Monday, August 16, 2010

Secretary of State Sam Reed---There He Goes Again

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I'm sure you are aware of the firestorm that has been created by comments made by Pastor Joe Fuiten regarding candidates Clint Didier and Dino Rossi concerning pro-life issues. Senator Val Stevens has directly addressed the issue and the remarks. I have linked her comments. I strongly recommend you read them.


Secretary of State Sam Reed---There He Goes Again

Once again Secretary of State Sam Reed is publishing a public defense of his desire to deliver the names and addresses of the 138,000 citizens who signed R-71 petitions to waiting homosexual activists.

A week ago this past Friday,
his office declared that the near record number of signatures on petitions this year is an indication of the acceptance of his discloser policy. We argued that people are signing petitions "in spite of his policy" because of the fiscal fiasco Gregoire's administration has created. Things are so bad people are taking the risk. And there are no controversial social issue initiatives this year.

This past Friday his office was at it again, reporting that, "nearly 2 million signatures have been released in recent years without apparent incident."

Here's his detailed "by the numbers" report:

Year Released, Initiative, Initiative Subject, Number of Signatures Submitted
2006 & 2007, 917, Motor Vehicle Charges, 265,809
2006 & 2007, 920, Estate Tax, 395,219
2009, 933, Regulation of Private Property, 317,353
2007, 937, Energy Resources, 337,804
2008, 1029, Long-Term Care, 318,047
2009, 1033, Limiting certain revenue, 315,444

Total Signatures Released, 1,949,676

Unfortunately, the Secretary either doesn't understand the volatility of the homosexual "marriage" movement and the vulnerability of those who oppose it by defending natural marriage, or he simply doesn't care.

None of the Secretary's "numbers" examples rise to the equivalent level of vulnerability.

Signing a petition to adjust or roll back taxes cannot be honestly compared to standing against the fury of the homosexual activist community, with their threats to Washington citizens and their history of property destruction and personal harassment in California alone.

Mr. Secretary, please reconsider your position on this case.

In 1994, Hands Off Washington, a homosexual activist organization asked that the occupations and employers of their donors be kept secret. The PDC allowed the exclusion.

Are some more protected under the law than others?

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. When I signed the petition, I wasn't signing anything supporting something
    Mr. Reed had done. I was signing something else.

    God bless F&FN and Val Stevens.
    Thank you for imforming us.

  2. Hi Gary, I was unable to link up with the senator's comments, it said the file was corrupted or something. I thank you for your
    willingness to stand in the breach
    and fight for what is right and decent. You have my continued support!

  3. 2009, Gary, Larry and their anti-gay activist friends behind R-71 requested that their donors be kept secret, not just the donors' occupations and employers but their identities. The PDC reviewed Gary, Larry and Co's claims of harassment and intimidation and, finding them to be entirely without merit, denied the request.

    Try try try as they might, anti-gay activists remain unable to convince anyone, save their sycophantic followers, that they are the real victims and not those, whose rights they are trying to curtail.


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