Friday, December 10, 2010

Obama's Repeal Fails---Gregoire Calls Emergency Session Tomorrow

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Two things.

First, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid failed to get the necessary 60 votes for a procedural motion to start consideration of the 2011 defense authorization bill which contains a provision to repeal the "Don't Ask--Don't Tell" military policy.

The President and his enablers believed if they attached the repeal to the funding bill, they could force it through.

They were wrong. The military will be funded and it appears the President has likely failed to deliver on another promise, although he promises to fight on for his activist homosexual constituents.

In an email late yesterday, President Obama's "Organizing for America" said he is not done fighting.

Second. Governor Gregoire has called Washington State lawmakers to an emergency session which convenes tomorrow morning at 9 AM.

Purpose? To fix the financial mess created by habitually over-spending in a down economy.

The Governor told
The Seattle Times, "If all goes well and the creek don't rise, we'll go home Saturday night."

They will likely go home Saturday night. But, make no mistake, the "creek is rising."

Gregoire said she doesn't expect to solve the entire budget problem for this fiscal year---and she certainly won't.

I have linked
The Seattle Times article on tomorrow's session. The Times gives considerable detail on a number of cost-cutting considerations that are on the table.

The ultimate solution lies in the hands and hearts of the voters. Maybe next time we can get a majority and a true conservative Governor.

Have a great weekend.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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1 comment:

  1. As regards DADT, Gary is elated that a majority of the Senate, was thwarted in passing legislation supported my a majority of voters and even a majority of the military. This isn't a case of Obama being thwarted in his attempts to appease "his activist homosexual constituents", it is a case of a minority of Senators acting to appease their anti-gay activist constituents like Gary Randall. It also puts the lie to their constant claims that "gay issues" should be decided by popular will. Their scruples with regards to these issues are entirely outcome based, and they are quite elated to see majority will ignored in pursuit of their anti-gay agenda.

    As for the partisan attacks on Governor Gregiore, let's just acknowledge it for the big old bowl of sour grapes from a man, who has backed a three time loser three times that it is. Far from being due to any "over-spending" as Gary falsely claims, the current budget crises is a question of more cuts needed because of revenue shortfalls. First revenues were down because of the disastrous economic situation created by Bush and the GOP Congress, secondly it is due to the voters' rejection of minor tax increases that along with substantial spending cuts were used to balance the budget last session. Contrary to Gary's partisan fantasies, electing a "real conservative", like a certain three time statewide loser, would not magically make our state's budget situation better. I would ask Gary what ideas our Saviour Rossi would have for solving the current budget crisis, but we all know that Gary and Saint Rossi are devoid of ideas save "attack liberals". As always in this country when a crisis happens and a Conservative is in charge people of both parties act for the common good, when a Liberal is in charge, the Conservatives try and use the crisis for partisan advantage, even going so far as to act in such a way as to worsen the crisis.


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