Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trump---Obama and the Magnificent "IDORU"

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Donald Trump made waves when he started talking about the absence of Barack Obama's birth certificate on ABC's "The View". He is continuing to talk and to make waves.

This week POLITICO reported that Trump has produced his birth certificate and is asking Obama to do the same.

And NPR, not to miss the opportunity yesterday, jumped in, reporting on how the media is trying to "out-mock" the Trump story.

This is significant because Trump is more one of them than he is one of those "birther," non-elite types that have been talking about this issue for some time. The media has marginalized them, but what can they do with Trump?

Trump says, "And I didn't think this was such a big deal, but I will tell you, it's turning out to be a very big deal."

"All of a sudden," Trump says, "a lot of facts are emerging and I'm starting to wonder myself whether or not [Obama] was born in this country."

There is, indeed, a "big deal" aspect to all of this that even eclipses the birth certificate issue---and that is a big deal. If Barack Obama was not born here, he should not be President.

And will the "facts" that are emerging ever really see a legitimate light of day?

President Obama may well be America's first political "IDORU".

In his State of the Union address on January 25, 2011, many felt he pulled sheep's clothing over his obsessive spending and borrowing and told a country that is approaching insolvency that we need to spend more---not less, to fix what ails us. He called it "investing".

The media followed up the same evening and beyond, making it all sound like it was the right thing to do. The media nodded "yes," and some in the apathetic public said, "Sure, that makes sense."

According to recent polls only 1 in 5 believe the country is headed in the right direction. Not to worry, the media assures us everything is going to be just fine. They are, for their own reasons, among the 1.

Monday evening he left the Oval Office, went to the War College and told the nation and the world why he went to Libya without counsel or consent from Congress. The media said, "Okay that makes sense. Thank you for making that clear to everyone."

John McCain, no stranger to the military, war or politics, heard a different message. He told The Hill, "Gadhafi must be 'somewhat comforted' by Obama's speech."

The media has spent the week supporting the words and deeds of the President.

President Obama is without doubt our nation's greatest real time political celebrity in our history. He mesmerized the American public and most of the Western World during his candidacy. People wept, they fainted, they sang, they prayed, the news media swooned and Chris Matthews at MSNBC said Obama caused a "tingle to go down his leg."

He was seen by many as the "savior," "the one"--- The only person who could create hope and effect change.

Two years later the shine has faded---the mask has slipped. His silence on the important issues is deafening.

The man who voted "present" as a state legislator seems to be everywhere in the media yet absent on all the important issues of our time.

No one really knows where he stands on the issues. It seems he can't quite make up his mind on the important matters.

His initiatives have only generated controversy and failure.

Is he committed to the one or two week Libyan adventure or not? What are we trying to accomplish? What is the end game? Are we in or out? Is Congress to be circumvented or consulted on these matters? Are the articles of the Constitution to be observed or ignored? Is he for natural marriage or for redefining it? Is he pro-Israel or anti-Israel? Why does he support the so-called "democracy movement" in Egypt, but not in Syria or Iran?

And why do the statements from the White House always seem to be contradictory?

If his health care reform is so good, why has he already exempted public sector unions and Congressmen?

Is he for or against the mosque at Ground Zero? Is he in or out of Afghanistan? Does he admire or disapprove of Rev. Wright, his pastor for 20 years?

Is he able to take a reasoned, consistent principled position on anything?

In his book, "The Audacity of Hope," he, if he indeed wrote the book said, "I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views."

More than 10 years before any one had heard of Barack Obama, the introduction to the Obama Presidency may have been written by author William Gibson in his novel "IDORU".

The setting is in 21rst Century Tokyo. Rez, one of the world's biggest rock stars is about to marry Rei Toei, Japan's biggest media star.

The problem is, Rei Toei is an IDORU and exists only in virtual reality. Idoru means Idol in Japanese.

The IDORU was a media creation. A holographic emanation, an entirely virtual media star projected upon an adoring public.

A conversation in the book at a popular bar in Tokyo goes like this:

"Nobody's really famous anymore, Laney. Have you noticed that? I mean really famous? There's not enough to go around."

