Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Patty Murray Poll Continues

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Thank you for the great response to our current survey regarding your preference to which candidate should run against Senator Patty Murray.

If you have not yet voted, please do. A good snapshot of our reader's opinion is developing.

In our best effort to inform, we will be conducting several surveys over the next couple of weeks.
As announced last month, we are developing a voter's guide that will be available for distribution in churches and other interested organizations.

The information will also be available on the Faith and Freedom website.

Thank you for your
financial support. It is essential to our being able to gather and publish the information that will help people of faith and conservatives make informed decisions.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Clint Didier is refreshing!! He has said more in the 7 months he's been campaigning than anyone else in the race. If Dino Rossi was so concerned about the state of the country, how come he held off declaring until 3 short weeks before the filing deadline? And, as usual, he has no ideas of his own. Issaquah, WA

  2. God bless Akers and Didier, BUT . . . how, once they have gotten the votes of me and all the other rock-ribbed conservatives, are they going to get any other votes if they paint themselves as BRIGHT RED in thie BLUEST of BLUE states? I wish both had been as smart as Art Coday, got their ego out of the way, and run for a state Legislative seat. Dino is the only hope to beat Patty. Wake up, please!

  3. Of the list, the one guy who can't beat Patty Murray is the establishment pick, two time gubernatorial loser, Dino Rossi. If Massachusetts and Nevada taught us anything, it is this: the voters want someone who actually has convictions and will stand by them. The old "what-we-need-to-do-to-win" argument is the same tune gutless, scaredy-cat Republicans have been singing for years as they give us so-called "moderates" who are more like Dems than Repbulicans! I don't think the voters are buying that line anymore. Didier can win; and he will. He is fresh, he is strong, he has the endorsements of Palin and the Tea Party... and he stands by his convictions.


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