Friday, November 12, 2010

Top Marine James Amos says, "Don't Do It"

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President Obama hand picked General James Amos to be the Marine Corps Commandant, his first appointment to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Now General Amos is not playing along with the President as he attempts to satisfy homosexual activists who helped elect him.

Amos is telling the truth. And he's
telling it like it is. And he is opposing the repeal of "don't ask-don't tell".

He says, "There is nothing more intimate than young men and young women---laying out, sleeping alongside of one another and sharing death, fear and loss of brothers. I don't know what the effect of that will be on cohesion. I mean, that's what we're looking at. It's unit cohesion, it's combat effectiveness."

The President seems to be more intent on pacifying his homosexual supporters, then combat effectiveness.

Are we now wanting to use our military, as we do public education, as a social experiment?

Homosexual activists who helped elect the President have been angered that he has not acted quickly enough or done enough for them. The repeal of "don't ask-don't tell" seems to be President Obama's best attempt on their behalf.

However, much has changed and the 2011 Congress will be quite different than the 2010 class.

Rasmussen survey out yesterday found that 56% say they think Congress should wait until newly elected members take office after the first of the year to take on any major legislation.

But 76% think they won't do it. Two-thirds of Americans think Team Obama, Pelosi and Reid will attempt to cram through major legislation, including the bill that contains the repeal.

I wonder what would cause people to think that?

Congress resumes Monday.

I expect the report on "don't ask don't tell," which is due by December 1, to find there will be no negative effect resulting from open homosexual behavior in the military. The Obama team will then attempt to ram through the 2011 defense and budget bill---in which they chose to insert the repeal, with no discussion or review of the report.

John McCain, who knows something about military combat, says he will mount a filibuster if Reid tries to bring up repeal.

The Republicans who oppose the repeal are already being accused of "favoring discrimination."

Anyone who does not embrace and celebrate homosexual behavior or even merely defends natural marriage and family or advocates biblical morality, is automatically tagged as intolerant, bigoted, hateful and in the way.

While Washington State did not embrace commonsense, as most of the country did in this past election, the new Congress will be more linked to the historical values and principles that has caused America to become the exceptional nation that it is.

May God continue to help and bless us.

Be Prayerful. Be Vigilant. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Newsflash: Our military men are ALREADY bunking with gay men! Our current military policy allows gay men to serve as long as they keep their orientation secret. Most servicemembers know, however, which others in their unit are gay.

    The Pentagon study has already been leaked. Vast majorities of the military branches do not believe lifting DADT will cause problems. And the whole thing is hardly a "social experiment" -- more than 30 countries have allowed gays to serve openly with no detrimental effects on their militaries. Furthermore, around 70 percent of the public believes the ban should be lifted.

    Why are you being accussed of "favoring discrimination"? Because you allow your hatred of gay people to override the facts in the matter.

    PS - Curious why you never describe scenarios where women have to bunk with gay women? Is it because it doesn't give your base the same heebie-jeebies has two men bunking together?

  2. You know, if I was freaked out about the possibility of showering or bunking with a gay guy, I'd want to know who they were.

    Seems to me that you're the one putting our military at risk by forcing them to unknowingly interact with gay people !!! Gross !!!!

  3. 70% of the people in the southern states believed that slavery was morally proper and that there shouldn't be a ban on ownership. That the majority of people believe something is proper doesn't necessarily make it so. Which of those countries you sight is actively involved in combat? Then and only then can you review combat effectiveness. If I was a women or a man I wouldn"t want someone checking out my package.
    Perversion is perversion.

    Craig in Lacey

  4. Please don't lump ALL of Washington on the liberal progressives who run King County into the rest of the 39 counties - only 3 to 4 counties run blue in this state but unfortunately, the loons running King County keep taking tax money and lining each others' pockets for their elections. Did you notice how Patty Murray benefited from that? They also think they decide who is the Governor as well.

    It's time to take serious action against King County. They do NOT speak for Washington.

  5. DADT will be replaced with gay and lesbians serving openly in the military. Hopefully it will be done by the president in an orderly fashion. The courts getting involved in this , and those who support that I believe fail to consider the military and its role in defending America.Some actually have no concern for the military or the sacrifices they make and their families make for this country . many use days to honor vets as methods to protest on other issues . Shame on them.

    For one those men and women who see the policy being replaced should be allowed time to get out of the military if they believe their beliefs or other reasons make them believe they will not be able to serve with the same dedication and obedience as before.

    Also the military does discriminate , it has to , on age, weight, gender, it actually can discipline for sexual behavior such as adultery, etc. The First Amendment Rights of a soldier are what ? The same as a private citizen . Of course not . If the culture suggests gays in the military is acceptable , in its best interest , the President, his advisor's and military Higher ups should direct the policy and its new implementation . issues such as sleeping quarters , etc should be addressed.

    What I find strange are the liberals who so loudly and claim to take such higher ground on this issue . Such as the newest Supreme Court Justice and her supporters of her actions when she was a head of a college. Who thought she had the right to stop recruiters on a college campus, thus hurting the military chances of giving the opportunity to our smartest and best recruits because of her ideology . She stopped an opportunity for our military to increase its ransk with some of the smartest and best soldiers, including gays , which also helps the safety and ability of the military and our own safety as a people. Now when it comes to DADT her personal idealogy supports itb being replaced, as do the other anti military leftist. Usually with a list of the ills America has on its conscience also .
    But yet have no regard or guilt over the fact that as with the brave gay men and women serving , they too in increased numbers have to deal with that hypocracy that promotes a military being less able to have the best men and women in its ranks , which leads to all their safety and all ours .

    Discrimination is part of the military policy of making sure we have the best, One day it will be fitting if the gays in the military vote repuublican because they want to make sure their benefits for their partners are kept up , their schooling and equipment is top notch , and they know who really cares and realizes how much they as INDIVIDUALS have given to this country by their service.



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