Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gagged by the Flag

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TIME Magazine has hailed Julian Assange, an Internet hacker from Australia, "The Wizard Of Oz." And they aren't using a question mark.

Although Assange is now in custody, he will not disappear any time soon. Nor will his mission. The press has seized the moment to extol their own virtues, using Assange as their newest, most visible prop.

TIME has
depicted Assange with an American flag over his mouth, keeping him from talking.

His cause, he has said, is to cripple American "imperialism." A cause, I suppose, that is consistent with terrorists around the world.

Is it odd that "imperialism" would be attached to the country that has freed more people from tyranny and given more charity to the poor and needy than any country in the history of the world? Probably not, given the hate and envy some can foster.

It is generally believed that TIME Magazine will make Julian Assange their 2010 "Person of the Year." The TIME announcement will come on December 14.

Richard Stengel, TIME Magazine editor, wrote in his "To Our Readers" letter that Assange is out to "harm American national security," but he says, "the right of news organizations to publish those documents has historically been protected by the First Amendment ."

Brent Bozell, president of
Media Research Council says, "Some might ask, on the people's behalf: In our democracy, whom do you trust to defend you from another terrorist attack? TIME Magazine? The New York Times? Who elected them to act as our guardians against terrorist violence and mayhem?"

And speaking of electing those who would look out for our national security, Christian Whiton, a former US State Department senior advisor, has written a very
telling article titled, "Dereliction of Duty: Obama and the WikiLeaks Train Wreck." I recommend you read it.

Stengel told CNN the media's role is to "publish and be damned," which Bozell says is the media's way of saying "the public be damned."

In Assange's world our Pentagon is always lying and the idealistic liberals and leftists are always exposing them with the "sensitive truths."

If someone is being "gagged by the flag," is it Julian Assange? And his allies in the "free" press? Or is it the American people who once again are getting a bad rap for being good and trying to protect themselves from terrorists while the terrorists abuse our freedoms to advance their own anti-American agenda?

You tell me.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Free. Be Thankful.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. His cause, he has said, is to cripple American "imperialism." A cause, I suppose, that is consistent with terrorists around the world.

    Is it odd that "imperialism" would be attached to the country that has freed more people from tyranny and given more charity to the poor and needy than any country in the history of the world? Probably not, given the hate and envy some can foster.
    I wonder why a Christian Democracy would go against the commandment "HONOR THY MOTHER AND FATHER," and saddle it's sickest senior citizens with something like the prescription drug DONUT HOLE? The compassion of Christ is not in the DONUT HOLE policy.

  2. It's not hard to understand how others may view the US as imperialistic, just take off the rose colored glasses. I liken you to the parent that can see nothing wrong with their own children's behavior while everyone around them at the restaurant is appalled.

    In Iraq for example, you see us taking down a horrible dictator and freeing the populace. Others see over 100,000 innocent civilians murdered when we invaded a country that hadn't attacked us. They see a country destroyed without cause.

    Throughout history, we've relied on a free press to tell us the truth and hold our government accountable. The new corporate entertainment press no longer fills that role.

    Like it or not, Julian is just filling a vacuum and providing the transparency in government we need. How can we hold our government accountable unless we know what it is really doing?

    I for one am thankful he's there and I'm thankful for our Constitution that provides for freedom of the press.

    You'll brand me as an America Hater or a Blame America Firster. Contrary, I'm a realist who believes America can once again be the great nation she once was.

  3. What's really telling about Whiton's article is what isn't told. Namely, as alluded to obliquely in the first graph, the leaks of secret documents to WikiLeaks started under the previous administration, the one in which Whiton served. But rather than admit that fact, he just weasels out and says it's "debatable" if Obama is to blame or not.

    Then the article doesn't tell us that Whiton has been suggesting for the past month that Assange and others connected to WikiLeaks be declared "enemy combatants" a euphemism designed by the previous administration (you know the one that destroyed our economy and left us mired to two failing wars - and Whiton served in)to obscure their repeated desecration of our Constitution and their war crimes.

