Friday, October 22, 2010

Facebook " Friends" GLAAD to Police FB website

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CNN reports the 500 million users of Facebook will now be officially policed by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to, "end hate speech and anti-gay bullying" on the Facebook Internet site.

In their
press release, GLAAD announces that Facebook has officially friended them and that "new measures have been put in place to respond more quickly to hateful comments and "troll" activity."

The word "troll" is Internet slang describing, "someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages in an online community such as an online discussion forum, chatroom or blog with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response."

The reference to "primary intent" is very troubling. That is "thought policing."

After my 4-hour deposition by Attorney General Rob McKenna's office in the matter of the Referendum 71 names, I am perhaps more sensitive to the probing of someones personal religious belief and attempting to equate those beliefs with inappropriate or even illegal expression. And the attempt to destroy the character of someone when their message is not acceptable.

The policing of thoughts is a direct and dangerous attack on freedom of speech and expression.

Let me be very clear.

Anyone who is a true follower of Jesus Christ, should not say or post hateful threats toward homosexuals or anyone else. Nor should they feel hate toward the individual. Rejecting the behavior is not hating the individual. Defending natural marriage is not "hating" those who demand homosexual marriage.

Let me equally clear.

Being accused of "hate speech" or "bigotry" because one does not embrace and celebrate homosexual behavior or homosexual marriage is not hate or bigotry. It is freedom of religious expression and free speech.

The homosexual community has successfully created a culture, thanks to political correctness and a complicit media industry and public education system, in which anyone who opposes their behavior for any reason or opposes their agenda to redefine marriage and family is "hateful", "bigoted" or possibly criminal. We are a half step from being seen as guilty for teaching or even believing biblical teaching on homosexuality.

GLAAD says, "Our community needs to continue to be vigilant and report instances of hateful comments and images across the site to Facebook moderators as well as post messages of support for gay, bi-sexual and transgender youth."

Some daunting questions:

*Will Facebook now expand its definition of "hate" speech to conform with GLAAD, GLSEN and other homosexual activist groups?

*Will Facebook now consider it "hate" to discuss the considerable health risks associated with homosexual behavior?

*Will Facebook consider it "hate" for Christians to discuss biblical teaching that relates to homosexual behavior? The Bible strongly condemns homosexual behavior.

*Will these new policing standards be applied toward comments and individuals who disagree with---"hate," Christians and their beliefs, or say, conservative talk show hosts who do not support the homosexual agenda and have a Facebook account?

*Will the new Facebook-GLAAD marriage be fair to those who disagree with their position?

This is significant because Facebook involves more than a half billion people.

I personally believe, this is a piece of a larger campaign.

It is not specifically about "protecting" homosexuals so much as it is about forcing Americans to accept and affirm their behavior.

CNN says Facebook's friending of GLADD "isn't just routine TOS policing" and that Facebook "intends to work closely with GLADD and other LGBT (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender) organizations on future initiatives."

These are perilous times for those who believe and express biblical teaching on matters of morality, especially homosexual behavior.

Free speech and freedom of expression is in peril as well.

Be Prayerful. Be Vigilant. Be Active.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. I think too many people post too much personbal information on Facebook. They are taking that information and selling it to marketing companies.
    I guess they have a right to do what they want on their site. I agree with Gary. Christians should not post hate type speech anywhere, but you sometimes wonder if an ordinary comment will be used against. I have read very hateful comments directed toward people who believe in protecting marriage.

  2. It is not specifically about "protecting" homosexuals so much as it is about forcing Americans to accept and affirm their behavior.
    Seriously? You think this ISN'T about people concerned that children, some who aren't even gay, are being bullied into hurting themselves physically - even killing themselves?

    On what do you base that? Is it part of your religion to assume the absolute worst of others?

    This is about helping kids that are being attacked by gangs of bullies, often in cyberspace where good manners and graces seem to have fallen by the wayside. And with modern technology these people can be bullied 24/7 - at their homes, on their phones, when they are at school but all the time when they aren't too. Maybe instead of assuming the worst Faith & Freedom should do a 'It Gets Better' video - I can guarantee it would be good for your souls.

