Friday, August 06, 2010

R-71 Names Go Back to Court

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I know its been a long and winding road since we first filed to seal the names of those who signed the R-71 petitions. The reason we have been persistent in the matter is because we don't want the long and winding road to lead to the doors of those who signed the petitions.

Many of you have told me through email, etc., that you really don't care if they have your name or not. I understand that, otherwise I would have stayed in the shadows as some did.

However, there are those who have a specific and legitimate concern. One example is a case where a mother who helped gather signatures was called and a death threat was made against her. Her young son took the call. You can imagine how that traumatized a young boy. He is still dealing with it. There is more to the story. I'll share it at a later time.

There are college students who, along with their families, are concerned that one of their gay activist professors who are outspoken in the classroom will see their name on the list and they will face some kind of recrimination.

US District Court Judge Benjamin Settle, who originally blocked the release of the R-71 names last fall, will revisit the case.

He has set a conference to see how he will proceed for next Wednesday, August 11th.

Although his ruling was overturned by both the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, the Court left open the possibility of a narrower challenge to the release of names on a specific petition, such as R-71.

This will be our "as-applied" challenge. We are now asking for the names of only R-71 to remain sealed, as opposed to our earlier, broader challenge.

The R-71 names have remained sealed for nearly a year, however, there are still a number of homosexual activist groups with requests for the names pending.

Some in the faith community have criticized our continued efforts on this issue, we feel, however, it is a worthy effort and will exhaust all opportunities to protect those who should have the right to participate in the democratic process without fear of harassment or bullying.

I spoke with our lead attorney, James Bopp, Jr., yesterday afternoon. He feels confident that by asking the Court to seal only the R-71 names, we have a good chance of prevailing.

We will keep you undated. Have a great weekend.

Thank you for your support of this ministry. We are able to continue because you stand with us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. I appreciate your diligence. Although I do not fear what man can do to me, I believe our form of government protects everyone from fear of harassment and the ruling should support that. Thank you Gary.

  2. I am not fearful at all about signing the r-71 petition, but I know people who are concerned because they signed it. Older people feel vulnerable and I know some who were gathering signatures who were verbally actacked by people who said they were gay. The history of gay activists in California and other places makes it pretty clear that they are capable of inflicting personal harm and property damage. God bless you Gary.We support you.

  3. You should not have done the referendum in the first place. People in Washington want equality in marriage. I agree with the pastor who oppossed you.

  4. It is baffing how some Christians feel they have to 'compromise' with God's word, to be 'Politcal correct' concering these moral issues of marriage, and the abortion issues. IN the Bible that God has given us , it's stated quite firmly about these issues! To read of how some churches 'brag' about being 'tolerent', is soo sad. How can we as as believers in our God, ignore some commands, and choose to join the worldy ways that is contray to God's word? As have been said so many times, God says it, so I believe it! Yes, it's hard to be labled as a 'hate' person, as we stand up for God's priciples, but, at the same time, we need to be praying for those that feel they are doing right by being 'politcal correct'and being 'duped' with these issues! We must stay the course and keep God's ways on the forfront of our personal lives, no matter if other 'Christians' do not agree with us! Bless Gary and Faith and Freedom for thier consistent encouragemament!

  5. Unfortunately, incidents like these occur in every political battle on both sides. There have been numerous incidents against equal marriage supporters, too. We have police to handle people who go out of bounds. No one should be threatening anyone else for any reason.

    But you don't kill a rat with an atom bomb. There is no widespread plot to terrorize R71 signers and Gary knows it. Openness in the political process outweighs the few "incidents" Gary can muster up to support his cause. That's why Scalia basically laughed this case away.

    I find it hypocritical that gays and lesbians are targeted for violence every day and Christians do not seem concerned. We are among the most targeted groups in the nation. When gays and lesbians are beat up, assaulted, burned and even murdered for who they are, I find it hard to jump to action for some students who think they "might" face recriminations against their "gay activist" professors.

  6. I appreciate efforts to keep the names of those who signed out of the spotlight. The threats of violence are reprehensible and constitute a real danger, especially for those who led the effort. Although I personally was not in favor of mounting this referendum at this time (because I thought there was a good chance it would be defeated, as it was), I did sign. And I respect those who have endured such strong opposition in order to try to protect the sanctity of marriage in our state.

