Thursday, March 04, 2010

President Obama: "If we want to transform the country..."

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Not long ago, President Obama, in presenting his "American Agenda," was saying, "If we want to transform the country though, that requires a sizable majority." (Video Link).

That was then---this is now.

Although his notion of a sizable majority has changed, his obsession to "transform" the country has not.

Today, he and his administration are preparing to force a health care plan on our country that a majority of Americans do not want.

They resist it for many reasons including; it provides federal funding of abortions, it could bankrupt the country, will destroy the quality of health care in America and will further move America toward socialism and away from our founding principles.

Indeed his health care plan and apparent decision to use "reconciliation," or the "nuclear option," as it is sometimes called as a method to get the bill passed will "transform the country."

I wrote about "reconciliation" in a recent blog titled "Reconciliation: Good Word---Bad Word".

As our far left, so-called progressive President and those who enable him stand poised to "transform the country" using reconciliation, I felt we should take one more look at exactly what reconciliation is and why it is it a threat.

No one is any more qualified to explain it than former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.

Yesterday he explained the matter in his newsletter. I recommend you read it.

I along with many of you am concerned about the direction of our culture and country. There are indeed those who are working tirelessly to "transform" it into something very different than the country that has risen to become the most prosperous, most free, most exceptional and most blessed country in the history of civilization.

Growing numbers of Americans are beginning to resist, not because we resist change, but because we resist the direction of the present change.

James Russell Lowell was once asked by the French historian, Francios Guizot, "How long will the American republic endure?"

Lowell responded, "As long as the ideas of the men who founded it remain dominate."

If we as a nation do not soon return our public policy to the Christian consensus of our Founding Fathers and the Biblical principles of law that have provided the freedoms we have enjoyed for well over 200 years, it will only be a matter of time before we lose those freedoms.

Patrick Henry told his contemporaries, "When people forget God, tyrants forge their chains."

May God help us during these trying times.

God bless you. Thank you for your encouraging words and financial support.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Wow, the misrepresentations are coming fast and furious.

    1. Reconciliation is not the so-called "nuclear option", it is a normal part of Senate rules and was used by the GOP to pass the all of Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy.

    2. Health care reform will not be passed using reconciliation, it was already passed via a large majority on Christmas Eve after overriding a GOP filibuster. All that would be passed under reconciliation are minor adjustments to the Senate bill, which will need to be passed as is by the House.

    3. Health care reform pays for its self with taxes and cuts in spending, something no Bush initiative ever did - see tax cuts for wealthy, medicare part D. What will bankrupt this country is doing nothing, or -heaven forbid- turning the government over to GOP misrule.

    All of these things are clear to anyone, who is reasonably well informed. Gary must have a very low opinion of his followers intelligence if he expects them to fall for such obvious deceptions.

  2. Who says that a majority doesn't want health care reform?

    1000's of people are dying because they can not afford health insurance
    and F & F is fighting tooth and nail against the solution to this problem. How do you reconcile this with
    Christian compassion?

  3. Ralph. A majority does not want the present version of health care reform for the reasons Gary mentioned. Many polls indicate that. I don't think Faith and Freedom is fighting tooth and nail to defeat health care reform, they are trying to defeat the pro-abortion, pro-socialism version of health care reform. At least that's what I see.

  4. I'm wondering why those who are so supportive of Obama's health care plan are not explaining why only a few years ago Obama, Reid, Clinton and Biden were saying that using reconciliation was a terrible power grap etc. etc. Why is it okay for them now to do it?

  5. there is a e-mail going around, showing the differences of health care;

    cancer cures-US-65%
    England-46 %


    medical spealialist-seen in one mo.
    canada- 18%

    Seniors with low income, in excellents health-
    canada-6 %

    why 'fix' something that is not broken!?

  6. This problem has been around for a long time. Since 1980
    trough mostly Republican presidents.
    Why hasn't it been solved?
    I sent this to the Democrats and now I am posting it to you.
    Paralyzing fear is gripping our politicians. The fear that solving
    a relative simple problem, making affordable health care available for all citizens
    will some how turn this country into a Communist dictatorship.

    If a person is paralyzed so much with fear that they can not act to solve problems
    that will benefit their family they would be diagnosed as dysfunctional or mentally ill.
    The United States is dysfunctional and terminally ill. I have watched Democrat politicians
    all of a sudden develop so much empathy for corporations that they would let American
    citizens die for lack of affordable health care, this is uncivilized , barbaric and un-American
    and goes against the Democratic principles that this country was founded on. Every time
    this country has conquered a fear the country
    became stronger. Some of the fears that have been conquered are , letting non land owners
    vote, letting women vote and the fear of giving minorities civil rights and the vote.
    Every time one of these fears was conquered it was found that the fear was
    false and not real because what was feared did not materialize.


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