Thursday, August 26, 2010

President Obama: America A Nation Of "Non Believers"

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Much has been said lately about what President Obama really believes. Is he a Christian? Is he a Muslim? The media is becoming aroused and has begun a parade of defense as they have become vicariously threatened by the growing number of people who believe he is a Muslim.

NEWSWEEK has published a feature article titled, "America The Ignorant" which gives a list, including the belief that Obama is a Muslim, of "odd ball" and "ignorant" things unwashed Americans believe. Their tone and their text is offensive and condescending.

It is Terrance Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief at
CNS NEWS that is asking what I feel may be an even more important and revealing question: "Why does Obama tell Muslims America is a nation of 'non-believers'?"

What is the President thinking? He has virtually created a mantra in continuing to say that "Americans are, among other things, 'non-believers'?

Does he not know the stats? Or are there other motives?

In his inaugural address Obama said, "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers."

A few weeks later in his first public media interview, he told Al Arabiya television network, "So what I want to communicate is the fact that in all my travels throughout the Muslim world, what I have come to understand is that regardless of your faith---and America is a country of Muslims, Jews, Christians and non-believers--- "

On November 7, 2009, 4 days before Veterans Day and 2 days after the US Army psychiatrist and radical terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan murdered 12 US troops and 1 civilian, and wounded 29 others at Fort Hood, President Obama, while ordering the flags to be flown at half staff said, "Veteran's Day is our chance to honor those Americans who've served on battlefields from Lexington to Antietam ...They are Americans of every race, faith and station. They are Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers."

On August 13---this month, while hosting a dinner to celebrate the beginning of Ramadan, while telling his primarily Muslim guests that he supported the building of the Mosque near Ground Zero he said, "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers."

Why is he compelled---driven, to imply that America is a nation of non-believers much like we are a nation of Muslims---a nation of Jews--- and, oh yes, a nation of Christians.

He surely knows the facts, doesn't he?

Here are the facts:

The Census Bureau does not ask Americans their denomination, however, they rely on the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) to estimate the nation's religious demographics. Here's what they found in their last survey in 2008:

* 76% say they are Christians.
* 1.2% say they are Jews
* 0.6% say they are Muslims
* 0.9% say they are agnostic
* 0.7% say they are atheists

So 0.7% are essentially driving the crusade to remove God from every vestige of public expression and causing The President of the United States to elevate their population equivalency to that of Christians and Jews.

The press regularly gives atheists population equivalency with Christians when atheists buy their anti-God billboards etc., but the President of the United States?

He says he is "reaching out" to the Muslim world---building bridges, but his words would seem to validate what the Muslims already believe about America. That we are infidels and should be killed. How does that build bridges?

It doesn't.

A recent Pew Research Center poll found that the favorability rating in Muslim countries of Obama's policies are as low as his predecessor's, George W. Bush.

And that
Arabs and Muslims are saying that Obama is "all talk."

We can speculate on his faith. Is he or isn't he? But his words seem rather clear and reveal a different question.

Is he purposefully trying to diminish America's standing in the Muslim world? Did he hear too many sermons from Rev. Wright? Is he really that inept? Has someone not given him the census count?

Jeffrey concludes that whatever his motive, "His words---on their face---seek to diminish God's standing in America."

This is troubling. Thomas Jefferson found this kind of thinking troubling as well. He wrote of our God given rights in the Declaration and later in his "Notes On The State Of Virginia"-- "And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath."

Indeed. We have lost our way. We are violating the basis of our liberties. God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. I love the verbal contortions you employ to rev up your readers... Oh my, Obama says we're a "nation of non-believers!!!!" But, thankfully, you provide the quotes and we see that we are a nation of Christians, Jews, etc. AND non-believers. Two very different things. Most English speakers can grasp the difference.

    Then you fault him for even mentioning non-believers in his speeches because they make up only 0.7 percent of the population according to your dubious statistics. OK, fine, let's pretend the stats are accurate... So what? How much of a percentage does a population have to achieve in order to warrant a mention in a presidential speech? Should we even mention the Jews? Afterall, 1.2% ain't much.

    Should we be even more enraged if Obama mentioned blind people (0.08% of the US population). Should we even pass laws to help the blind? Or can we disregard them because they are so few?

    I guess that's the difference between Obama and Gary. Obama is attempting to include everyone in this great country. Gary wants to reserve it solely for people like him.

    PS I can't help but point out another faulty leap of logic. Gary assumes that only atheists support the separation of church and state (which is what I assume Gary is alluding to when he says "remove every vestige..."). On the contrary, many if not most believers of all religious faiths understand the separation of church and state protects their religious freedom by keeping the government out of it. It was designed by our founding fathers to protect the individual's right to practice any religion of his/her choice.

  2. So Gary has his knickers in a bunch because Obama mentions the fact that non-believers (a term that could be read to encompass more than just self-identified "atheists"). Again the veil slips and we see the hatred against those, who do not share his narrow views from Gary Randall.

  3. I belong to the LDS church, Mormon.
    If asked me if I am a Christian I would say yes
    I am a Cristian. If you asked a Baptist is
    RALPHINEVERETT a Christian he would
    say ,"no !" The LDS ,Mormon church, is a non Christian cult. If Obama says he is a Christian
    then he is a Christian.

  4. with repect to the above 12:41 i don't see gary assuming that only atheists support the seperation of church and state. he says at most they are driving most of the attempt to remove god from public life. after reading your comments, i think you should be the last to accuse anyone of verbal contortions.

  5. How can Obama claim to be a Christian and deny that there are many ways to God and that Jesus is not the only way? Jesus himself said in the book of John that no one can come to the Father except through him. How does that work. You are a follower of Christ, but you don't believe what he says.

  6. So what it looks like to me is that .06% of Americans will see a building set on ground zero that may become known as a statement of some kind of victory, superiority, power, or favor, over the other people of this nation, by their religion.

    But that's not in accord to the purpose of our constitution. It just doesn't fit it very well.

    Some Christians don't want any kind of religious building built on that property because so many lost their lives there.

    It was the place of so much blood-shed that some Christians would not even want a church building of their own denomination to be built there.

  7. Isn't the authorization of the building of a Mosque on ground zero a violation of public trust?

    It seems to me that we should ask ourselves if such a decision
    encourages the public trust that our government is making sound decisions for our peace of mind and values of justice based on our constitution.

    Is such a decison fair to all the people?

  8. I wonder if authorization given for a large Christian
    church building to be built on ground zero would be seen by the nation as some type of respite or reprieve.

  9. 12:18pm

    It's a local zoning issue. The residents of that area elected the officials making the decision. That's how it works in a representative democracy. If you are uncomfortable with their decision, then you have the right to move to NY so that you can vote in their elections.

  10. This is the most idiotic and dishonest article I've seen in some time. Why must the religious lie so blatantly to justify their Bronze Age nonsense?

  11. Those statistics are laughable wrong, the number of both agnostics and atheists are more than 10 times that.


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