Monday, April 25, 2011

Assault On Property Rights

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As a rule, we do not get involved, as an organization, in property rights issues simply because our focus is toward advancing Judeo-Christian principles in the culture and resisting the constant attempts to undermine and destroy them by those who seek to redefine marriage and family, and devalue life.

However, attorney Steven Pidgeon, who continues to represent Protect Marriage Washington in our effort to protect those who signed the R-71 petitions, has asked that this information be forwarded to as many Christians and conservatives as possible.

To help you be informed--

U.N.'s Agenda 21 is in your community
Posted: April 23, 2011 1:00 am Eastern © 2011

Anyone who reads Chapter 7 of Agenda 21 and then reads his local comprehensive land-use plan will immediately recognize that most of the provisions of the local land-use plan come directly from Agenda 21. More often than not, the elected officials who adopt these plans have never read Agenda 21, and many have never even heard of the U.N. document, signed by President George H.W. Bush in 1992.

The facilitators and professional planners have heard about Agenda 21, but frequently claim that the plan they are working on has nothing to do with the U.N. or Agenda 21. Don't believe it for one minute.

Gary Lawrence, former director of the Center for Sustainable Communities at the University of Washington, and chief planner for the city of Seattle, told an audience in London:

In the case of the U.S., our local authorities are engaged in planning processes consistent with LA21 [Local Agenda 21], but there is little interest in using the LA21 brand. … So, we call our processes something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth.

In community after community, the same scenario is repeated. The federal government, through the EPA or the Department of Commerce or the Department of Interior, offers special grants to communities for the purpose of developing a vision for a greener future and a plan to convert the vision into reality.

Typically, the local government will find a private consultant to "facilitate" the process. The facilitator will identify a local "steering committee," carefully chosen from people who represent various segments of the community, all of whom are known in advance to be sympathetic to the goals of Agenda 21.

Typically, the advisory group will meet in private to lay out the framework for the process and the goals for the finished product. When this is achieved, public meetings are scheduled to give the appearance of public input and ownership. Rarely are these meetings ever publicized adequately to attract the private-property owners who are most directly affected. Care is taken to see that members of local environmental organizations and social-justice organizations constitute the majority of attendees.

These public meetings are said to be "the visioning process." The procedures vary slightly from community to community, depending upon the facilitator. Remarkably, however, the "vision" in every community contains essentially the same elements: restricted auto traffic; bike trails; walkable neighborhoods; integrated housing; high-density urban boundary zones; conservation areas; green belts; and much more – directly from Agenda 21.

Once the vision document is complete, the next step is to convert it into a comprehensive land-use plan, adopted by local elected officials in the form of an ordinance that is enforceable with fines and other penalties. The plans are necessarily so long and complex that few people ever read them, other than the professional planners and enforcement officials. Many, if not most, of these comprehensive plans incorporate many, if not most, of the codes developed by the International Codes Council. Here are some of the codes:

International Building Code International Residential Code International Fire Code International Energy Conservation Code International Private Sewage Disposal Code International Mechanical Code International Fuel Gas Code International Wildland-Urban Interface Code ICC Performance Code International Existing Building Code International Property Maintenance Code International Zoning Code International Green Construction Code.

Here's a sample of what to expect. From Chapter 2 of the International Green Construction Code:

CONSERVATION AREA. Land designated by the jurisdiction or by state or federal government, as a result of a community planning process, as appropriate for conservation from development because of the land possessing natural values important to the community including, but not limited to wildlife habitat, forest or other significant vegetation, steep slopes, ground water recharge area, riparian corridor or wetland.

DAYLIGHT SATURATION. The percentage of daytime hours throughout the year when not less than 28 foot-candles (300 lux) of natural light is provided at a height of 30 inches (762 mm) above the floor.

DEMAND RESPONSE, AUTOMATED (AUTO-DR). Fully Automated Demand Response initiated by a signal from a utility or other appropriate entity, providing fully-automated connectivity to customer energy end-use control strategies.

This is a tiny sample of the rules and regulations buried deep within the innocent-sounding comprehensive land-use plans adopted by unaware local officials to achieve the politically correct label of "sustainable community."