"We're the media, Laney. We made these (expletive) celebrities. It's a push-me, pull-me routine. They come to us to be created."

"We learned to print money off this stuff---it's coin of our realm. Now we've printed too much; even the audience knows, it shows in our ratings."
When Rolling Stone magazine reviewed the novel they said, "Gibson envisions a future in which the lines between the virtual and the actual are terminally blurred."

David Solway writing on this subject, asks if our President is a "simulated president" with difficulty distinguishing between character and rhetoric---a man with a teleprompter.

Solway asks, "Is Obama real?" or "Is he a virtual creation of a group of spectral manipulators, of David Axelrod, George Soros, Bill Ayers and other tenebrous figures who have combined their talents and resources to seize upon a mediocre legislator with no real achievements to his credit."

Gibson calls such an arrangement a "consensual fantasy".

Solway concludes what Trump may discover: "An IDORU sits in the Oval Office and the only transparency he has brought to American politics is that we can now see right through him."

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. I find it hard to believe that Gary is not aware at this late date, that what Trump produced is NOT a legal birth certificate, in fact it is not even an official government document. It certainly doesn't come close to the full medical records of his birth that Trump and his fellow Birthers, (like apparently Gary Randall), are demanding of the President, who has already released his official State of Hawaii birth certificate - more than "the Donald" has done.

    Be vigilant, be discerning indeed.

  2. New Oregon law requires proof of citizenship to renew your drivers license. An official birth certificate is among the proof they'll accept.

    I waltzed into the DMV with my hospital birth certificate in hand only to find out it was worthless as proof of anything. Hospital certificates are too easy to fake. So I had to request an 'official' copy from the State of Idaho.

    Sure enough, the "official document" they sent me was a "Certificate of Live Birth", just like Hawaii provided for Obama and he has made public. It IS the OFFICIAL proof of birth.

    Also, it turns out Trump didn't provide an official document himself. New York City officials said the city Health Department is the "sole issuing authority" of official birth certificates in New York, and the official document would clearly be from them.

    According to officials, what Trump provided appears instead to be a hospital "certificate of birth," meaning the piece of paper the hospital gave to his family saying he was born. They said such a document typically has the signature of the hospital administrator and the attending physician and is not official.

  3. My, how far we have fallen. I'm not too concerned about the "Donald", he can run if he wants to. I don't think he'll win, but who knows? Obama won with a lot less experience. I think we waste a lot of time focusing on trivial matters and get what we deserve. What we need is fiscal disipline and an end to the nanny state. Pay off our national debt and then we can invest and the money stays here instead of going to China. I see Orwell coming.......

    Craig in Lacey

  4. 11:20 I re-read the blog. I don't get that Gary is for or against Trump or his certificate. I see the point that he is more on of the media types than regular people whom the press regularly demonize.
    I get the point that our president is AWOL on the important issues. Gary says Trump may discover that Obama is the Idoru, but we may also discover that Trump is also an idoru.
    You gotta read the whole thing, and think before you jump.

  5. Is Trump also an Idoru?

  6. Hillary Clinton has been telling reporters that no decision has been made regarding support for the rebels. Today we find out Obama signed an order to support the rebels several weeks ago.
    This is more conflicting messages. Thanks Gary.

  7. I think if you read the latest story about Trump showing his official birth certificate, along with the picture of it, you will see that it is not the hospital form Trump originally produced, but the "long form" certificate that IS the official record, and that Obama has yet to produce.

    I think something as basic as whether the guy who sits in the Oval Office was eligible to be there in the first place is pretty important, considering that if he is not eligible to be there, then everything he has signed in an official capacity as President would probably be void.

    People make fun of so-called birthers, but the purported birth certificate the left-wing media likes to tout (as if we are stupid) produces more questions than answers.

    I'm with The Donald.

    Camas, WA

  8. When did Trump produce the official certificate? I couldn't find any reference to it. I did find a statement that he claimed to have it locked in this desk and would show it if he ran for prez. Sure, Donald.

    But, for the sake of argument, let's follow your logic.

