Thursday, September 02, 2010

Two Questions Regarding Issues in WA Public Schools

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Public school has begun in Washington State this week. Two issues have arisen in specific schools that we are asking our readers to weigh in on. This site has a significant and diverse readership. Your opinion will have perhaps more influence than you might imagine.

Please take a moment, familiarize yourself with the conflicts, then
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Question #1. Concerns the matter of Mick Moulton, a teacher at Morton Jr. High School.

KOMO news reported yesterday that Moulton has failed to report to class each of the first three days this week.

In 1997 some female students said Moulton inappropriately touched them. Court documents show more complaints were filed in 2005. A discipline letter was sent to him. There were more complaints in 2008.

Subsequently, Moulton, 56, was convicted of inappropriately touching four girls in 2008 and served 16 days in Lewis County Jail. He was accused of touching the girls on the back or shoulder. He said they were pats of encouragement.

Superintendent Tom Manke fired him.

A judge has now ruled that the teacher can't be fired for that and cleared him to return to his classroom at Morton Jr. High this year.

During the first three days, parents have pulled their kids from his classes. When he returns, he will have only 22 students in his 6 scheduled classes.

Randy Dorn, Washington School Superintendent, has stepped in to determine whether Moulton should be teaching.

The State's consideration is underway during the next couple of weeks.

What do you think they should do?
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Question #2. Concerning the school seizing student cell phones if there is probable cause the kids are bulling through texting.

Last year at
Oak Harbor High School, 4 students were bullying and threatening a fellow student through texting. There was apparently no physical contact.

This year, Oak Harbor School District has proposed a new policy that will allow the school district to seize a student's cell phone if there is probable cause that they are using it to bully.

The ACLU of Washington says the school can't do that without a parent's permission.

Ironically, a school can facilitate a student getting an abortion during class time without parental notification or permission. Ballard High School--last school year.

The Oak Harbor School board is considering the matter at this time.

What do you think they should do?

Please read the links on both these stories, take a moment and
vote in our poll.

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Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Vocal. Be Prayerful.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Not only should Mr. Moulton be teaching but he should receive a public apology.

    School is for teaching and learning. Cell phones and other devices should be banned, period. How did we manage to live for thousands of years with no electronics?

    Make God the standard in our culture, homes, workspaces, and churches and there will be less of all this. KEnt

  2. I know a lot of people who read your blogs every day here in Oar Harbor. Most of us side with the school on this one. Thanks for bringing this to the public. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow, what a concept Gary. Thanks.

  4. If a child is being bullied through a text can't the child show a teacher or administrator the text, then turn off the cell phone or just ignore it?

  5. If a teacher is only patting a girl on the back or shoulder as an act of encouragement I wonder why so many have filed complaints so many times over a number of years? On the other hand, if the teacher is guilty only of encouragement touching, should his career be destroyed?

  6. Many years ago we chose to remove our children from the war zone known as public education into home education for reasons including academics, social, political and spiritual--we couldn't have made a better choice. USMCMama-Federal Way

  7. This is why we homeschool our children. The public schools are a mess of political correctness with little educational value.

  8. I think Moulton could have been falsely accused. Touching on the back or shoulder to encourage should not make a man a criminal.

  9. It sounds as though the ACLU is alive and well in our schools. I wish our Christian outreaches were as well funded.

  10. "Touchingo n the back or shoulder to encourage should not make a man a criminal." There's touching, then there's TOUCHING. I have experienced the nice encouraging touch and also the 'oogey' kind of touching. Obviously there was enough of the 'oogey' kind of touching reported over the course of a decade to warrant exposure of the behavior. This man was also accused of looking up the skirt of one of the girls, according to the TV news report and there was enough evidence to convict him for a couple of weeks in jail. I would not allow my daughter to be in his class were I to put my teen in public school. As for the possibility that he 'could' have been falsely accused, when you look at the length of time 1997 to at least 2008 an old Yiddish proverb comes to mind: If one man calls you a donkey, ignore him. If two men call you a donkey, think about it. If three men call you a donkey, buy a saddle. South Puget Sound

  11. I voted that he be allowed back in school and I would agree that he should receive a public apology if he was only being encouraging. I have been a teacher and some kids really respond well to a touch. It makes connection, has a sense that they have respect from you, that you accept them, that you find them touchable. The way some of these kids are treated at home, that could be a real validation for them.