  3. Thank you for this post Gary, and thank you for your courage in continuing to speak the truth and encouraging others to do likewise. Thank you for reminding us to hold love and patience in our hearts for those who are misled into calling evil good. We should do our best but some people do not want to hear the truth, and some people don't want ANYBODY to hear the truth. Hopefully more of us will accept God's grace to follow your example of moral clarity so that our country which is known for freedom of speech will never lose that right. Thank you for your witness and may God bless you.

  4. Once again, thank you for your willingness to speak the truth and to expose yourself to being hated by those who disagree. Facebook is for 18 and over, and yet is used widely by kids. A much stronger statement would be made by policing the age of people using Facebook. Children should not be exposed to this social site! I deleted both my kids' accounts after discovering how unsafe it is. I find it sad that only one form of bullying will be addressed here, and this will set a precedent! I see anti-Christian speech all the time on Facebook, and have been ridiculed by others for my beliefs. The bottom line is that if one area of persecution is policed, all areas need to be. Then we can call is Big Brother Book

  5. Oshtur Vishanti. There is no assumption of the worst from Gary or FFN. The examples are myriad of how gay rights activists have worked tirlessly over the past 20 years to control sex education in public schools and redefine marriage and family to accomodate their behavior.
    Of the many, take one example. Jennings. Obama's Safe Schools Czar. You know the content of his books, his activities and his associations over the past 20 years or more. He and others have created a culture around a behavior that leaves many in despair. To accuse Gary and FFN of assuming the worst, is a weak attempt of accusation. For those who do not agree with the gay agenda, the worst is well under way.
    I see Gary informing people regarding the Facebook policing, more than objecting to it. It's about perspective.
    I think Gary and FFN regularly tells people it will get better. I regularly read their blogs and see with regularly see them telling people how much better things would be if we followed God's laws and principles. Maybe you haven't noticed.

  6. In a nutshell, protecting a group from bullies is "forcing Americans to accept and affirm their behavior".


  7. You know the content of his books, his activities and his associations over the past 20 years or more. He and others have created a culture around a behavior that leaves many in despair.
    Oh please, being gay is no more 'a behavior' than the drive to church on Sunday is 'a religion'. Is that all being straight is? A behavior? Really? Again, I have to question the honesty or intelligence of anyone who makes that kind of assertion for either side.

    To accuse Gary and FFN of assuming the worst, is a weak attempt of accusation. For those who do not agree with the gay agenda, the worst is well under way.
    And that puts you in the bad guy camp I guess because acknowledging the world it really is is the honest way to be. If your religious tenet says you can't be gay and go to heaven then that's your choice - don't be gay. But that has absolutely nothing to do with any other American who does not share your religious tenets. Any good American would not project their purely religious faith onto others - they know they don't have the right.

    The simple fact is that some people are gay, some are straight, just like some are left handed, some right. To pretend they aren't, or that one group doesn't deserve equal rights is wrong-headed thinking.

    Again, as I have pointed out many times (and many times been not posted because of it) 1 Corinthians 5 is spot on about this topic - even to it starting out being a talk about perceived sexual immorality. The activities of pagans, i.e. people who do not share your religion, are NOT your concern and trying to force your religious views on the general population is both unAmerican and unChristian. Allowing everyone to follow their own path to the greatest extent possible and have equal access to government while doing it is the American ideal. No one's telling you you can't be your religion, what they are telling you is you can't pretend others are your religion - you haven't the right.

  8. I was glad to read the actual press release by GLADD (sp?) and to see that at this time it is only ONE page that is being policed. It is a page that is in memorial for the recent suicides of gay young people. This was encouraging to me that at this time there is not trolling of the entire Facebook site.
    I don't doubt that it may be coming, but that is not what they are referring to right now.

  9. Oshtur Vishanti.

    To be clear, your posts have never been denied because of any biblical reference.
    Faith and Freedom Staff

  10. If the protection against "hate speech" is also extended to everyone else, then I'll believe they're serious. Nobody likes bullies.