  4. Ralph in Everett

    You can nitpick that our country isn't perfect,no country governed by the frailties of humans ever will be. Gary's statement is accurate on the face of it, ask the Europeans who are old enough to remember WWII, the Japanese, the Koreans, the former Soviet satellite nations, the victims of genocide in Bosnia, the tsunami in Asia, starvation in Africa. Can more be done? Absolutely, but not when our President states that America is not an exceptional country. That we're one among many. What example does that set for the next generation?
    What example does it set when you leftists promote perversion
    and class warfare? I think you have another agenda in your criticism.

    Craig in Lacey

  5. Those who leaked this stuff (all by computer hacking?) are criminal terrorists. Of course, by definition isn't terrorists' key element intimidation (& my response)- and I can apply that to many entities- even authority figures- IRS, Courts, Judges, Lawyers, City Hall, Police, etc... (And I've never yet applied for my breathing license! Which keeps me underground.)
    I very often disagree with you Gary, but not this time.
    Rural NC WA John Birch Liberal

  6. Craig,

    Just how does a President stating that he believes the current right-wing version of American Exceptionalism help feed the starving in Africa? Oh, and BTW the only people promoting class warfare these days are the GOP. Of course as usual they are doing so disputatiously, spewing populist rhetoric out of one side of their mouth, while promoting deficit busting tax cuts for the extremely wealthy and benefits cuts for everyone else out the other.

  7. 9:30

    America is an exceptional country, period. No right-wing or left-wing version is needed. That is precisely why the examples
    I gave are true. Class warfare is equating small business owners who make a million a year with Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. It is these small businesses that are the backbone of our economy, not the multi-nationals. Raise the taxes on those making 10 or 20 million a year, not 1 or 2. Better yet, impose a flat tax. Everybody pays the same rate, no deductions, period

    The President disparaging our country certainly sets a bad example for our youth. If we're not exceptional, then why go the extra mile to help those starving or diseased or stricken with disaster? Why are people risking their lives to get here?

    I am proud of my country, it's not perfect, but I'd rather live here than anywhere on earth. I think most people feel the same. I'm sorry you do not.

    Craig in Lacey

  8. Craig,

    Just who is equating small business owners with Bill Gates or Warren Buffet? The existence of astronomically wealthy men like Gates and Buffet doesn't negate the fact that by most measures someone making 1 or 2 millions dollars a year, that $1,000,000-$2,000,000 a year adjusted gross income - not net receipts, is rich. And don't give me any of that standard BS about these tax cuts allowing the small business owner to hire more people, because it simply isn't true. No small business owner pays ANY income taxes on wages or benefits paid to any employee he hires. In fact no business does, because as a business expense, salaries and benefits are deducted from gross receipts before arriving at a profit.

    Also, everyone already pays the same income tax rate. Bill Gates pays the exact same rate on his first $20,000 of income that you and I do. Well that's not entirely true, with deductions I and probably you pay very little on a first $20k of income and Mr Gates pays none at all, since you and I get to deduct a good portion of that, and most likely Gates deducts several times the average income before paying any taxes. So cry me a river for those poor, poor small business owners trying to make due on a mere $1,000,000-$2,000,000 a year.

    I guess it may be different for you, but I don't go the extra mile helping disaster victims etc. because I think America is exceptional, I do it because they are my fellow human beings in need and I have the means and ability to assist them. If you think your idea of American Exceptionalism is the reason aid workers risk their lives, then how do you account for all the aid workers from other (unexceptional) countries? Why did a group of French doctors found Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) when they live in an unexceptional country like France? Why did a group of Bob Geldof form Band Aid to raise funds for African famine relief when he comes from unexceptional Ireland?

    Just because you are unaware of the charitable activities of the rest of the world doesn't mean they don't exist.

    I'm guessing you've never spent any length of time abroad, it would certainly explain your attitude. I've lived in European and Asian countries and learned from that experience first hand that what Gary attacks Obama for stating is true, just about everyone in every country thinks their country is exceptional.

    And just to set the record straight. I am proud of my country, and would rather live here than anywhere else, and unlike some as say that as someone, who actually has the ability to make that choice.

    John in Seattle

  9. Craig,

    Keep in mind that just as your pride in country comes mostly from that fact that you were born here, your Christianity is likely similarly geographically determined. It's really not so different from being a Seahawk fan just because you're from Seattle.


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