Friday, June 25, 2010

R-71 - Would You Do It Again?

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Following the US Supreme ruling on R-71 names yesterday, I have been talking with many from the press, both locally and nationally.

A question that has been raised in several different ways is, "Would you do it again?"

Another related question goes something like this: "If the names are released to the public, will it have a chilling effect on people signing future petitions to repeal same-sex marriage in Washington State?"

I get what the press and a few others are saying.

First, we did not enter into the R-71 campaign lightly or without a great deal of prayer and discussion with leaders from various faith organizations and specifically with a number of elected officials who are also people of faith.

Obviously there were those who disagreed and voiced their opposition from the rooftop.

A number of state senators and state representatives not only agreed with R-71, but actively participated in the petition gathering.

Senators Dan Swecker, Val Stevens, Janea Holmquist, Pam Roach and others in the senate strongly supported the effort and spoke on the record in opposition to the "everything but marriage" bill.

Representative Matt Shea was part of the leadership team of R-71. Other representatives joined in active support.

In fact, Senator Dan Swecker told us privately, we must run R-71 and told his colleagues in the Senate prior to their vote, that "this will be our last opportunity to vote on same-sex marriage," urging them to reject the bill.

Those beliefs were reflected by a number of other elected leaders. They simply were not in the majority of the present Legislature. You can change that.

You will recall that Republican Senators Dale Brandland, Curtis King and Cheryl Pflug broke from their colleagues and voted in support of the homosexual agenda and against defending marriage.

Our involvement was a prayerful one.

Yes, I would do it again.

The opposition had many faces and yes, it hurt personally. It was not, however, about me or Larry Stickney or Matt Shea or Dan Swecker or Val Stevens or Pastors Roy and Valerie Hartwell and all the others who supported it. It was and is about a fundamental principle of standing in support of natural marriage, which is the cornerstone of every successful society.

Natural marriage is biblical and it is right. And it is essential to a sustainable and healthy culture.
With all of us, it was never about political posturing. It was about standing for righteousness.

There are few, if any, including the sponsors of the bill itself, who do not admit that "everything but marriage" was an incremental, perhaps the last incremental step to same-sex marriage in Washington State.

Yes, I will do it again, if necessary.

Will releasing the names of those who signed petitions have a chilling effect on people signing future petitions that oppose homosexual marriage?

I don't know. Each individual will be required to look into their own heart and make that decision should it be necessary.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and we will do so actively and boldly, speaking biblical principles and biblical truth into the culture at every opportunity.

Even if we were to be the proverbial "voice crying in the wilderness," we would continue. And I believe many others share that commitment.

At age 22, I stood at an altar in my home church in the Yakima Valley and promised God I would follow wherever He would lead me. Marjorie and I have been true to that to the best of our ability. That promise has taken us to ministering to kids in Seattle, Salem, Oregon and North Hollywood, California and serving as lead pastor to a couple of great churches. It has taken us to helping start and build over 140 Christian churches in countries from Kenya to Korea. It has led us to use television and radio and the entertainment industry to advance the Christian message.

We have been blessed and tried by fire.

There are Christian leaders who have said the battle for marriage is lost in Washington State---we must recognize that we are now post Christian.

I do not agree.

It does not seem that we need leaders who posture politically so much as we need Christians standing publicly for what is right--- for what is biblical, humbly praying for another great awakening and a spiritual, political and cultural restoration.

That can happen.

Thank you for standing with us.

Your friend and brother.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. YES--we are with you-we would and WILL do it again, as we must never stop speaking for our Lord's basic priciples, that of authentic marriages, and advocating strong familys, using God's guidlines, as He has set up for us! We must never 'give up', fight the fight for rightousness!It is just sad, the way the world, and our world in Washington state, is so caught up in 'polital corectness' that has gone amuck! Yes, God help us, and may we continue being his Instruments for HIs Rightousness!

