Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lady Gaga Advises Sen. Harry Reid

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With the worst economy since the Great Depression, unemployment high, financial forecasts pessimistic, the systematic dismantling of America under the guise of "remaking or transforming" it well under way, the redistribution of wealth in epic proportion in process, what do you suppose is on the mind of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid?

He has made the repeal of the military policy, "Don't Ask--Don't Tell," the only major piece of legislation his Senate will act on before the elections.

And singer Lady Gaga is on national television calling on Reid to repeal the policy, while she is twittering talking points with his staff.

Associated Press reported yesterday that Reid announced he has scheduled a vote on the policy next week.

The reason Reid's staff made the announcement was in an attempt to explain that Harry Reid does not, repeat, does not take his cues from Lady Gaga.

Gaga, appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres TV Show this past Monday, directly appealed to Harry Reid to repeal the "Don't Ask--Don't Tell" policy.

AP says, "Reid's campaign and Gaga traded talking points on Twitter after the lawmaker announced the vote."

Kelly Steele, Reid's campaign spokesman said, "Reid does not take cues from Gaga."

I'm sure glad we got that straightened out.

But who is Reid and the President taking cues from? Their recent policy actions clearly show it is not from the will of the American people.

And they are already creating a false urgency on this bill.

Politico is reporting Reid's intention, saying the majority leader has decided to move on the legislation that sets the annual military budget and policies---thus causing don't ask-don't tell legislation to, "Become a vehicle to begin to roll back the controversial 'Don't Ask--- Don't Tell' policy implemented during the Clinton administration."

Clearly Reid is highly motivated to get this done.

Homosexual activists, who helped carry Obama to the White House on their shoulders, have continuously expressed frustration and even anger toward the President for not doing enough, fast enough for them.

Ironically, the study on how altering the policy would affect troop morale is not even completed. While they have said the study will largely determine their actions, they are moving forward without benefit of the study.

Their actions suggest either the outcome of the study really doesn't matter or the outcome is pre-determined and the"fix" is in.

And they are doing so under the guise of "funding the military".

ABC News has said this, "will likely be the one major piece of legislation that the Senate tackles before the November mid-term elections."

This bill is not necessary to fund the military. The appropriations bill does that. I hope someone in Congress will stand up and say that out loud.

Polls show Reid is desperate. He needs votes.

He, the President, and the secular left are willing to use our military as a social experiment and lie to the public regarding the urgency of their actions, all to get the homosexual vote.

Armed Services Committee Chairman, Carl Levin, D-Mich., is trying not to
use the word "repeal". He says it's too strong.

He says, "There are a number of provisions in this bill I don't like," but, "We've got to get this bill to the floor."

Lies. Deception.

I would suggest rather than getting the vote to the floor, we sweep the floor of Congress. It is cluttered, it is soiled and it is corrupted.

God help us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.

financial support is needed at this time. I know you understand. Thank you so much.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. ]Ironically, the study on how altering the policy would affect troop morale is not even completed. While they have said the study will largely determine their actions, they are moving forward without benefit of the study.

    What's ironic is that you still don't understand what's going on. Repealing Congress' 'DADT' legislation does NOT instantly allow gay service members to be honest about their sexual orientation. All it does is allow the military to change if it eventually decides to without appearing to be in conflict with civilian legislation.

    Actually the point is moot since the recent court decision that found the legislative DADT violated the first amendment. Again, that decision did and does not force the military to do anything, it was just a finding that the civilian legislature can not pass a bill that violates the first amendment. Passing a law that some federal employees are proscribed from identifying themselves as gay (whether they are or not) would be like Congress passing a law that no one could call themselves a Republican. For the civilian legislature its an unconstitutional restriction of free speech.

    BUT The military can and does have regulations that restrict constitutional rights, neither the court's decision or the Congressional repeal of the legislative DADT changes that. The military could still retain their UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) restrictions on free speech and concerning gay service people in general.

    The military isn't being forced to do anything, all that's being removed is the unconstitutional civilian legislation that could be viewed as preventing the military from changing how they handle this subject as they see fit.