  11. Oscar, Do you not understand the principles upon which this country was formed. The general principals of Christianity!
    To assert that one must agree with immoral behavior and allow it to flourish, to the tune of teaching my kid's that it's acceptable behavior and I must support it with my taxes for health care for the "married" couple, is absurd. God judges the ungodly, I don't have to, nor am I expected to as 1 cor.
    5 clearly states. I am called to speak the truth in love.
    If someone's life is in danger, I must warn them, not codddle them, not reinforce their behavior, nor ignore it. You may want us to remain silent, but it ain't gonna happen.

    Craig in Lacey

  12. So, someone creates a page on FB as a memorial kids, who committed suicide due to anti-gay bullying. This page is inundated with vile, hateful remarks, essentially continuing the anti-gay bullying these kids suffered in life. GLAAD speaks to FB about it, and works with FB to remove these hateful, bigoted remarks FROM A MEMORIAL PAGE, and in Gary's mind he and other anti-gay activists are the victims.


  13. I think it is rather telling that Gary takes great pains to avoid mentioning the fact that this all came about due to hateful, bigoted comments (which, not being "threats", are apparently A-OK with Gary) on a memorial page to kids, who committed suicide due to anti-gay bullying. In fact, I don't believe Gary, despite his focus on gay issues, has mentioned the recent spate of gay kids, and kids just suspected by anti-gay bigots of being gay, who have committed suicide due to this bullying. Seems these kids, and their plight, don't fit the preferred narrative of Gary and the anti-gay activists being the "real" victims, so (like the majority of women running for office this year, who are Democrats) they are just erased from the discussion. It takes a special kind of hubris to read stories about hateful comments on a memorial page and the efforts to ensure their prompt removal, in compliance with FB's existing TOS, and see one's anti-gay activist self as the victim.


    The above was posted by a 19 year old self-professed Christian on the memorial page for teens, who committed suicide due to anti-gay bulling. I have a question for Gary and his supporters, since the above does not constitute a threat, and doesn't even contain any slurs, do you think it is appropriate?

    While the girl in question certainly has every right to her beliefs, and to express them, doesn't the expression of these anti-gay beliefs on a memorial page to victims of anti-gay bullying constitute hate speech? Would an atheist posting something about religion being a cruel myth on a memorial site for a pastor not constitute hate speech as well? Even though both these expressions are protected by the First Amendment, shouldn't they both, in the interest of civility and common decency find a appropriate venue to express them? This isn't about policing speech, or naming bigotry and hate when we see it (although that is as much a protected right under the First Amendment as expression of anti-gay religious views), it is about civility and common decency. The fact that Gary views that as a threat is very telling.

  15. Craig,

    This country was NOT founded on Christian principles! Read the Constitution, no mention of Christianity, Christ or God.

    Fine, don't remain silent, but don't expect us to either. And don't snivel and whine when we call you out on your bigotry and hatred, be it religiously based on or not.

  16. Oscar, Do you not understand the principles upon which this country was formed.
    No I understand very clearly - the liberal Natural Law doctrines of the Deists as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

    To assert that one must agree with immoral behavior and allow it to flourish, to the tune of teaching my kid's that it's acceptable behavior and I must support it with my taxes for health care for the "married" couple, is absurd.
    No what's absurd is any Christian thinking they can decide the morality of non-Christians.

    You may want us to remain silent, but it ain't gonna happen.
    You get to call others immoral or sinful, they get to call you superstitious and ignorant. It goes both ways - if you won't respect other's rights they have no reason to do so yours, right?

  17. Why would I snivel? You can't do anything to me nor do I fear you. Our founding document is the Declaration of Independence,
    Where did you go to school? You should read that again Oscar.
    "we are endowed by our creator" isn't talking about the Easter
    bunny, most of the 250 or so people who could be called founders were Christians. Many were pastors, ministers, deacons
    and formed this country on the principles of the Reformation.
    Don't believe me, do the research.The penal laws in this country are also biblically based,murder,rape,adultery,theft,sexual immorality are all forbidden by the bible, so I guess God's been telling you what
    not to do from the beginning ,huh? If telling you not to walk in front of that train, even though you say you don't believe in trains,is bigoted and hateful, so be it! You're not going to pervert my kids or take my money to fund a culture of the same without a fight. You may rant and rave and call me intolarant,superstitious and old fashioned, but God's laws don't change. Jesus said "if you reap to the flesh you WILL reap corruption", God is not mocked!