  7. About the whole gay agenda matter,
    isn't it intersting how some people seem to think that as long as something isn't a sin in their opinion, then it must not be a sin to anyone else?

    They seem to think that they are the ones who will dictate to others what is sin and what is not, but our God is in heaven and he will do whatever he pleases. He will maintain righteousness and not exhault the sinner. In his kingdom a sinner will have no place.

    This nation is still a nation under God.

    If homosexual cival unions are a sin, and if such a thing has happened, then it is a sin against all Americans.

    That's why so many Americans are against it. They did not determine such a thing without the help of nature's God.

    This nation needs his help, now as much, if not more than ever.

    Are the Federal Supreme Court judges familiar with the Bible?

    I hope so.

    When I read Esther 1:16 & 17, I wish we had more judges like the 7principal men under king Ahasuerus who knew law and judgment and also the times.

    Memucan knew that a sin against the king was a sin against the Princes as well as to all the people and that such a thing should not be allowed to prosper,
    grow, or multiply lest the kingdom suffer damage.

    Isn't it encumbent upon a judge to decide that a sin or wrong not prosper when it is against all the people?

    Let's pray for our judges. May they not be found sleeping. Let's pray that they get familiar with the word of God and that God awake them. There's a new day ahead for those who will be awakened by it.

  8. Gary, the conversations generated between signers of anti-gay referendums and those who know them are very personal as they have been with the close to 1 million names that has published on the internet nationally. The "uncomfortable conversations" that you read about was a quote from my straight co-director, Aaron Toleos.
    When he said "uncomfortable" he meant that often there is an outing on both sides. Gays are seeing their parents or grandparents, friends, co-workers, people that they have helped out, love, appreciate but unfortunately these people may intend to have their gay family members, friends etc without rights and protections. Of course the conversations are "uncomfortable" as that is a terrible thing to have to discuss on the personal level.
    Washington State was one of the most difficult state's for as the messaging with Equal Rights Washington, Josh Friedes and his blog cronies reveled in playing KnowThyNeighbor as a "bad guy." ERW and WAFST should be ashamed of themselves for this as a great opportunity could have been lost here.
    You and your supporters may see our strategy, in that it is essential to ensure rights for gays, as one of "the bad guy's" but our intent is not and we certainly have never intimidated or harassed. KTN does not have a calculated effort planned aside from knowing from the experience of posting 1 million names that families and friends will be able to have the necessary discussions about this as they have in other states. I have no fear that Washington will be any different than Massachusetts, Florida or Arkansas and your good citizens will have civil and respectful discourse on a very important subject.
    Also, so you all know, since 2005 when began both I (a married gay man) and my co-director (a married straight man with 3 children) have had our home addresses and phone numbers on the website for all to see as an act of good faith.

  9. Tom. While it is admirable that you and your associate have your names and addresses on public display, keep in mind the Christians have not been known to be interupting churches and commiting property crimes as gays have in California and elsewhere. Do you not feel that you may be facilitating that kind of action by posting personal information of whom many gays feel are bigots? Or worse?

  10. I don't believe you Mr. Lang.

  11. The whole gay agenda thing is the wrong way to go about protecting the rights of openly homosexual individuals.

    Let's suppose an openly homosexual man, or supporter of the gay agenda is given a traffic ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign.

    Let's suppose the man made a legal and complete stop, but the officer singled him out because of a bumper sticker on his car that suggested that he is a supporter of the gay agenda.

    What's the remedy for this injustice?

    Get witnesses if he can, go to court and tell the judge the truth, or do all he can to get lawmakers to allow marriage licenses to homosexuals?

    Openly supporting homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle is a sin against everybody. (See Esther

    When matters pertaining to the gay agenda come before the judges of this land, they should take everybody into consideration and be very careful about what they do.

    Truth connects people to Jesus.

    Truth can connect a man to Jesus
    or separate him from reality.

    The children of God will be raised up against the enemy.

    God enjoys watching his children have good success.


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