Friday, June 04, 2010

US District Judge and the Power of the Cross

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US District Judge Janet C Hall ruled on Memorial Day, that two public high schools could not hold their 2010 graduations inside a local church.

Yes, the ACLU filed the lawsuit.

It's interesting how Judge Janet came to her conclusion that it would be an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

Before making the decision, she visited the church in Bloomfield, Conn.

She reported that those attending the graduation ceremonies would encounter, among other things, the following:

1. A large cross on the roof of the church.

2. A large central cross at the main entrance.

3. A large cross behind the stage.

"Therefore," the judge concluded, "by requiring a graduating senior ---or a parent of one---to enter First Cathedral Church in order to be able to participate in his or her graduation---or to watch their child graduate---Enfield Public Schools has coerced plaintiffs to support religion."

This decision is being appealed.

What do you think? Did the judge make the right decision? Post your thoughts.

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  1. Just how would this be endorsing or supporting religion? People can see crosses everywhere and yet they are not "coerced" by them ...

    This is just another step in the progressive movement's plan to remove religion, and specifically Christianity, from the public square.

  2. There is only one hospital in my city. It was founded by a religious organization and bears a Christian name. There are displays of a cross throughout the facility. I'm having elective surgery. I don't want to become a Christian. Will entering the hospital cause me to become one? Should I sue the city for not providing a secular hospital?
    Please help me.

  3. The left needs to get their act together. Their agenda is falling apart because there is no substance to it. While believers hold to a higher power, and believe in the spirit of man, non believers seem to be mindless drones who just follow. Naturally they are intimidated and humbled by the power of God, and anything that might represent God. That's the lesson Christians learned long ago. Of course there are the politicians who will don the cloak of faith, like liberals donned conservative clothes after Bush crushed Kerry. Even Nancy Pelosi (ms pro choice) is now pontificating "the Word", that "walked amongst us." The left will employ any trick in the books for a vote, or to hold power, and from what I see it is the consistent, steadfast, strong, faith of the Christian right that is the immovable barrier. The harder the left pushes the strong the rock holds.

  4. 9-29 Your family will also become Christians as a result of visiting you during your recovery.

  5. On June 3rd the school board actually decided to drop the appeal.

  6. Is this judge saying that by attending a graduation ceremony where there is no cross, that the
    students are being coersed to abandon the message of Christ, or is this a judge that wants everything their way?

    The message of the cross delivers us from self righteousness.

  7. With all due respect, just because a mouse is in the cookie jar, doesn't make him a cookie....anymore than visiting an institution forces you to adhere to their tenants. Forcing one's faith on another does not honor liberty or individuality. The God who raises the dead to life must be invited in to one's heart. The cross is an simply an invitation that you can choose to accept or decline.

  8. I'll bet they wouldn't have a problem if the local Masonic Temple was available or the Lion's Club auditorium. They all have agendas that they push. What is the difference. Stupid logic. What is amazing to me is that they say they are appealing to logic but the most elementary laws of logical argument applied here and it falls apart. Sheesh! Just plain stupid - dictionary definition.

  9. I was just out in my garage. Am I now a car? Can we pass legislation that would clear this up?

  10. Pelosi was telling her priests what to preach from their pulpits. Isn't that establishment of religion? Is the ACLU going to sue her?

  11. "I was just out in my garage. Am I now a car?"

    Glad to see some readers here have finally caught on to the fallacy of so-called "ex-gays" and their marriages.

  12. I'm a Catholic. I recently attended a wedding in a protestant church. Am I a protestant now. Do I need counseling? If I changed, I wasn't aware of it. Would a person know if they changed while in the building? Was the protestant church coercing me without my knowledge?

  13. Thank God for the ACLU! Why should the school district be supporting this mega church by renting their facilities when there are non-religious alternatives.

  14. I'm confounded that Christians on this site are arguing that holding a ceremony under a cross in a church does NOT imbue the ceremony with religious meaning. Really?

    In arguing your point, you diminish the power of the institution you say you hold so dear. If the location does not hold powerful religious meaning, then I suppose a law banning Chrisitan marriages in churches would be OK? Of course not!

    For a public school to ask all students to accept their diplomas under the cross imbues the event -- like any other event in the same location -- with Christian meaning. Why is that OK?

    Comparisons to hospitals are not valid because hospitals are not government / public institutions. And you have the choice of which hospital you go to, yes, even if it's the only one in your town.

    Also, comparisons to secular locations are not valid either: A graduation in a gymnasium is no more a denunciation of God than it is a denunciation of the Muslim faith. Choosing to skip dinner doesn't mean you hate sushi.

    Despite what many Christians think, ensuring that the government endorses NO specific religion is actually why religion flourishes in this country. As soon as we allow our government to endorse any one religion over another, then all of us risk living under the value system of a religion we do not follow, with the force of governmental law behind it. Power changes hands.

    I understand that Christians -- including many of the readers of this site -- believe the separation of church and state to be a fallacy, and they believe our laws should be based on Christian values. That might feel OK to Christians on the surface, but WHOSE Christian values are we talking about: Yours? Gary's? Ted Haggards? Bill O'Reilly's? Obama's?

