Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Obama Administration Withholds Study On Abstinence

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A federally funded survey on abstinence was completed by Abt Associates on February 26, 2009.

Only after intense pressure by a University of Northern Colorado professor and several others was the study finally released last week---August 23, 2010.

After using tax payer money to conduct the study, why did the Obama administration refuse to release it for a year and a half?

As usual, the government has made a bureaucratic explanation of sorts, but the facts are pretty clear, that the Obama Administration wasn't pleased with some of the findings.

Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at FRC said, "I think this study is an embarrassment for the Obama Administration, because it offers significant support for the type of abstinence education that they have stopped funding."

He also noted, "I think it's shameful that they repressed the report and failed to release it for a year and a half."

CNS NEWS has written an in depth article which chronicles the steps that led to the government finally releasing the study to the public. It's fascinating. I have linked the CNS story above. The CNS story has a link to a pdf of the entire study if you want to check it out.

Although the study is substantial, the essence of the study is built around the survey asking American parents and adolescents whether they strongly agreed, somewhat agreed, somewhat disagreed or strongly disagreed with the statement that, "Having sexual Intercourse is something only married people should do."

They found 70% of American parents and 53.5% of American adolescents believe sex before marriage is wrong.

Here's the breakout:

CNS reports that among parents, 47.6% strongly agreed, 22.2% somewhat agreed, while 17.8% somewhat disagreed and 12.3% strongly disagreed.

CNS reports that among adolescents, 38.5% strongly agreed and 23.0% somewhat agreed, while 21.5% somewhat disagreed and 17.1% strongly disagreed.

Other findings in the study were:

*Students involved in abstinence education programs were more likely to communicate with their parents about such topics.

*Kids prefer to hear about sex from mom and dad.

*Brief and substantive talks by parents are more effective.

*Religious participation has a powerful influence on attitudes toward abstinence and pre-martial sex.

*The study provided proof that a strong majority of American families support the abstinence until married message.

When President Obama presented his first budget for 2010, he specifically noted that he wanted to eliminate all funds for abstinence education.

In the past both Democrat and Republican presidents have supported abstinence education.

Clearly, this is one more issue where he is out of step with a majority of both parents and youth, based on a study his own people administrated.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. This is just another religious witch hunt. What in the world is there to hide in this survey? A bunch of people feel sex before marriage is wrong. Fine. It doesn't address the efficacy of abstinence ONLY at all. It doesn't address whether they think kids should be taught more than abstinence ONLY.

    As a parent, I've taught my daughters that abstinence is good and I hope that's the route they go. However, I also want them armed with full knowledge of what's going on out there.

    Maybe you can teach your kids well, but many, many parents can't or won't. So, we can teach them the facts in school, or they'll be using Coke & Aspirin for birth control cause a friend said it works - and there was no grown up to tell 'em it wouldn't.

  2. Interesting. I am old enough that I lived as a teen through the pre-abortion, pre-birth control days. And I certainly never considered using Coke and Aspirin for birth control. Because I was taught abstinence -- over and over and over again -- I recall many a fight in a car with a boy trying to break me down. I never did and they respected me more in the long run. In today's world, blushing has nearly disappeared from our society and fights in cars when girls say "no"...I can't believe they are happening much either.

    This isn't a religious witch hunt although you are right to say there is nothing to hide. Instead, it's reflective of an administrative stance. If there was nothing to hide, then why weren't the people who paid for the study -- you and me -- told the results of the study? Doesn't that strike you as odd?

  3. All of this sounds like a Freudian slip for Obama and others, including the previous poster. Birth control pills, condoms, and many other forms are sometimes effective in preventing or terminating a pregnancy, and give a false sense of security to teens in having promiscuous sex. It also cheapens sex and the girl in particular by making her into a whore for guys enjoyment.
    Abstinence gives worth to both sex and the people involved because it means that she is worth a lifelong commitment from the guy and for the guy he is willing to give a lifelong commitment to the girl. Sex is a sealing of that commitment.
    Planned Parenthood's program for sex education is all about promoting sex among young teens. And if they are sexually active, it is only a matter of time before they engage in "unprotected" sex. She is only a whore to the guy after all...

  4. Such wasteful spending, and to throw out the good and promote the bad!

  5. I agree with the first poster, this study says NOTHING at all about the efficacy of abstinence only programs. Seems to me the most important question when it comes to funding them is do they work? not do they play to people's biases?
    Just because someone thinks sex before marriage is wrong doesn't mean they aren't having it. Just ask abstinence before marriage celebrity and noted single mother Bristol Palin!

  6. Kenneth,

    No pejoratives about the guys? Women are whores but guys are guys? This is a part of the reason your ranks are shrinking in an enlightened society that realizes women and men are both equal participants (although not with equal risks).

    Also, have you ever really looked into Planned Parenthood outside of what you hear from the right wing machine? I'm very liberal and I know of no group on my side that thinks teen sex should be promoted. Please don't buy into the propaganda.

  7. Actually, I know a huge group that thinks teen sex should be promoted: Today's teens and young adults, that were not taught abstinence, and that were taught sex before marraige was 'healthy', that experimentation was only normal, etc.

    In exchange, they are volatile, more rebellious than their peers, often flit from relationship to relationship, many have lower self-esteem or on the flip side are not comfortable unless they are the center of attention, etc.

    It is hard for these teens to say 'no' if they find the other person attractive, since they do not have a good reason 'not to' when pressed. (And the other person will try to persuade, why not? We can be safe, it's normal, everyone does it, don't you like me, you flirted first, etc.)

    What they fail to realize is that there is no truly 'safe sex', and that sexual activity itself is addicting, providing a reward/stimilation much like a drug. Addictive masturbation can even lead to temporary brain damage. Inside of a marraige it wouldn't be a problem: You have a set partner, you have vowed to stay with them for life, etc. Outside of marraige though, once sexually activated, so to speak, it is not something easily turned off. Not receiving the same or greater stimulation can cause withdrawal like symptoms, even health problems.

    (And yes, Planned Parenthood might not actively promote teen sex. The reason they were founded was to wipe out the 'negro race', 'unfit people', 'disabled people', etc, by encouraging them to abort if they did get pregnant, and they statistically do very well with that even if they label it as 'choice'.)


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