    BUT if he is touching inappropriately -- then he deserves jail.

  12. I heard of a minister who told of when he first became involved in ministering. He told of how he visited a house of one family and the parents were not home. As he was invited in by one of the children he spent some time there in Christian ministry.

    Later he was facing accusations of inappropriate behavior toward a teenage girl which allegedly occured during that visit.

    Though the man said he didn't do anything wrong at all, the Lord told him to apologize to the congregation for letting them down. So the next Sunday he walked to the front of the congregation and began to apologize. As he did an angry father
    began to let loose some of his anger toward him. As he did the daughter in tears, convicted by the holy spirit told of how she made up the whole thing and that he did nothing wrong.

    I suppose the man let down the congregation for doing any kind of ministry without the parents being present.

    If you were an intercessor to a teacher in such a situation, a counselor, or a friend, what would you ask him to do? Would you tell him that you are willing to hear his side of the story
    and make some kind of plea on his behalf, or make a statement to the people on his behalf, just the way he wanted it?

    What might it say?

    Might it say something like, "I saw the teacher the other day and he told me just what to say. He says he made a mistake. He says he did make some mistakes in his past and that though he did not take advantage of any student here in any sexual way, he did let them down, for any touching of any kind should have been understood by him to likely be a cause of concern because of his reputation of the past. For this he wishes your forgiveness...." etc.

    Or I suppose it could say something like, "I just talked to the teacher the other day and this is what he said. He told me what to say. He says he has fallen into sexual sins in his past and that he still has some problems he has not yet overcome. Therefore he begs your forgiveness and has decided he should not be teaching. He has told me that he is a Christian, that he has come to Jesus for salvation, that he sincerely hopes that nothing he has done will be of any harmful consequence to any student. He says he is praying not only for his own healing but also for the healing of all those he has wronged...".etc.

    I think of a song by the Beatles, "She Loves You." I think it's a song about the role of intercessors. I think we could use a few these days. I hope people have those they can go to to get a fair deal, those who will walk honestly, find light in dark days, find water in dry places, show no partiality, ask for mercy when mercy is due, plead a man's cause if his cause is just, be gentle, patient, kind, and true, to the best of his ability in Christ Jesus, walking in the fear of God, without hypocrisy, doing for one party the same as for another party for any who are willing, given to prayer and the reading of the scripture, able to find something good on any given page of scripture, able to identify it and thank God for what he can see, and do the best he can, walking through whatever is in front of him being careful, walking wisely and going on with God, willing to be used by him, having no part in hearing evil for the sake of evil, but only listening to that which is the cause of any present distress, willing to verify facts, acertain the truth as best he can with the help of others, willing to repent as his own sins become known to him, go to others and ask for their forgiveness, being an example, etc..

  13. Perhaps what the schools really need is to get prayer and the Ten Commandments back in the schools. Then the answers to cell phones, etc., will be self-evident

  14. Life is a gift. Our bodies are the houses for our spirits. Both should be treated as gifts and not abused whether in the classroom by a teacher or other students. We, as homeschoolers, are able to teach our children by example and with respect. The world of today is the world of earlier times worshipping of idols and living the way they wished irrespective of others. The technology of today has its place, but I do not believe in the hands of youth. I believe that birth through 17/18 years of age is a time of learning not of being so much in the world. Taking the respect and knowledge they have accrued of hard work ethics, honesty, obedience, knowing who they are as a child of God, places them on a higher level to be a productive member of society. I say, keep the classrooms clean and have teachers teach who have a passion and desire to do so, not look at the profession as being 9 months on, three months off and collect a paycheck. (Homeschooling parents don't ask for any more time for planning, it goes with being a parent) I say, with regards to bully's...allow them to go to a vocational school and learn something instead of being the misfits of society and awarded going to prison and live a comfortable life...of their desires being answered and they are made 'more comfortable'. Poppycock. Puyallup, Washington


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