  2. Gay marriage has no ill effect on traditional marriage. You have never demonstrated any harm to traditional marriage nor will you because there is none. You are simply trying to control other people's lives for your own personal reasons.

    You can only claim the sky is falling for so long before people realize that it's not. That is why support for your cause is shrinking, not growing.

  3. I had sent my thoughts already, but for some reason it did not go through!?
    I said that yes, I would do the peitions again, as it's important to keep standing up for God's principles, and what is more important that the fate of authentic families, via set up by our Lord? We must NEVER stop standing up for marriages, the authentic ones, that is! It's sad the world is getting duped into thinking that 'gay is ok'--it's a sad situation, and we will never give up, advocating God's way-one man-one women only
    Yes, we would do it again, and again, doing pititions standing up for God's priciples!

  4. Gary, thank you for your honest open words, they move me personbally. May God bless and be with you.

    A pastor

  5. Allowing gay marriage just opens the door to other immoral practices to becoming "normal" down the road. "Would I do it again"? Of course. However, making the names of those that signed the petition public is ridiculous. Why not make the names of the voters also public. I believe the petition signers have the right to their privacy.

  6. I am emboldened. I am not shrinking! No one I know is walking away! Truth is the answer to everything and the key to freedom. Truth is found in the Creator God, Jehovah. Testing builds strength and fire removes the dross. Glory be to God who knows what is going on and is the victor through it all. May He be glorified more and more.

    Kent, WA

  7. yes, petitions should be like our laws concerning our voteing--it should be a right and protected!

  8. Signing petitions is the same as voting. Should voting be made public. I know this is an issue with unions wanting to know how their members vote. Is this where we are going?

  9. Petitions on tax issues are different than those on controversial issues such as same sex marriage and abortion. I'm glad they are going to look at this on an individual basis.

  10. I think Rob McKenna has lost my vote forever. Reed never had mine.

  11. McKenna will be fine. The gays will get on board with him now.

  12. Thank you for your work Gary. I would do it again and I think this is an excellent challenge for us, because nobody should ever be ashamed or afraid in the USA to speak their mind - especially when there is no logical reason to equate 2 men with husband and wife.

    We must not let homosexualist activists intimidate us. We must learn to love the liberal activist who is screaming at us and calling us names or passive-agressively persecuting us or whatever, and we have to let our strength be in the Lord. I know you know this. Most of all, all of our Christian people must understand that there is nothing nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of for saying that the union of a husband and wife is something special that no 2 men can duplicate, nor 2 women.

    We should show respect to homosexual people, and we do. But we must, like a good parent, also recognize situations where we are being manipulated, such as when somebody finds out we disagree with them and their response is "you hate me". This is the response of a 5-year-old child, but I am trying to learn to be patient with such people and to fully expect that they will not understand, and despite this to still remain confident in my own beliefs and not be afraid to share a simple common sense view of what marriage is, a unique union of husband and wife.

    Let's start with our own selves and our own churches, to build ourselves up in the truth and learn to share that truth with the many many confused people in the pews of our own churches, who have understandably become confused and lied to by the culture in our state. Let's help them see that you cannot love others if you lie to them about what is good for the human person, male and female, and pleasing to God and what is not. Homosexual sex acts are not a good thing - there is nothing good about them even from the standpoint of observable physical reality, and nobody should be forced by law to say otherwise. Anybody who doesn't see that that is what these homosexual laws do is just wrong. Permitting an evil thing such as homosexual sex acts is one thing. People today are free to live as they please because we know many men and women stubbornly insist on making self-destructive choices. But publicly declaring an evil thing such as homosexual sex acts to be a "right" when they are wrong and self-destructive imposes obligations on everybody to either deny their beliefs or at least pressures them to remain silent and tacitly recognize and approve of homosexual sex acts, however implicitly, but more and more explicitly as time goes on and the legal and logical implications of such laws are played out in the courts and in the culture.

    Thank you for allowing me this outlet Gary - God bless you.

