Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President Obama; Last Night Was No Sputnik Moment

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Before we go into space with the President's State of the Union Speech last night, a couple of comments about the Monday hearing in Olympia:

Thank you for the incredible number of personal email I am receiving from both those who attended the hearing and those who were unable to attend.

I have been unable to personally respond to all comments, as we generally try to do.

This is a sampling of your comments:

"Subject: Re: Yesterday In Olympia
We eventually were told that we could watch the hearing on TVW in the Rotunda. Another hearing was being shown on one small TV, while another was blank. Finally, they told us it would be shown in the Senate Chamber and we could watch from the gallery. Both sides were filled, and we were, as you, tremendously blessed by those who spoke against this bill. Thank you for putting the word out. In spite of the hours of standing in the halls, it was worth it to show our legislators and the pregnancy resource centers how important this issue is to many of us. Lord-willing, I'll be there again on Feb 2nd for the SB hearing.

It was good to see you there. God bless you.


2 Things.

Please plan to attend the hearing on the Senate companion bill scheduled for Feb. 2. We will post details.

Second, call Representatives from your district, and tell them you strongly oppose the bill. You may access them through our


Last night was, in my opinion, no "Sputnik Moment" as the President had hoped.

I remember the real Sputnik moment. We were surprised and truly caught off guard by the sudden, unannounced space launch by the Soviets. America's response was genuine, sincere and not contrived.

It is impossible to re-create such a moment.

It is curious that a man who speaks often of moving on, looking ahead, forgetting the past, etc. would even attempt to re-capture and re-create an honest moment from the past. One that actually was a national surprise, experienced in relative innocence.

His attempt at a "Sputnik Moment" appeared to many to be a political ploy to further a political career.

The President seemed to be flat, lacking passion, while delivering some of the right words---and some that could have been left on his desk.

Mocking the TSA, and promising more government spending, while lecturing us on the national debt, left many pushing back a bit. Nancy and Harry, however, spoke of the great impact of the "moment".

His "The Future Is Ours to Win" idea left a good number of people believing he wants to win, (re-election) but may not be up to leading the country in the strong recovery we desperately need.

He said, "Thanks to the tax cuts we passed, Americans' paychecks are a little bigger today."

You will recall, the President and his allies tried to eliminate those "President Bush" tax cuts right up to the end of the year.


And, "This is our generation's Sputnik moment" ?


There is no surprise, after watching government grow and overreach, that the country is reaching the tipping point.

More spending on one hand. A spending freeze on the other hand. I heard a small businessman interviewed after the speech who simply said, "Are we eating crazy pills?" It was a total disconnect with real people, who do real things in a real world.

However, Representative Paul Ryan gave a reasoned, articulate response to the flat flow of carefully crafted words.

I have
linked the full text of his 10-minute speech, which you may not have seen on television.

You tell me. Did I miss something?


Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. "tried to eliminate those "President Bush" tax cuts right up to the end of the year"

    Actually, no, I don't remember that. I remember that he totally supported extending the tax breaks for all but the top 2% of tax payers.

    I think the speech wouldn't sounded just as great if he had said, "Thanks to the tax cuts we passed, 98% of Americans' paychecks are a little bigger today.

    Why can't you just be honest with your followers? You can create a good argument w/o being misleading.

  2. "'You will recall, the President and his allies tried to eliminate those "President Bush" tax cuts right up to the end of the year."

    The only Bush Tax Cuts Obama and his allies opposed were those for the very rich, $200k or more Taxable Income. Those would be the very same people, who have seen explosive growth in income while the rest of the economy sputters. The very same people, for whom the GOP held the tax cuts for the other 90% of the nation hostage to protect. The very same people, who the GOP will be thinking of when they gut social services throwing the poorest of the poor out on the streets so that they can be spared the horror of paying 3% more in taxes. The same people who don't pay the 7.5% FICA tax on half their income, while maids and garbagemen are paying it on every single dollar they earn.

    Of course anyone expecting honesty, equality or justice from Mr Randall simply isn't paying attention.

  3. Comparatively speaking, Mr. Randall gives more honesty, equality and justice than Mr. Obama, consistently. I guess I won't nit pick one comment. But,I just love the chart that shows the deficit spending of the last three presidents compared to Mr. Obama. And I really like the ramblings about green this and infrastructure that and the deceptive nature of the word 'invest' alongside a lecture to the American people about overspending. Hmm...I am still waiting for someone to make a chart comparing the average vacation cost for me, and the guy in the White House who works for me. Mr. Randall has too much class to go there. Finally, we dropped from 6 digit income to the poverty mark. I don't mind saying I will drop more to get rid of the hypocrisy and outright lies and get this country back on track.

  4. 5:38pm

    Oh, that's hilarious. You can't defend Gary's honesty absolutely, you can only do it comparatively in that you think he's not as dishonest as someone else.

    Thank you. Seriously, thank you.

  5. After tax breaks for the wealthy, the president now wants more tax breaks for the wealthy international corporations.
    Originally, corporations were allowed, under state laws, to pool finances and to limit liability for specific operations. They now exert power, write laws, govern, collect taxes (excessive billion dollar profits), manage our resources, operate as trusts, set prices, suppress wages, defy stockholders, and divert cash and national assets to foreign countries; all at the whim of powerful greedy executives. And all with the blessing of our supreme court, federal congress and executive branch. Even by a few state legislatures who want to give them more power to own and operate our public lands and utilities. (The misguided cry to privatize.) These corporations pay billions, unregulated, to bribe elected officials, or win elections, or sway public policy (advertisements) for the exclusive benefit of a few rich ungodly men. Their only goal is to separate as many of us from as much money as they can get with the least effort. They care nothing for our country, security, stability, environment, or individuals' health, prosperity, or even survival. And this trend was started by Reaganomics- Reagan admitted his trickle down policy was purely economic (misguided theory or massive con?) and did not consider ethics or morality at all. So much for our economic recovery and creation of jobs, unless you mean less than minimum wage scrub jobs.

  6. 7:00 P.M.

    And you're honest all the time? Or comparatively speaking?

    10:40 P.M

    You really thought the rich didn't take care of themselves? There is no government formed by man that can remove greed or avarice or pride or selfishness. That's an individual choice that each person must make and I'm so glad that there's a God who will hold each person accountable for their actions. It may not seem like it at times and a lot of pain and suffering is the result. God is not slack in his promise that we will reap what we sow. So store up your treasures in heaven, not here on earth. Let the blind lead the blind and they"ll both fall into a ditch.

    Craig in Lacey

  7. There is so much Christian compassion , empathy and concern for the unborn and yet there is no feeling for seniors caught in the donut hole or
    people that die from cancer because they can't afford health insurance and get screening tests
    to detect the cancer early.

    Defend the donuthole and the affordable health insurance issues to me . I don' think that you can and still call yourselves Christians.


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