These plans should be rejected, not simply because they arise from the United Nations, but because they infringe personal freedom and private property rights. The implementation of these comprehensive land-use plans effectively transfers to government the right to dictate to individuals what kind of materials must be used in constructing their privately owned homes. The Auto-DR provision defined above actually gives government the right to dictate the temperature in your home, and the ability to enforce it.

This is madness! This is sustainable development! This is Agenda 21!

Local tea parties, 9/12 groups and property-rights organizations must learn about Agenda21 and exactly what their local visioning statements and local comprehensive land-use plans contain. Many groups are forming study committees to analyze their local plans by section and then report back to the entire group. This way, not every individual has to read the entire plan.

If this rush to oblivion is going to be stopped, it is up to private citizens to get informed, get involved and help get into office only those people who truly respect the Constitution and the individual freedom it is supposed to guarantee.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed. Be Free

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Thanks Gary. I've been following this for quite some time. All of us should be informed on this subject. The people who control land use control most everything.

  2. Why yes it's madness! We insist upon unsubstainable development! We demand that our cities cause as much damage to the environment as possible!

    What a joke.

  3. Gary,

    If you really want to protect local control and individual freedom, publicize what's going on in Michigan where the state is seizing an entire town for the benefit of a couple corporations.

  4. @11:40

    Don't mistake Politics for Principle. The anti-freedom activities in Michigan are being undertaken by Tea-Party approved, Republican politicians. Since Gary endorses The GOP and especially their Tea-Party subgroup, don't expect the principle of individual freedom to trump the politics of supporting the Tea Party/GOP.

    You see, despite the protestations to the contrary, this "ministry" is entirely motivated by Politics, Principles only come in so far as they are useful for justifying the Politics.

  5. When the pioneers came to this country, they came with a wagon full of pioneer tools, a wood stove, a plow, and whatever necessities to begin a new life, pulled by an ox or two.

    They dug a hole in the ground and covered it with logs and sod and spent the first winter there, eating root crops and meat they hunted.

    After clearing the land and planting, they built a house with an axe, and it was paid for. They dug their own well for their water, and they had nobody telling them how to do it.

    That's why they came to this country.

    Not too long ago there were places in rural America where a man could build as he liked as long as he didn't build too close to the road. He could do it without building codes and permits, without a bank loan, or anybody's special approval.

    Many people built as they could, using what they had. What they had was a lot of freedom.

    I think that was the most valuable thing they had except for their faith in God and the knowledge they gained from him.

    I think most of them had a very good life for the most part.

  6. Thanks Gary for sharing this article, even though it is chilling. I'm not surprised at anything I see from the Left these days. Protection of the unborn and natural marriage, property rights, and even gun rights have one purpose: Save the humans - and in doing so, honor The One Who loves us so much!

    For Him,
    Vanessa & Danny
    Camas, WA

  7. As long as people see Christian values as motivated by politics
    and the Bible as a tool for rationalization with the goal of self-justification, they will be used against the Christian.

    Eve saw that the forbidden tree was good for food, but it wasn't.

  8. Robert in Bellevue8:44 PM, April 25, 2011

    1:48 anon-This ministry is entirely motivated by politics? You can call Gary a lot of things, but being given to politics over principle says more about you than him. He has spoken out on Republicans and Democrats who have violated basic Judeo-Christian values, calling them by name.
    Is he running for office? Where's the political angle?

  9. anon 6:51 Satan also said "surely God won't make you die if you eat the fruit, in fact you'll be just like him." She believed the lie just like many still do. Thankx Gary for keeping the light on.

  10. @8:44

    The only place Gary calls out Republicans is in your imagination. Countless Republican scandals have passed with nary a comment from Gary. Morals are only to be upheld when they can be used as a weapon against your political opponents.

  11. @1029
    The only place Gary calls out Republicans is in your imagination. Countless Republican scandals have passed with nary a comment from Gary. Morals are only to be upheld when they can be used as a weapon against your political opponents"

    Of course , this is a political blog . Your proof of it .


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