Friday, July 02, 2010

Independence Day

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This Sunday we will celebrate Independence Day---the 4th of July.

Leo Strauss wrote that America became the only country in history founded, "in explicit opposition to Machiavellian principles"---which simply means the Founders and citizens of the colonies rejected the crass, imposing power politics of the King of England.

For 234 years, their beliefs and understanding of basic natural principles has served to allow America to become the greatest nation in the history of the world.


The American concept was essentially founded on three principles or core beliefs.

1. "...all men are created equal"

The Founders knew we were not all literally equal, each is born with different capabilities and attributes---to different stations in life. We are, however, created equal in the sense that all men and women have the same "natural" rights, granted to them by God.

Our freedom and independence is first and foremost predicated on the recognition of God and His existence.

2. "...endowed by their creator"

They not only acknowledged God, they recognized Him as Creator.

The core principle of the Declaration of Independence and the principle of natural rights upon which America was founded is that there is a higher moral order upon which the laws of man must be based.

The "authority" of "the Laws of Nature and Nature's God" referred to the Will of God as displayed by the natural order of the world.

The Founders believed power comes from God and is loaned to government.

The Declaration says, "That to secure these rights governments are instructed among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

3. "...the pursuit of happiness"

The Declaration does not say that we have a "right" to be happy.

It says we have the right to Pursue happiness.

And what did "happiness" mean to those who penned the Declaration?

The idea of "happiness" at the time was most closely associated with the idea of pursuing "wisdom and virtue."

It was not, in their minds, the unrestrained self indulgence that many associate with happiness today.

The Founders understood that government could not give people "happiness".

The concept of "pursuing happiness" or pursuing your dreams has attracted people from all over the world---from Asia to Europe to Africa, and yes, Mexico, people continue to come.

While the "enemy within" seems to hate America and seeks to "remake" it, America remains a magnate. People keep coming to America.

Take a moment this weekend and thank God for America--it's past, it's present and it's future under God.

I have drawn from a column written by Newt Gingrich for my comments above. I recommend you read it.

Also, if you can take a moment between picnics, parades, fireworks and barbecue this weekend, why not consider actually reading the text of the Declaration of Independence? Read it to your kids or grand kids.

It really only takes a couple of minutes. Reading it will cause you to more closely identify with our Founders as we face the challenges of our present day America.

God bless you and this great country called America.

Be Vigilant. Be Free. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Hi, just stopping by to point out that it's been four years and a month since you tried your first petition drive to discriminate against gays and lesbians and failed! It's been less than a year since you tried it again, and failed!

    God's will has been done. :)

  2. Great warning. I also consider the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit a problem. While not as radical as Jim Wallis, take a look at these speakers: Bill Hybels, Jim Collins, T.D. Jakes, Jack Welch, Andy Stanley, Christine Caine, Tony Dungy, Zhao Xiao, Ph. D., Blake Mycoskie, Terri Kelly, Daniel H. Pink, Adam Hamilton, Jeff Manion. Do these look like speakers that will point to Jesus Christ? Any church that hosts this is not one I want to attend.

  3. @Anonymous (posted on July 05th).

    You seem to be mistaken on what God's will is. His will is clearly stated in His word, Bible, and what He wants is for every living person to be saved from the upcoming judgment. The only way to do that is not through the majority of good deeds, or some good intentions, or through committing one’s life to give freedom to people including homosexuals to do everything that they desire (not every human’s desire is good), but first and foremost through believing in Jesus Christ as a God's Son and your savior, who was punished for your sins instead of you. And then you need to promise God that you will not sin at will anymore and work on not sinning even on the "unconscious" level.

    But for people, who still rebel against God, and think that He is a joke, and will honor the creation above the Creator, there's a place in the Book of Romans in the 1st chapter that says that He will allow those people to do what they want, so they will sin against themselves and will get deserved punishments in their own bodies even while they are still alive. And one of the things that these people would do is "indulge" in homosexuality. Read that place in Bible, so you can check for yourself, and then think about what you know in the natural world that you know, and if there are any increased special medical risks involved in the homosexual behavior. And then make your choice.

    As for another of God's wills, it's been foretold that in the Biblical "Last Times" - times before the last judgment - we will see an increase in the lawlessness and sins. So the failure to stop legitimizing self-destructing sinful behavior (even if it seems pleasurable to some at the moments) is another reason to say, "Yes, God's will is being done". But it's the other part of His plan, and the people celebrating sin unfortunately for them are on the "wrong" side of it. Yet, everybody can change their ways while they still have time in this life.

    God loves you. :)

  4. It is God's will that his children be perfected through sufferings when evils prevail.

    Yes, God's will is being done. He will continue to do more to show that his way is right and that it is contrary to the gay agenda and that there is no wrong in Jesus.

    There are no gays for Jesus in heaven. They will either be for him or against him. They will either live in his presence, clothed in his righteousness, having thrown off the things of the flesh for a new garment, or they will be taken from his presence. They will either be kept by his mighty hand, or be rejected because they refused him.
    There will be none in heaven who hold on to corruption, sin, or anything wrong. Heaven is the home of Jesus. He knows how to keep his house in order.

  5. If gays think they have it so bad here, maybe they need to relocate to Iran where there "are no gays". We Christians tolerate gays much better than some other countries, that's why many gays have flocked to the United States from all over the world to push their agenda. To some the word tolerance is a way of life, to others it's a weapon used to manipulate.


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