Thursday, November 18, 2010

High School "Coming Out" Assembly Excludes Parents

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A recent "coming out" assembly in a Massachusetts high school is yet another reason why parents must remain vigilant and laws must be passed to help restore rightful honor and authority to parents.

Seven teachers, in a
panel discussion, at Concorde-Carlistle High School told their "coming out" stories and encouraged kids to do the same.

The kids were told that if they want to discuss their homosexual issues, that their parents will not be informed of anything----that it's completely private.

Clearly this is another act of indoctrination---not education. All behind the back of parents.

A parental notification bill will be presented in Massachusetts this next session.

There will also be a parental notification bill presented in the Washington State legislature in 2011.

Faith and Freedom has been asked to give strong support to the bill.

Indeed we will. We will be sharing details with you in the coming days. It is going to take a concerted effort by all of us to see it become law, but certain lawmakers feel this is the time. I totally agree.

There will be a fight to kill the bill because activists know when given a chance to "op-in" on these kinds of activities, parents don't.

A good parental notification bill can effectively address "secret" indoctrination assemblies and panels and will address matters similar to the Ballard High School student who was released from class to get an abortion during the school day, all without her parents approval or knowledge.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. This meeting was organized in response to the recent spate of gay teen age suicide.

    You avoid suicide by giving these teens a safe harbor to discuss their feelings and issues. Not by judging them and telling them that they're natural feelings makes them evil. They commit suicide when they feel they have no where to turn.

    Where were the parents of these kids who killed themselves? Were the parents part of the problem?

    There are no easy answers here, but I'm glad to see the teachers reaching out to help prevent teen suicide.

  2. Teachers are not reaching out to prevent teen suicide when they blantly advance Gay Straight Alliance and other pro-homosexual programs and cirriculum. I believe these programs are primarily designed for outreach and indoctrination, not assistance.
    Homosexual behavior is destructive physically and mentally. I have witnessed it. Kids are told it's genetic and normal, yet their natural emotions suggest otherwise, which leads to despair, hopelessness and sometimes suicide. There is help for these kids and I have never seen Gary suggest there is not, nor that help should be denied to them. The anger of the gay activists is always vented toward anyone who does not embrace and celebrate the life style and the agenda. Gary and many others, including myself, simply see a very different solution to the problem.
    Blaming parents is the standard line from progressive left educators. Parents are generally not to blame, but they are always isolated by school policies. Schools tell the kids not to confide in their parents, whether the issue is abortion, homosexual behavior or any number of other issues. Then when things go bad for the child, it's the parents fault.
    M.D. in Bellevue

  3. I think gay activists will use anything to promote homosexuality. they do well in schools because sex education has been high jacked by gay activists. They are using the teen suicide crises as an opportunity for their own agenda, not to help the kids. Like Obama says, never let a crises go to waste.

  4. We are getting some posts saying Gary is misrepresenting this story. Some contain content that we cannot publish.
    The following is a link to a pro-family, pro-marriage organization in Mass. that is directly involved in the issue. You can decide if we misrepresented the issue.

    Faith and Freedom Staff

  5. So, FFN staff posting anonymously, claims that they are unable to post a link to the local paper's story on this event, but they feel free to post a link to a hate site's distorted version of events. And you wonder why people accuse you of anti-gay bigotry?

    The only reason you "cannot publish" my post is because it links to the facts, and exposes your pro-bullying stance. There was nothing offensive in the post and you know it.

    Although, I have to wonder if it was the links, or the mentions of suicides of bullied gay teens that prompted the censorship.

    Why not provide a link to other side of the story, rather than re-iterating your misrepresentations to allow readers to really decide for themselves if you are misrepresenting the issue?

    Anyone in interested in the truth, rather than spin from anti-gay hate groups, can google "carlislemosquito" to find out the real story.

    Be discerning, don't fall for pleasing lies for questionable sources!

  6. @10:28

    What a joke, you link to the only source for ONN's biased piece for readers to determine weather the piece is biased? Why not simply allow links to the local newspaper's unbiased account of events?

  7. @10:28,

    Wow! So Gary is accurately repeating the misrepresentations of a hate group. Color me unimpressed. Of course, if you had any integrity at all you'd allow a link to the local news story on the event...

  8. Haha ... funny one, Faith and Freedom "staff." We're supposed to read the "report" from a biased anti-gay organization to determine whether Gary is misrepresenting the issue?

    The worst thing you can do to a gay kid is to convince him/her that he/she is "broken," "sick," or that they can change. I know, because I was there. I was convinced that God could -- and would -- change me, and when it didn't happen, and I was deep into my 20s, I considered stepping in front of a moving bus before I finally got help. Back then, I never imagined the world I'm in today: 15 years into a lifelong monogamous relationship (and legally married) and filled with happiness. That's not the message I got growing up in the 80s, and it took years to unwind it.

    All scientific research points to two facts:

    1) You cannot change your sexual orientation. If you are straight and you think a panel discussion, or a gay-friendly TV show, gay-friendly laws, or a Hollywood star's public support for gay marriage can make you gay, I have news for you: You already are.

    2) The healthiest gay people are the ones who learn to love themselves just as they are. The ones who are hurting most are the ones who receive messages broadcast by groups like this one, as well as MassResistance.

    I congratulate these brave teachers for telling their personal stories ... especially since they grew up in times much harder for gay people than we see today.

  9. Such a shame that Gary repeats misrepresentations from questionable groups because it pleases his anti-gay agenda, rather than do a little research, be discerning and learn the true facts.

    The event in question took place outside of school hours, and parents were notified in advance (assuming they are involved in the first place). The following is from the archives of listserv for notifications at the school:

    "Come listen to a panel of seven of your teachers talk about their
    experiences coming out as gay or lesbian. The panel will feature Mr.
    Miller, Mr. Pennucci, Ms. Hull, Ms. Slocum, Mr. Atlas, Mr. Woodnal, and
    Ms. Atwater-Rhodes. The event will take place in the Little Theater TODAY
    at 6pm. Pizza will be served afterwards. This is event is sponsored by
    Spectrum and is being done in honor of National Coming Out Day and to
    raise awareness about the high risk of suicide among gay teens. For this
    reason, we are calling this event, ├ČIt Gets Better. See you there."

    What a shame that Gary chooses to propagate the fear-mongering and misrepresentations of a group like MassResistance, rather than take the time and make the least effort to discern the truth.

    So this shows that MassResistance is being dishonest when they call this after school event an "assembly" and claim not to know if it was mandatory, and again when they say that parents were not notified of it.

  10. I feel like this article summary represents more the Blogger's personal opinion than the information presented in the original news article. Perhaps providing a link to the actual article would quell some of the discontent here; that way, readers can view the original source along with the Blogger's interpretation and come to their own conclusions.

    One of the most important rules of paraphrasing any text that is not your own writing is to properly cite your sources. Accurate citation prevents accusations of plagiarism and allows readers to refer to the original text for their own writing or research.


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