    Craig in Lacey

  18. Craig the Declaration of Independence was solely written by the Deist Thomas Jefferson. The Deist Creator is the entity that created the universe and has had nothing to do with it since - i.e. It isn't Jehovah or Christ or Allah. Seriously, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are hardly the cornerstones of Christian tradition.

    As to our laws they derive from pagan Roman and Anglo-Saxon roots. Remember most Christians are not of Jewish descent and come from pagan cultures that had very full legal traditions that had no biblical origins and covered all of those legal concepts very much as we did at the founding and even today.

    And as for your 'fight' that you don't believe in the basic tenets of our founding documents says it all. That you don't acknowledge others have an absolute right to NOT share your beliefs and still be treated the same by government sort of ends any possible discussion - we have no American common frame of reference.

  19. Craig, I have no idea why you anti-gay folks snivel and whine about how unfair it is when people call you on your anti-gay bigotry and hatred, I just know that you do. Read this blog for all the proof you need.

    The Declaration of Independence is NOT our nations founding document. Don't know where you went to school, but you obviously weren't paying attention. The DoI didn't found a new government, nor a new nation. In fact when it was written what form of governance the former British colonies in America would have, or even if they would join together under a single government was still an open question. Had you gone to a good school, or paid attention, you'd be aware that there was a government formed and disbanded between the Colonies winning the War of Independence and the Constitution founding our current government. Ever hear of the Articles of Confederation, hint is has nothing to do with the traitors to our country, who formed the Southern Confederacy during the Civil War? You might try Googling it and education yourself. The combination of ignorance and arrogance in absolutely stunning.

  20. Ignorance and arrogance? Without the DoI there are no Articles of Confedaration, Constitution or Bill of Rights, we're still a British colony.The DoI made all that possible,therefore; our founding document.
    As to Jefferson,The DoI was written primarily by him, with revisions by both Franklin & John Adams. The Continental Congress revised it further still & deleted 1/5th of it,so to say he solely wrote it is incorrect. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are very much compatible with Christianity.
    Were the Founders Deist?
    John Adams, "The general principles on which the Fathers achieved independence were ... the general principles of Christianity... I avow that I then believed & now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal & immutable as the existence of God; and that those principles are as unalterable as human nature".

    "without religion this world would be something not fit to be mentioned in polite company, I mean hell".

    Ben Franklin,
    Widely considered to be the least religious of the Founders, when responding to Thomas Paine in a letter urging caution over his plans to publish The Age of Reason said " if man is so wicked with religion, what would they be without it".

    Samuel Adams responed to Paine; "Do you think that your pen, or the pen of any other man, can unchristianize the mass of our citizens, or have you hopes of converting a few of them to assist you in so bad a cause?"

    Benjamin Rush, "absurd & impious".
    Charles Carroll "blasphemous writngs against Christianity"
    Jonh Witherspoon "ignorant of human nature as well as an enemy of the Christian faith"

    John Quincy Adams accused Paine of having departed from the fundamental principles that produced strong representative government.

    John Jay Zephaniah Swift, Patrick Henry, Josiah Barlett, David Brearly, John Dickinson, Gabriel Duvall, John Hart,George Mason(Father of the Bill of Rights), John Morton, Robert Treat Paine, Charles Pickney, Richard Stockton, Gunning Bedford, Daniel Boone,Elias Boudinot, Jacob Broom, James Iredell, William Samuel Johnson. James Kent, Francis Scott Key, Timothy
    Pickering, Roger Sherman, I could go on for quite a while, Christians all, they either signed the DoI or Constitution or both or were Governors, Supreme Court Justices, or U.S. military. Still contend that our Founders were Deists?

