Friday, July 16, 2010

Assault on Children and Family Continues in Public Education

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This time it's in Montana.

The Helena school district is proposing, and it appears the school board has the votes to approve, a new comprehensive sex-ed curriculum that will teach children about same-sex intercourse.

Kindergartners will learn proper names of sexual body parts, first graders will be taught that sexual relations can happen between two men and two women and fifth graders will be taught the various ways people can have intercourse.

Having been in contact with families in Helena who read Faith and Freedom's publications and are involved in this matter, I can tell you there has been an honest attempt to persuade the school board to withdraw this plan. It does not appear that is going to happen. Things are now boiling over in the area.

The superintendent and supporting board members are doing what they always do in these cases. They try to appease and mislead parents who oppose their actions.

They are telling the parents to calm down, that if they do not agree with the new curriculum they can simply "opt-out" their child.

The problem, as
Jeff Laszloffy, president of Montana Family Foundation points out, is that the proposed sex-ed program is both systemic and comprehensive. It will be infused into every part of the curriculum from K through 12.

Those who strongly oppose this assault say the school wants to indoctrinate rather than educate.
Indeed they do.

President Obama's so-called "Safe School" Czar, Kevin Jennings, and others like him, have worked tirelessly for more than two decades to bring a radical homosexual agenda to this place in your child's classroom.

Jennings, a homosexual activist, founded the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) back in 1990 and continued to lead the organization until shortly before Obama appointed him "Safe School Czar." GLSEN is credited with most of the success in advancing the homosexual agenda in public education.

Among the many occasions where Jennings has stood against family values and traditional beliefs, the one he himself has written about regarding his attitude toward God is most stunning.

has said that a deep seated hatred of God and religious believers began when he fully embraced the homosexual lifestyle and bid God farewell with these words: "Screw you, buddy."

He is our President's choice to keep your school "safe".

This is why we work hard to advance Judeo-Christian values and principles in our culture and work to help elect leaders who will support and honor those values.

Thank you for
your financial support which allows us to continue in this battle.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. I saw the title and thought to myself, "Finally, Gary is addressing the the brutal beating of a student at Mt Si High School for standing up for friend, who was harassed because others suspected him of being gay, and the complete failure of the school administration to properly deal with the situation - resulting in a federal investigation!"

    Then I read and realized how foolish that was. The "assault" in the title is not a physical assault like those endured regularly by students suspected of being gay in our public education system. Oh no the "assault" spoken of is merely hysterics over medically accurate sex-education. Of course with a gratuitous attack on Kevin Jennings, who has done more to protect students from actual assaults than anti-gay activists could ever dream of. They instead choose to encourage assaults with their dishonest attacks against LGBT people.

  2. Stay strong Gary. Your stand strenghtens our stand. Your resistance to evil strenghtens our resistance to evil. God bless you.

  3. anon. 11:46
    The Seattle Times, who is very supportive of the gay agenda, is reporting the incident differently than you are presenting it. They say,"The state and federal officials are looking into whether students' rights were violated." They also reported that ,"The sixteen year old student[who beat up on the kid] did not know the victim or his friend and was not involved in previous taunting of the friend." June 26-Seattle times.
    Maybe your comments say more about you and others like you than it does about Gary not commenting on a fight in a local high school.

  4. @12:30

    Wrong! The Seattle Times is reporting the incident EXACTLY as I presented it. From the 6/26/2010 story in the Times:
    "The 14-year-old beating victim said he was standing up for a friend who had been taunted for seeming gay. "

    Care to explain just how that differs from my presentation of "the brutal beating of a student at Mt Si High School for standing up for friend, who was harassed because others suspected him of being gay"?

    I made no claims as to the students relationships with each other or weather the assailant was also the harasser.

    Seems to me your misreading of an article to try and lesson a brutal attack on a high school student (the victim lost two teeth, had a broken eye socket and a concussion - and the school administration failed to get him medical care), say far more about you and your ilk than my accurate depiction of event says about me. Seems you are willing to clutch at any straw, even seeing things that aren't there to assuage your guilty conscience over the all too predictable results of the dehumanizing anti-gay rhetoric spewed by those you support.

  5. You say they are "investigating" the Times says they are "looking into it to see if..."

    The story does not link the victim to the kid who beat up on him. They say he didn't know him or the person he was defending. What if the fight was unrelated to the gay issue? That's why the state is looking into it.
    I have children, I don't believe any kid for any reason should be allowed to bully or assault another kid at school or anywhere else.
    I'm talking about the kid's motive for assaulting the other kid.

  6. So your entire beef is with "investigating" vs "looking into"? Give me a break. Like I said you are searching for any straw to minimize a brutal attack on a student and the poor handling of the aftermath of said attack by the administration.

    The FACTS I presented are not in dispute. All parties involved agree that:
    1. The assaulted student's friend was subject to anti-gay harassment.
    2. The assaulted student stepped up to object to said harassment.
    3. The assailant brutally attacked the victim immediately upon him standing up for the victim of anti-gay harassment.

    I have made to assumptions about the motive of the assailant. Unlike you, I am not making excuses for him, but then I am not struggling to absolve that anti-gay attitudes ("the gay issue") at Mt Si.

  7. Can we somehow distinguish "anonymous" from "anonymous"? Anyone out there have a nom de plume???

  8. The only things I can think of that children should be taught about sex in the public school system is about one man and one woman marriage and how sex is to be only within that context in order to maintain one's self against the onslaught of corruption in any given society,
    and maybe some education in social diseases which can be transferred through sexual contact.
    Maybe they could also mention that there are means of birth control that married couples may decide on, and they may either learn something about that from their parents or physician if their conscience and practice of their religious beliefs allows them that option in family planning.

    Other than those things, what else
    should a public education system be responsible to teach them?

    If they have done that much, it seems to me that they have done their share of whatever responsibility they should have, and maybe have even done more than what should be required of them as educators.

  9. Satan is after the innocent, the children, and whoever he can take to hell with him. It's up to the parents to save their children.

    May God continue to rasie up the parents, pastors, and whoever else he will to stop the insanity
    that we hear about that seeks to corrupt, destroy, and kill all forms of righteousness.

    If any man has given up his love for righteousness, will he be able to return to Christ? Not unless he gets it back, it seems to me, and only by the grace of God.


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