Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Weeks Of Tyranny?

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I grew up hunting ducks in the Yakima Valley.

I know lame ducks exist, but I have never seen one in flight. Ducks are smart and purposeful.

The next two weeks, beginning today, so-called "lame ducks" have flocked back to the natural habitat of Washington DC to hold a so-called, "lame-duck," two-week session of Congress.

Will it be two weeks of tyranny?

Those who have been removed from power by virtue of the recent election, may be lame in tenure, but seem willing to fire the last shot toward a citizenry that has rejected them, their abuse of power and the President's policies they have enabled and advanced.

Without accountability, the old majority has said they want to eliminate tax relief for business owners in the worst economy in recent memory, seek to repeal the "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" policy, even though many non-politicized military leaders oppose the move, continue and advance tax-payer-funded college scholarships for illegal aliens, confirm radical judges, verify treaties that undermine the sovereignty of the United States and attempt to merge House and Senate bills to incorporate provisions that advance climate change legislation.

Are these people anti-American? Or deluded by the loud minority voice of a far-left White House and media? Confused?---Out of touch with those who elected them in 2006 and 2008, or simply don't care?

Who knows?

What we do know is that the next two weeks could be two weeks of tyranny.

Just as duck hunters shield themselves from view in duck blinds, political lame ducks shield themselves by professing to be doing the people's work, even though the people have removed them from office.

Several national organizations are asking people to sign petitions opposing some of the agenda I listed above. While I wholeheartedly agree with that kind of action and it is most often very effective, I'm wondering how effective it could be with this group over the next two weeks.

Will Senator Patty Murray have a change of heart because she receives a message from someone who opposes her positions? How about Maria Cantwell? It can't hurt to communicate with them, but will it matter to them?

The greatest impact on the next two weeks, I believe, would be focused, purposeful prayer. Specific prayer, asking God to intervene on behalf of America, her purpose and destiny.

I am personally setting aside time every day for the next two weeks to pray that the far left agenda for our country will be restrained during this volatile time.

Would you join me? I know we should always pray for our country and its leaders, and I believe many of you do.

I'm thinking of a very focused, fervent prayer for our nation and God's will for our country, specifically during the next two weeks.

If you want to let me know you are joining with us, just send a
personal email. It is always encouraging to know you are standing with others of like mind and heart with singular purpose.

God answers prayer. Thank you for standing with us.

Be Prayerful. Be Vigilant. Be Purposeful. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. It's difficult to call a vote to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell during the lame-duck session as "tyranny" when about 70% of the public supports repealing the law, and the now-leaked Pentagon study shows a vast majority of servicemembers support repeal and believe the change will have no negative effects at all.

    But logic and truth have never been this site's essential elements.

  2. Prayer, that's the ticket! Because either -

    A) God's just not proactive and will only do what's best for America if we bug him enough, or

    B) God's just not perceptive enough to know what to do without being reminded

  3. Gary I admire and respect your class and wisdom in allowing the above comment which mocks prayer, those who practice it and maybe God Himself, to be posted. Those comments should be a learning moment for all of us who believe in prayer, worship God and sometimes wonder where the far left is coming from.

  4. Our soldiers live, sleep, eat and shower together. I seriously doubt that our servicemen would not object to being watched in the shower by somebody who is sexually attracted to them. (I could get far more graphic; however, I will not lower myself to that degree.)

    This nation has been greatly blessed and preserved by the Almighty. Such blessings are contingent upon obedience to His laws. If our soldiers, who go into harms way for us, should now lose His blessings, I shutter to think of what the consequences of that would be.

    We can argue intellectually all we want regarding the gay question. God has spoken and is not moved by sophistry, rhetoric or argument. He knows all truth. I may not have all the answers but He does.

    As Benjamin Franklin said; "This are forbidden because they are harmful, they are not harmful because they are forbidden."

    Five thousand years of human history have taught us that misusing the reproductive powers God has granted is disastrous.

  5. God inspires, but otherwise His intervention may not always be obvious. Believing in miracles, I can only pray for a rational government of & by the people that may provide justice-security-stability and be without the extremes of left or right politics. I expect congress to do nothing constructive, lame-duck or otherwise, as it continues in conflict with those extremes in policy. Ok. Co., WA


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