    It goes like this, Trump originally shows his 'long form' certificate issued by the hospital. Officials immediately say that the hospital form he showed isn't official. That the only official ones are the ones issued by an actual government authority. Donald acknowledges this.

    Meanwhile, Obama has produced the official certificate issued by and verified by the state of Hawaii (the only one they issue), but you folks say, nope - that's not good enough, you demand to see the unofficial one that could be easily faked.



    A propaganda network has been set up that targets politicians. If a target sneezes , instantly
    the word goes out. The sneeze is dismantled, dissected, studied and analyzed. Then it
    is passed on to the propagandists who twist the sneeze into the most unfavorable light to
    the public against the target and then this goes out into the network. The target is called
    names , ridiculed and how the target sneezed is criticized with truths, half truths and out
    and out lies. When the target tries to talk to the citizens about important issues that affect
    the country he is met with questions about the sneeze and has to explained why and how he chose
    to sneeze the way that he sneezed and defend himself against the accusations of the propagandists.
    This is character assassination and is more effective than in a dictatorship where the
    target would be jailed or killed because it can defended by saying that it is free speech.
    Actually it is free speech without responsibility and obligation to the listener to be fair and
    factual and with an agenda to promote hatred and fear and destroy the target and gain control
    of the country with an oppressive ideology that favors corporations and destroys the free
    enterprise system and democracy.
    The birth certificate fits right in this propaganda method.
    Mathew 7 around verse 14 you will know them by their fruits.

  10. When one cannot defend their position with the facts they must turn and attack their adversary. These attacks frequently devolve into ridicule and name calling, many times both.

    Calling a person a "Birther" is both name calling and ridicule. They make a mockery of critics in the press. Such treatment serves to discourage others from bringing up a painful subject.

    It is so easy to defend against those who attack the President on his natural born status, if he was indeed born in the USA. Just produce a state issued birth certificate. What is so hard about that, unless it does not exist?

    I can do it and I bet that you can do it as well.

    The publicly disclosed evidence: newspaper announcements, hospital certificate of live birth, etc. all indicate that The One was born here.


    There is that nagging question. Why would anyone spend $800,000 on legal fees fighting to not release a state issued birth certificate?

    I wouldn't do it even if I could.
    I bet that you wouldn't do it either.

    One must conclude that Obama is either hiding something or he is not as smart as you and I.

    If this is how he manages his private funds little wonder he has no problems with Trillion Dollar Deficits.

  11. 8:37AM

    FACT: A Certificate of Live Birth is the STATE ISSUED birth certificate the state of Hawaii issues (it doesn't come from the hospital). And the state has verified that the certificate Obama has released is the official certificate. If you were born in Hawaii and you request a copy of your birth certificate, that is what you will get!

    How do you know he spent $800000? I see it all over right wing websites, but that's certainly not proof. Quote a verifiable source for this information and I'll believe it, but not until then. Whatever he has spent in legal expenses is much better than setting precedent by giving into annoying and unnecessary law suits.

    Try to get a copy of your own birth certificate. I recently ordered a copy of mine, and the official copy they sent me was the - ta da - CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH! It's the only one the state of idaho provides, just like Hawaii!

  12. Really? He HAS produced a valid birth certificate, what earthly good would producing ANOTHER birth certificate do?

    I don't have my original birth certificate, lost some where somehow. But who needs one once they have a passport?

    Again, resisting the bizarre demands is only' win win' for the president. It makes people marginalize themselves by their shrill accusations and all he has to do is keep pointing to his 100% official birth certificate that is published on line to drive them into even greater excesses.

    The Governor of Hawaii says its legit and I suspect they have seen the actual documents involved. Shoot now John McCain, we know he wasn't born in the united states - guess we dodged a bullet there. ;)

  13. Vishanti. The difference between you and Barack Obama may be that he is President of the United States and you are not. There are a good number of people who disagree with the Governor of Hawaii. He says he remembers when Barack Obama was born. That's where he lost me. The Obama family are surely nice people, but are they that noteworthy?
    There is too much controversey around this, he needs to step up with a real birth certificate.

  14. by 'real', you mean 'unofficial', correct? Because he has presented the official one.


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