Monday, August 30, 2010

Waiting For Mr. Obama

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David Ruiz, a 22-year-old Capitol Hill resident and a UW student, told the Seattle Times Saturday, "It's not that I'm disappointed in Obama, but things haven't really improved much."

Ben Anderstone of Tacoma says he will never forget the excitement during the Obama campaign. "In the weeks leading up to the campaign," he says, "my Facebook page was completely lit up with politics and people debating the various positions on issues, but this year, I'm just not seeing that."

The Seattle Times and other news organizations have developed a narrative thread that is similar and reflects concern---deep concern, for what they see not happening, with many suggestions as to how President Obama and his people can be rescued.

They say midterm elections never generate the enthusiasm of a presidential election. That's true.

They say Obama drew 66% of voters under 30, compared to only 45% of those 65 and older. True.

They say young people tend to not vote in midterm elections, therefore, that could be a problem in November. A problem that is not related to the President's policy failures. Just one of those things.

The New York Times ran their own editorial, "Waiting For Mr. Obama," which began, "If the President has a big economic initiative up his sleeve... now would be a good time to let the rest of us in on it."

The press and the far left kids who voted for him are still waiting. The press not only selectively and carefully covered him during his campaign and into the White House, but also contributed heavily to him.

You won't be surprised to know that Obama and the Democrats got 88% of the 2008 contributions by
TV network executives, writers and reporters.

While the media worked this weekend to lower expectations regarding the outcome of the November elections, sought to blame others for Obama's policy failures, including American politics itself, even they opened the door to the possibility that things may change this year.

While Anderstone's Facebook page may not be active, others are. Dino Rossi has nearly 35,000 followers on Facebook, while Patty Murray has less than half that many.

It isn't just old guys (65 and older) that are energized. Justin Bryant, former president of University of Washington College Republicans says, "We're seeing more students stand up and say, 'I'm a Republican and I don't like what's going on.'"

Bryant told the Seattle Times that there is a large number of Republicans at UW even though it is a liberal campus. I also know there is an active group of young Republicans in Spokane.

President Obama has accomplished 2 things so far.

First, through broken and unkept promises, he has tamped down the enthusiasm of many of those who elected him. The word dreams he painted have vanished with the light of truth and day.

Second. He has shown many of us what can happen when people of faith and conservatives don't vote. With his far left socialistic policies, his cynical disregard for America's exceptionalism and his radical support for abortion and the homosexual agenda, he has galvanized conservatives and people of faith.

The New York Times editorial board in "Waiting For Mr. Obama" suggest two things to the President:

HARD TRUTHS and BIG IDEAS. Hopefully their wait will expire in November of 2012.

I think there is a growing number who feel the President is capable of neither. And change will begin this November.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. This was an interesting insight. I have never seen so much talk, people buzzing about this upcoming November election. I hear it everywhere I go. Politics was something my sister and I hardly discussed but we are into this "hook-line-and-sinker". What I hear is an unanamous, rally call to keep America solid on the Faith that she was founded.

  2. The conservative press always references Obama's job approval ratings by lumping together those un-approving voters on both the right and left.

    On the left, we're unhappy because he didn't deliver a real public option in health care. He hasn't closed Gitmo. He hasn't ended Don't Ask/Don't Tell. He's turned out to be a corporatist in his actions. And the list goes on.

    Bottom line - we're not happy because we wanted 'far left socialist policies' and that's not what Obama turned out to be.

    No, we're not happy with him, but we don't be looking to Republicans for the answer.

  3. Seems obvious that we need to cut government down to half it'
    s size or less, give tax breaks to ailing small businesses, do some tort reform, make abortion illegal, along with homosexual marriages, and it seems to me that a president should spend some time with the children in school encouraging them to have prayer, Bible reading, sharing testimony, and whatever freedom of religion practices they want to during any free time they have and after school. They could start Bible clubs, have Bible trivia, etc. The school system should be encouraged to allow students to use classrooms for such activities after their usual classes and such.

    I think each of the high school grades should consider electing a few out of their class to act as mediators, delivering judges, or reconciliers who will plead the cause of any student who has anything that is causing them any kind of present distress by any other.

    If a teacher has some troubles with some students concerning how they treat the teacher, the teacher should have these delivering judges to go to to hear the matter, check out the facts, ask the student involved if such things are so, find out the truth as best they can, and ask for mercy of behalf of whoever has been mistreated.

    That could take a load off the principal and faculty if the students themselves hold together in whatever is right.

  4. Energy independence.
    American oil
    American refineries
    American trucks
    American steel
    etc. to pay off the deficit to never go back into debt again.


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