PEOPLE and going on and on about what abominations they are? Why are they not targeting divorce court judges? Hmm?

    "Can't someone have core beliefs without being taged as anti?"

    You can have all the core beliefs you want, but as soon as you start quoting the Bible and saying 'God says THESE PEOPLE should die and go to hell' then it stops being about just being pro-something but being bigoted against something, as all of the FoTF are.

    "I read this blog because I too am pro-traditional marriage and family."

    So you're a proponent of plural wives, then?

    There's no such thing as 'traditional' marriage or family anymore. It's 2010, not 1910. Grow up and get your head out of the dark ages.

    "I don't like gays trying to restructure our culture."

    Yet you have no problem trying to structure gay people's culture and lives. Isn't that wonderfully hypocritical of you!

    "I am against that very strongly, but I'm not anti-gay, I'm anti what they are trying to do to our culture."

    If you don't know what they're trying to DO to "your" culture ('what they are trying to do'? no specifics?), then you can't be against it. Unless you define it, you can define 'what they're trying to do' as ANYTHING.

    Try harder. Your logic is fail.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Some of these posts seem to be an attack on the Bible more even than on the girl who believes it. So it is hate to read parts of the Bible that gays have decided not to believe?

  24. Commenter at 9:28pm wrote "Why can [gay people] not be accepting and inclusive of the belief that marriage is only between a man and a woman?"

    Seriously? That's like saying "Why can women not be accepting and inclusive of the belief that only men are allowed to vote?" I mean, seriously, what was wrong with those women back in the early 1900s, wanting all those same rights the men had?

    I can only assume that the above quote was intended to be sarcastic, given how truly ridiculous it is.

  25. To those who post as "Anonymous" : please consider distinguishing yourselves somehow - it would be easier to follow the threads ...


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