    Pagan Rome gave us our civil laws? Are you kidding me? That bastion of debauchery and wholesale slaughter! LOL!!!!

    Common Law

    "The practice of morality being necessary for the well-being of society, He has taken care to impress its precepts so indelibly on our hearts that they shall not be effaced by the subtleties of our brain. We all agree in the obligation of the moral precepts of JESUS(my capitals) & NOWHERE will they be found delivered in greater purity than in his discourses"
    Thomas Jefferson

    You revionists keep trying, don't you? You call evil, good and good, evil. You resist the Holy Spirit, you are just like your father, and I don't mean your Dad. Repent, that your sins may be washed away! Time is not your friend.

    Oh! you may call me whatever you like, I expect to be persecuted and it doesn't bother me at all, My Savour Lives!

    Craig in Lacey

  21. Yes, Craig, expecting to be persecuted and therefore seeing persecution where none exists seems to be rampant among right wing Christians these days.

  22. No such thing as a right or left wing Christian.

  23. Of course Christianity and the Torah had a great impact on our laws. It bothers me that so many believe it has not been so, it means some of the right wingers who tell me the secular leftists are changing our history has much merit. Go to It gives credence to conspiracy theories. Go to the Constitutional meeting Notes , if one has any question . otherwise you ae just repeating propaganda. Showing ignornace for ideaological standing .

    Jefferson had a pamphlet written on his behalf when he ran for prescient . There had been a strong attack character campaign against him , one rumor was he was a deist. Abigail Adams said so herself . The pamphlet written and widely distributed along the frontier " no easy task back then" was written by a close friend of Jefferson's and supported his Strong belief in Jesus Christ. Otherwise Jefferson would never had been elected.

    Many of our laws were based on Common law, from the Judea Christian tradition , we are more statues now, but our Christian heritage and tradition of course has been part of our rich history. Does not mean we are a Christian nation , it means Christianshappen to be our Religion of choice at the time and was influenced by it . sheeesh . Thank God too , we are much motr tolerant then other countries.Except I find in the more liberal pc areas.



  24. Of course Christianity and the Torah had a great impact on our laws.
    Please Mick, an example of law that wasn't present in pagan Rome or in pre-Christian AngloSaxon law precedence. What 'great impact' was there? Property law? No. Murder? No. Theft? No. Religious freedom? Definitely no. Where is this 'great impact?

    The pamphlet written and widely distributed along the frontier " no easy task back then" was written by a close friend of Jefferson's and supported his Strong belief in Jesus Christ. Otherwise Jefferson would never had been elected.
    Was that the pamphlet written by the Unitarian Priestley? Regardless Jefferson did not believe in Jesus the Christ he only appreciated Jesus the man. He thought Paul was the greatest corruptor of Christianity because he converted the religion of Jesus into a religion about Jesus. As he wrote the Reverend Benjamin Rush:

    "I am a Christian, in the only sense he (Jesus) wished anyone to be; sincerely attached to his doctrines, in preference to all others; ascribing to himself every human excellence, and believing he never claimed any other."

    Go get a copy of Jefferson's work 'The life and morals of Jesus of Nazareth', one of two works commonly called 'The Jefferson Bible'. That is what Jefferson thought Christianity should mean and there is no magic, no superstition, no assuming Jesus, the sone of Mary and Joseph, is any more a son of God than any one else, and most certainly it is missing the dogmatic assumptions that plague some sects of Christianity today.

    Thomas Paine was a dyed in the wool Atheist, Washington a Grand FreeMason who never took communion at his church and was described as a Deist by his friends after he had passed. Ben Franklin was a Quaker who don't even meet the measuring stick of 'Christian' by many modern sects and again did not subscribe to the divinity of Jesus. The list goes on if you even bother to look.

    Yes I'm sure there were many Christians of many sects that were involved in the formation of this country but the names you remember from grade school are very much not those kind of people. The 'christian virtues' are intuitively obvious and need no divine revelation to be recognized as good ways to guide a society, but Christian dogma and superstition? It is how some can obsess about these and lose complete track of the virtues that I feel makes the whole package just too dangerous to open.


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