    Again, repealing or finding the legislation unconstitutional only removes a barrier, the actual change would still be the military's decision and most likely wouldn't occur until after the survey (though since 20+ other nations allow it its would be a sad commentary on the American troops if their superiors thought they weren't capable of handling this change that everyone else says was a total non-event.)

  2. The two main points of this column -- that repealing DADT goes against the "will of the people" and that allowing gays to openly serve in the military is akin to a using our military for a "social experiment" -- are so easily refutable that I'm surprised you posted this anyway. Gary's followers: He's hoping you're not going to do your own homework.

    Recent polls consistently show nearly 80 percent of American support repealing DADT, while the numbers of those opposed hovers around 20 percent. Don't believe me? Google the polls yourself, or go to the web site Polling Report (which lists out all polls by topic) and click "Gays and lesbians in the military" in the list. I would say these poll numbers are right up there with "Is the Earth flat?" and that the American people overwhelming want to see this discriminatory policy gone.

    Currently 36 countries allow gays to serve openly in their militaries and not a single one reports that allowing gays to serve has harmed their militaries in any way. In fact, many report just the opposite. With so many other countries leading the way, this is hardly unchartered territory. The list includes a Who's Who of American allies: Canada, England, Israel, Germany, France, Australia, etc. Countries that don't allow gays to serve are countries whose policies and governments we routinely criticize: China, Cuba, Jamaica, North Korea, Venezuela, etc. Whose company do we want to keep? To see the list, go to Wikipedia and search for "gays in the military" - or do your own search.

  3. the only major piece of legislation his Senate will act on before the elections ???

    The Senate just passed the $30b small business aid package minutes ago (maybe Fox news didn't cover it). Of course, they were only able to vote on it because 2 Republicans broke ranks to end the filibuster.

    Remember, there are many, many bills Reid would love to bring to vote before the elections but he can't because the Republicans are using the filibuster at unprecedented levels to block everything the Democrats try to bring up.

  4. Here we go again! Everyone else is doing it, so we should too.
    Good for the Europeans, must be good for us. That's why our ancestors left there. No problems with their militaries? Are
    you kidding me? Let them be be tested by a war on 2 fronts and
    let's see how the "social experiment" holds up. I don't care if the rest of the world goes soft, as for me and my house we
    will serve the Lord. May God forgive our wickedness!

  5. "...the redistribution of wealth in epic proportion in process,..."

    What on earth are you talking about? I assume a partisan like yourself isn't referring the only redistribution of wealth currently underway- namely the GOP's plan to extend the tax cuts for the extremely wealthy and cut Social Security benefits, effectively redistributing wealth from the lower and middle income Americans to those with incomes in the top 2%.

    I assume you are misrepresenting the looming expiration of the Bush/GOP tax cuts. But far from being an epic redistribution of wealth, they would merely return the top tax rates to what they were during the massive growth period of the 1990's back when economists were worried that unemployment was too low. Reid and President Obama are seeking to extend the cuts for everyone on their first $200k ($250k for a couple) of taxable income, not gross mind you, but taxable - meaning after all the deductions. The GOP is however blocking the extension of tax cuts that benefit everyone, holding them hostage to tax cuts for the top 2% - aka their wealthy millionaire backers.

    Lies. Deception.

    "But who is Reid and the President taking cues from? Their recent policy actions clearly show it is not from the will of the American people."

    That wouldn't be the same American people, who consistently support repeal of DADT by 70-80% margins? Or the same American people, who overwhelmingly voted for President Barak Obama, who campaigned on repeal of DADT and extension of the Bush/GOP tax cuts on all income under $200k/$250k?

    Lies! Deception!

    Moreover, the pending legislation require completion of the study and approval of the Joint Chiefs of Staff before the DADT policy is repealed.

    Lies. Deception.

    Gary claims that Reid and President Obama are doing all this to get the homosexual vote. Yet Gary is constantly reminding us that Gays and Lesbians are but a tiny minority of the population (3-10% depending on whose figures you use), hardly seems like a group large enough to warrant upsetting what Gary implies are the vast majority of voters (the American people in he turn of phrase), who he claims agree with him. Perhaps that's because President Obama and Senator Reid's views are shared by the majority and not Gary's.

    Lies. Deception. -- sums up Gary's post quite nicely.


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