Tuesday, June 29, 2010

People React To Condoms For Kids In Kindergarten

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This story is one of two philosophies--two value systems. It is the best of times and the worst of times, depending on what you believe.

For secular progressives entrenched in the experimental social laboratories called public education, it was the best of times.

Veterans Memorial Elementary school in Provincetown, Mass. announced a new "safe-sex" policy which provides condoms to children as young as kindergarten.

The school board voted unanimously to implement the program this fall when classes begin. Superintendent Beth Singer fully supported it.

Last week she told
FOX News, "Children engage in sexuality with or without counseling, with or without condom availability."

She declared the kids would only have to ask a school nurse or counselor for a condom, the child's parents would not be notified, and if parents became aware, there was nothing they could do about it. If parents want to opt their children out, their request would not be honored.

This was kind of a developing story last week that I was following, but had not written about.

When the new policy was first announced, Singer said there was essentially no reaction. She
told Fox she got one call and it was supportive.

Provincetown, known for its beautiful beaches and large homosexual community, was about to be rocked.

A Fox station in Boston
ran a story Wednesday night titled, "Condoms At School" and that's when Singer said, "everything changed."

It became the worst of times for the far left progressives.

By 2 AM, Massachusetts Family Institute issued a statement saying, "Making condoms available to first graders bullies parents to submit to an agenda that promotes sexual promiscuity to innocent children at their most vulnerable age."

MFI continued, "The Provincetown school committee's decision to force this radical and absurd policy demonstrates the lengths to which some will go to emasculate parent's rights and undermine the notion of encouraging children to delay sexual activity."

From there, newspapers and radio talk shows picked up the story and America heard that they were giving little kids condoms on Cape Cod.

By noon, Governor Deval Patrick, who is a Democrat and running for re-election against two conservative candidates, called to complain about the school's decision not to tell the parents.

Patrick then called the Associated Press to tell them he was concerned about counseling and access being age appropriate, and for young kids, that parents be involved." He promised that Singer had promised to, "walk this back a bit."

At 1:42 PM, AP ran the story.

At 3: PM, Singer's secretary says the school board offices were facing "shell shock" from the number of calls they were receiving.

At 4: PM, the school blinked and the chairman of the board told the Boston Globe, "We're going to revisit it."

By Thursday morning Singer would tell FOX that she "knew the policy wouldn't work in every school district around the country, but that in Provincetown it's the correct policy in order to protect kids."

Granted, this is a local issue, but it points to a larger and explosive issue. Public schools are and have been systematically undermining parental authority, while advancing a secular, often experimental, social agenda.

The public is not only fed up with corrupt and double speaking politicians, but a public school system that is, on the one hand miserably failing, while on the other hand, re-educating your kids, striping the moral principals they have been taught in the home, while dismissing your parental authority.

When caught, they usually respond much like the account above.

They have since
modified their scheme to provide condoms only to 5th through 12th grades and parents will now have the right to opt out their children. Not a victory, but a step in the right direction.

If we are vigilant and informed and are unafraid to speak up and call things for what they are, we can pierce the thick veil of political correctness and help bring restoration to a broken culture.
Thank you
for supporting us.

God bless you. Be Informed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. The American people need to take a good hard look in the mirror. They have given over to teachers the keeping of their children. For this trust in return parents have gotten indoctrination, abuses of all kind, and now condoning sexual behaviours by the very young, that parents may not agree with. Will parents fire these public servants paid by tax dollars? It's up to parents to demand better teaching. Maybe the 3 r"s weren't such a bad idea. It's up to taxpaying parents to demand better, and if they don't it's the children who will suffer at the hands of a socialist agenda.

  2. Handing out condoms to kids is like telling them that they can not listen to good sense, control what they do, or take responsibility.

    If we tell children such things what will they become? Won't they walk in the way they were instructed or become the way they were molded?

    If we don't want children to get involved in sex before they marry,
    why would we teach them to do it?

    What are we telling them about how to live by being that kind of example to them? What do our actions suggest about ourselves?

    Are we not telling them that it's OK to treat others as trash and walk in contradiction or hypocrisy? Are we saying "It's OK to self-destruct."?

    Isn't this a poduct of how so much of society thinks today, that
    handing out condoms to very young children is the same as doing so to an adult because....to discriminate is evil...and being non-discriminatory makes one wise...and we can't tell if a thing is right or wrong, so everything must be right...because
    it's not correct to point out something that is wrong...because...we might offend somebody...and so we must fear man because...we didn't want God in school...because...?

    And besides, condoms don't cost anyone anything anyway right? The government will pay for them, and it's better to prevent pregnancies than pay for an abortion, though an abortion is cheaper than paying welfare...and besides, we don't know what the root of all this evil is anyway.

    I just hope the schools don't get too cold in the winter. One never knows to what ends evil will go to for a little warmth. How much more will everything that has value be devalued? I just don't know.

  3. It seems to me if a child should come home with a condom from school, that the child should come back to school with the parent and hand back the condom to the teacher and say something like,"This condom isn't for me. It has no worth for my life. God valued my life so much that he sent his only begotten Son, one Jesus by name..."

  4. Who the heck are these deviants that are trying to promote sexual activity among children, how in the heck did they get hired & why are they allowed to teach? Fire the whole damn school board.

  5. For many of us, nothing surprises us in Massachusetts anymore. I am really encouraged, though, by the outrage this has elicited - even many liberal parents think this has crossed the line. Praise God!

  6. Firing the school board is a decision for the local voters only and they weren't that upset with the policy.

    The firestorm came from outsiders interfering with local issues. Luckily, you have no say in the board's employment status.

  7. Fire the school board? Forget that, it still keeps these indoctrinators employed.

    The only way to battle this is to remove forced taxation for schools, and we can take our own money and pay tuition to the private school we choose for our kids.

    The progressives figured out how to make more of themselves through our education system, time to take that out of the equation.

    The only "socialism" I approve of through taxation pays for military, police and fire. The rest is up to us. Too bad there are so many bad parents out there.


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