  13. I would sign a petition again, I don't care if my name is posted. The only thing that I don't like is my address being posted for the world to see. I understand it is needed to verify my signature but, to me, where I live is private and not for public disclosure. That is why my address is not listed in the phone book.

    I have looked at the public comments posted on the articles that report the loss at the supreme court. They are hateful and full of vengeance. It is scary that there is so much hate written against people (Christians and non-Christians) who signed the petition.

  14. I'd sign it again in a heartbeat. I'd also vote as I did again, in favor of the domestic partnership law. Because as much as I dread where it can lead, in and of itself I considered it a fair law.

    My purpose in signing was to give the figurative bird to the gay brownshirts who promised retaliation. I loathe bullies.

  15. You ask: "Will releasing the names of those who signed petitions have a chilling effect on people signing future petitions that oppose homosexual marriage?"

    Your answer: "I don't know."

    Really?? Didn't you just spend a ton of time and taxpayer money to convince the courts that the answer to this question is YES? No wonder even Scalia didn't side with you.

    Reminds me of the federal Proposition 8 case making its way through the courts right now. During the trial, the judge asked the anti-gay marriage lawyer what harm same-sex couples marrying would do to marriage. His answer: "My answer is, I don't know. I don't know."

    Really? After they spent millions on Prop 8 to propogate the message that gay marriage harms marriage, the lead lawyer in the biggest case to date does not know what harm gay marriage will do?

    When you don't even believe your own rhetoric, you know your case is falling apart.

  16. Thank you for your strong stand for righteousness. If we believe God's word, we need to stand and be counted. Thank you for leading the charge and thank God for giving us courage and grace to do what is right. I would sign again

  17. Reed and McKenna are flying high and sounding cockey. Maybe the next ruling will not be what they think. I pray so. Thanks for all your work and leadership.

  18. When I read of signers talking of how troubles build character and how trials make one better, I get inspired.

    Why is it that when I hear a judge say the same things, when he is supposed to protect our rights and freedom, that I am not so inspired?

    Isn't it because we all have a place?

    When people come back to loving righteousness, they come back to what first drew them to Jesus.

    The gay agenda harms whatever it comes near. It can do no good whatsoever. If gay people do good it's for some other reason.

  19. There's something more important than whether or not gays get marriage licenses, or if homosexuality is taught in public school systems as if it is natural, normal, or good, or if abortions continue at an alarming rate, or if taxpayers foot the bill for everything contrary to the Bible that the politicians may imagine to do, or if they spend more than an economy can produce and destroy a nation, or if pornography is the major enterprise in America and puts more and more souls into bondage they don't know how to get out of, or if due to the iniquities that abound more and more that murders and other crimes become so much greater than the ability of police or courts to control, or if even worse things than we can imagine begin to happen as the souls of men deteriorate into the very character of the devil himself, or even if the majority of the population of the earth decides to go to hell and not turn around before it's too late.

    What's more important than all of that, is that the church of Christ continue to warn them, tell them that the way they go is wrong, and share the good news of Jesus who legaly took the power of sin and death upon himself so that those who come to God by him to be saved from their sins might have eternal life in him, and never quit.

  20. I did not sign the petition the first time, but considering the way the homosexual lobby conducted themselves with this issue I would now.

    I have noticed where ever the liberal homosexual concept of equality is realized, those ares are the most intolerant and hostile to traditional religious beliefs .

    Ask how a homosexual couple can hurt a marriage , it can not , but from the comments here and homosexual intolerance it appears it effects the culture. Negatively if you believe in God or not , traditional beliefs or not , concerned about morality or not.

    I would not expect a winning ballot on the side of traditional marriage, the cultural leanings have changed . I do not believe it hurts as much as the supporters here believe, but the hatred that is seeping in our culture is prevalent in the political fights, cultural differences seen that have nothing to do with this subject. No one wins , I guess the homosexual rights person does, just does not seem like they are happy people.

  21. 2:02pm
    If you are expecting big smiles from a group of people while you work to strip their civil rights, you are living far from reality.


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