Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yesterday In Olympia

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By 11:30 AM, yesterday morning, we counted over 330 people lining the halls outside the House Hearing Room on the Capitol campus. J.R. McGee, a real estate broker from Centralia, sent this picture to me last night. It is one hallway, looking only one way from about the middle, but gives you an idea of the crowd of people who value life and took time to attend the hearing on HB 1366. A bill that will essentially shut down the pro-life Pregnancy Centers.

As we took the head count, I counted 7 people who were wearing Planned Parenthood identification, the rest were wearing the "I Love Pregnancy Resource Centers" buttons.

I also had the opportunity to speak to so many of you who support us in our ministry and read our blogs.

I want to personally thank all of you who made the effort and stood in line---some for 2 hours, to attend the hearing in support of the Centers and of life.

It was unbelievable what would happen at around 12:45.

Small groups of Planned Parenthood/NARAL folks began showing up, meeting in the hallway, then moved collectively (about 70 or so) to the door of the hearing room, ahead of those standing in line---some for a couple of hours. A spokesperson for the House of Representatives, I presume, came out and announced that they wanted to be "fair" so they would be allowing 60 people from each side to enter the 120-seat hearing room. Ten or so Planned Parenthood supporters went to an off site room to watch the hearing, while perhaps as many as 350 to 400 pro-life people were left standing, welcome, I suppose, to also watch a screen somewhere.

That was the worst example of "fair" I have seen in a very long time.

Inside the hearing room, I heard a reasoned, calm, professional, classy and sincere testimony of why the Legislature must not pass this bill. I was incredibly proud of Representatives Brad Klippert and Kevin Parker who spoke against the bill. There were doctors, nurses, volunteers, a lawyer and former clients who spoke honestly and sincerely about the value of Pregnancy Centers. And how this bill, if passed, will essentially shut them down.

If the House passes this bill, it will be in spite of the obvious benefit and value to the communities where these centers serve. In spite of the more than 60,000 people they help each year and the $18,000,000 they save the State budget each year. It will be solely because of blind ideology or some debt owed to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

Oh, yes.

I was reminded of the importance of electing people to public office who believe in the sanctity of life. The value of family. And natural marriage.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Gary,

    Who do we need to contact to send a message that they better not pass this?

  2. I went and read the summary of HB 1366, and I don't understand what the complaint is since any ethical Center isn't doing any of the things the bill prohibits anyway.

    (It is the intent of the legislature that limited service pregnancy centers operating in Washington state provide truthful information about the services they offer, and maintain the privacy of and respect a person's right to his or her health care information.

    Doing this will "essentially shut down the pro-life Pregnancy Centers."

    In God's name how will truth, honesty and respect of a person's privacy do that?

  3. 423 I will try to help you out . If your serious about fairness, I just don't see how you can support what the legislature is doing . For one thing the signs being forced to be bought and erected , and the other things they are making theese non profits to do are only on them , not on abortion clinics . That alone would make anyone to wonder why are we regulating only pro life pregancy centers ? Do you really think pro life beliefs are all about deception and being unfair ?
    The rovision that allows any “aggrieved” person to sue a PRC for alleged violations is contrary to foundational principles of the civil law, which require that one must suffer damages, either monetarily or physically, before they have standing to bring a law suit. An “aggrieved” person is not one who suffers damages but rather is any person offended by the work of PRCs and PRMCs, i.e. an abortion-rights activist. Such a provision would put every PRC and PRMC in Washington at risk and subject to harassing law suits that would financially drain the center and possibly put them out of business.

    Violates the Equal Protection Clause in that it applies unequally based on ideology: the bill singles out pro-life PRCs for regulation in this manner and specifically excludes agencies such as Planned Parenthood and other abortion promoting agencies.

    · Violates the First Amendment: the bill regulates PRCs because of their position on abortion and their refusal to speak in one way – to provide an abortion or birth control referral. Such regulation of only one side of the debate explicitly for this reason may be viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment.

    · Violates the First Amendment by promoting view-point based compelling speech. Most PRCs and PRMcs have a religious charter, and hence, are unlikely to promote reproductive health materials that undermine their religious teachings. This would put them in violation of this Act.

    · Violates federal (and state) conscience clause protections of doctors and other medical professionals.
    The bill may apply to churches and other faith-based ministries other than PRCs – including those that provide post-abortion counseling, church ministries that serve pregnant women, etc. This may raise additional Establishment and Free Exercise Clause concerns.


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