Wednesday, November 03, 2010

There's an Elephant in the Room

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Well, at least he's in the House---the House of Representatives.

This phrase is often used to describe something that everybody knows, but won't talk about. In this case, the size of the elephant cannot be ignored. They cannot pretend he doesn't exist.

There are several races here in Washington that are yet to be called---notably Dino Rossi for Senate and John Koster, 2nd District US Congress. There are others, as well. We are watching them.

There were several comments last night that I believe, in many ways, define this historic election. There was inspiration. There was sincerity. And there was, well, Maria Cantwell.

Inspirational. Marco Rubio. US Senate from Florida
opened his victory speech with, "I want to acknowledge a simple, but profound truth---we are all children of a powerful and great God. Things are not always going to end up the way you want them. His will is not always going to be yours, but I promise you this, no matter what you face in life, He will give you the strength to go through it. I bear witness to that tonight as so many of you do in your own life, acknowledged in everything we do and every where we go."

Sincerity. John Boehner, presumptive Speaker of the House,
shared his own story of hard work and now how honored he is to serve the people of America. He tearfully promised: It's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work---It's clear who the winners really are; the American people---This is not a time to celebrate---we will celebrate when America is back to work and government is brought under control---we must build a better future for our kids and grand kids---message to President Obama, "change course".

Presumptuous and Threatening. Senator Maria Cantwell, as the massive shift takes place in Congress---as the elephant moves into the room, she along with her colleagues have already started
calling for "compromise," "bi-partisanship."

She said the GOP victories in the US House, "Make it more incumbent on us to work together."

She continued: "The Republicans kind of threw a wrench into getting things done, but now they've got the House, well they can't just say no and have things not go anywhere. People will just be angry again in two years from now."

I guess she means that the Republican minority that was excluded from every legislative outing of the President and his people, most notably Healthcare, must now NOT do what the people have asked them to do. Rather than change the course of the country, they should compromise and look for ways to work with a President whose policies were massively rejected yesterday. Or the people will get mad at them.

That sure makes sense.

Like her or not, Sarah Palin often says what many are thinking. Yesterday she said, "Now is not a time to Compromise."
She said, "The GOP has to understand, that machine has to understand, we are not sending Republicans, commonsense conservatives, to DC to sing kumbaya with Obama, we're sending them to stop Obama."

She said if they don't get that, "They are going to find themselves without a job in 2012."

Our mandate is to be vigilant and active and vocal---help these newly elected officials keep their promises.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Well said Sarah Palin.

  2. So if your not open to compromise, and the left responds accordingly, how do you propose that anything gets done to fix the unemployment problem?

    Or will the unemployed just have to wait a couple years while you work solely to defeat Obama?

  3. Patty Murray. Barney Frank. Feeling your pain in the BlueBlood state.

  4. Make no mistake the GOP is not interested in compromise or negotiation, their real leaders said it back in 2008 and saint Sarah is saying it today; they have no interest in solving the deficit (which has been reduced under Obama and Pelosi) or unemployment (which has improved slightly under Obama and Pelosi) or fixing the economy (which is showing signs of recovery from nearly a decade of Republican misrule), thier only goal is to attack and weaken a Democratic President. Expect no legislative initiatives from the new House leadership, they are without ideas on how to fix our nations current problems (which are mostly of their own making). I predict the only actions taken by a GOP lead house will be the wasting of millions of taxpayer dollars on partisan investigations of the President. What else can one expect, they have already clearly stated that going after this President is their only real goal.


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