    Do we really want to battle for religious control of our government so we can have the force of law behind our values? Do we really want to risk a power change that puts us under governmental control of a different religion, or even a variation of our own religion which we do not subscribe to?

    Or is it better that the government ensures our individual religious freedoms by guaranteeing it won't use the force of law to force us to follow any other religion?


  15. Folks, please work on your reading skills. The judge didn't say it would make anyone to convert, rather it would 'coerce them to support religion.

    Apparently, you folks think it's a non-issue so apparently you'd be ok with it if your school scheduled graduation in a mosque.

  16. You can thank Lucifer for the ACLU, God had nothing to do with it. The judge should be fired and then tried for treason.

  17. The ACLU sue Pelosi? HAHAHAHAHAHA.
    When pigs fly! The church has every right to rent their facilities to whomever they want &
    the school has the right to rent them if they want. Whatever happened to equal rights, oh that's only when their liberal rights. Liberal rights? isn't that an oxymoron

  18. so I guess you would allow your children to have their graduation in a mosque. Or what if they decided to hold it in a gay community center? People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

  19. I wonder how much education it takes for a judge to say in effect, "A school can decide for itself if it wants to hold it's graduation ceremony in a place with or without a cross. It should have some kind of democratic process to decide that which is of itself, for itself, and by itself."

  20. The cross Jesus bore...Was it a sin against anybody? Why should a judge be against it? The student body should decide for itself where to hold their meetings and what they should allow in it,as long as it's not contrary to the will of God.

    I don't know why such a thing should even get to a judge. I should think the judge wouldn't even hear it.

  21. To begin with-the Judges' decision is a direct violation of the "Federal Equal Access Law"- Also , one of our founders clearly stated that -"The Bible is the Rock upon which our Republic Rests"-President Andrew Jackson--Then,-It wasn't until the Everson Case in 1947 that the Courts ruled -"That the Establishment Clause of Our 1st Amendment on Seperation of Church and State " is now defined as to Attack the Church in America- That instead of "Common Laws" -based upon scriptures-Now we have Judgeocracies like this making decisions for the Secular -Special Interests Groups/Revisionist Socialists in Courts that have Over-Stepped Their Authority--Instead of -"We The People " making the Decisions through our Legislatures ??This form of "Statuatory Laws " passed by Judges who are committing -"Hate-Crimes Against Christianity" is All the more reason for a" 3RD Great Awakening "and By Our Constitutional Rights -WE have the Right to Address these Issues in whatever manner we see fit as a Free People--Even by a Revolution !! I ask that ALL People reading this read--2 Chronicles Chapter 7 Verse 14--The Judgement of God will First Fall upon the Churches of America-We once had 3 Legs to the Stool America rested upon--(The Northwest Ordinance of 1789)-- Religion--Morality--and Knowledge(Education)--Where are they Today ??--ALL of our schools and Colleges were Once Christian-as was Most of Our Leaders--95 % of the Writers/Signers of our Constitution & Bill of Rights were "Christians"-What kind of "Garbage" is running our country Today ? --"Any Person trying to Remove Religion or Morality-The Pillars of Our Government- is NOT a Patriot"--President George Washington---It is Evident that this Judge and Many of Our Leaders Today are NOT Patriots !!----G. Ruth--Seattle(Little Sodom) , Washington

  22. What have Americans Become ?--Look up the Word --" IMBRUE "--For most Christian Churches which Ironically wear the Label of Christian--with your False Tongues, False Healings, Rock Music, Perverted Bibles, Women Preachers, and Other False Doctrines to Please the People and to build Mega-Churches is Not Scriptural--WE need to Clean House From Within --Then Clean House in America--To Do Less is Hypocritical as True Christians--Look- Up Matthew Chapter 28 Verses 19-20--How many of these" Mega- Churches" Follow this Command of God ??---My Personal Verse is Joshua Ch 1 Verses 8-9 --G. Ruth--Renton

  23. Our Founding Fathers wanted "Seperation of Church and State" to Keep the Government from Making a "State Church" as Massachusetts wanted to Declare the "Church of England" as the State Church and Repeat the Very Problem that had happened throughout Europe--Why Our Founding Fathers Escaped to Religious Freedoms/Liberties in America-And the Secular Revisionists-Reversing 180 Degrees the Very Meaning of " Seperation of Church and State" in the 1947 Everson U.S. Supreme Court Case has been used to Attack Christianity in America Since !! --We need a Revival or a Revolution in America or Just let the Secular Socialists like Obama and Pelosi take - over America--A Once Shining City on a Hill--Now a Sewer Slum in a Gully.

  24. Glen ruth,

    You've completely misrepresented the Federal Equal Access Act. It applies to STUDENT LED groups and clubs that wish to use SCHOOL RESOURCES, not to School Administrations deciding to hold student activities in religious locations.

    Given that your very first statement is 180 degrees from the truth, I don't see the point in wading through the rest of your incoherent drivel.

  25. Why were they having the graduation in a church in the first place?

    Was the pastor of the church speaking?

    There is no problem with having the graduation in the church as long as the speeches are graduation speeches and not religious sermons by the pastor.

    I wonder if you would be so outraged if this graduation was held in a J W Kingdom Hall , a LDS stake center , Jewish synagogue
    or a Mosque.


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