Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DOMA Defense Law Firm Buckles From Bullying

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King & Spaulding, an international law firm chosen by the US House of Representatives to defend DOMA, has withdrawn from the case.

The firm's statement gave no formal reason for its withdrawal. However, the reason is well known.

They were bullied.

When President Obama bailed out on natural marriage and the legal defense of DOMA, the House of Representatives promised to step up and defend it.

Speaker of the House John Boehner and his committee hired the firm and chose one of their lawyers, Paul Clement, former Solicitor General, to lead the defense.

Following the announcement, demonstrations and pickets began outside King & Spaulding's Atlanta offices. It is no secret that King & Spaulding has come under significant pressure from homosexual groups for taking the case. Boycotts were threatened against the firm worldwide if they continued with the case.

Congressman Dan Lungren, R-Calif., said the firm, "Buckled under political pressure and bailed with little regard for their ethical and legal obligations." He called it a, "Cut and run approach [that] is inexcusable and an insult to the legal profession."

So what about attorney Paul Clement?

He resigned from the firm yesterday. This was a bold and principled step. He was a managing partner.

Good call, Speaker Boehner.

In his letter of resignation he said his resignation was not about his personally held beliefs about DOMA because his personal beliefs were not the issue and not important. "Instead," he said, "I resign out of a firmly-held belief that a representation should not be abandoned because the clients legal position is extremely unpopular in certain quarters."

He simply refused to be bullied by homosexual activists.

Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, said Clement is demonstrating legal "class and integrity."

He said this case, "Illustrates the clash of the homosexual agenda and the frank intolerance that we see manifested in some of the individuals pushing that agenda."

And speaking of "intolerance" and "that" agenda---it continues on many fronts.

San Francisco homosexuals have once again mocked Christianity's holiest day of the year by staging the "Hunky Jesus Contest" in a public park on Easter Sunday.

The event featured a cross, a crown and shirtless homosexuals with beards mocking the crucifixion of Christ. I will not link it.

Blasphemy and hypocrisy.

While they drive an extreme, homosexual centered anti-bullying curriculum in public education, they bully an international law firm until the firm breaks with ethics and bails out of their contractual commitment to defend DOMA.

And they mock Jesus Christ. In a public park. And they do it every year at Easter.

If you disagree or resist their agenda, you are a bigot.

Cal Thomas is America's most widely syndicated newspaper columnist. While I do not know him personally, I have interviewed him a couple of times on television and radio. I respect his ability to communicate and appreciate his deeply held beliefs.

In his column this past weekend titled, "Especially At Easter, It's Easy to Mock Jesus Christ But Don't You Dare Mock Other Faiths" he says, "Mocking Jesus of Nazareth is nothing new. Whether today's Lady Gaga or a 'Hunky Jesus Contest' in San Francisco, Jesus has been the subject of ridicule by those who do not know Him."

Please take a moment and read Thomas' column. It is troubling, but informative.

Thomas concludes: "As for mocking Jesus, I give you this verse from Galations 6:7, 'Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap'."

A combination of deceit, bullying and mocking Christianity seems to be the hallmark of the present day homosexual agenda---while they demand tolerance.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Once again Gary expresses his jihad jealousy. Clearly, if Mr Randal had his way, some "good Christian men" would pick up some baseball bats and settle this "Hunky Jesus" thing, the way a group of Muslims would deal with a "Hunky Mohammed" contest.

  2. "deceit"

    Where? You haven't shown any deceit.


    You mean protesting like you folks do outside planned parenthood nonstop? Protesting and boycotting have been heralded as great tactics on this site - just not for liberal causes. Hypocrisy, as usual.


    One small group in SF doesn't represent the millions and millions of everyday americans who support equal rights. You can try to paint the majority of americans with that brush, but that is exactly why your side is shrinking. People are seeing that gays are everyday, average people just like you and me. The scare tactics fall apart when reality is seen.

  3. The above posts are very revealing. The deceit is in the extreme agenda against bullying in public school while bullying a law firm with which you disagree.
    To attempt to minamalize the activists in San Francisco is also deceitful. They do represent a good number of gay activists in the country. Just watch the gay pride parades next month. I agree the truth can be scarey, but it can also set you free.

  4. The pressure put toward the law firm was more than picketing. Gary was kind in that regard. It was an all out attack world wide by Human Rights organizations who support and advance gay rights. It was blackmail style threats. Bully is an understatement.

  5. 11:51am

    I'm sorry but your example of deceit makes no sense. According to the definition of the word, no deceit has been shown.

    You can choose to view a few activists as the face of a movement, however, I'm increasingly the face of equal rights for gays that the rest of America is seeing. I'm a middle aged married hetero parent living in suburbia and driving a mini-van. I'm average Joe American and I believe discrimination against gays is wrong.

  6. @11:54

    Blackmail? Where's the proof?

    Pressure and protests, yes. Bullying and blackmail, no.

  7. @11:54

    Blackmail? Where's the proof?

    Pressure and protests, yes. Bullying and blackmail, no.

  8. Wow, does the bigotry know no end around here? Now efforts to end endemic anti-gay bullying, bullying which has lead to successful lawsuits across the country against schools for failing to stop, are "extreme".

  9. I believe Cal Thomas articulated the issue in the park quite well . The Poverty Law Center puts those in hate Groups for doing less then what these folks did in the Park . They were not mocking people , they mocked Christ On Easter . Consider if it was mohamed thse folks performed their perverted rituals on ? It makes the Koran burnign appear mild in contrast , and that burning was a despicable act of hatred and ignorance.

    " He was mocked for the darkness He revealed in each of us and the refusal by many to come to the Light, because they (and we) prefer to remain in darkness rather than be cleansed by the light. Perhaps this mocking has something to do with the way a few who claim to be His followers misrepresent Him. That may be worth mocking, but He isn’t."

    Cal Thomas

  10. Just read some accounts from an insider at the law firm. Seems that they actually exploded from within. Partners and staffers were threatening to quit. That explains why the partner that took the case left and took the case with him to another firm.

  11. Coca-Cola had a huge roll in this. Seems like Gary's making assumptions again before he has all the facts...

    Even so, gay groups have every right to pressure the law firms as they did with protests. Christians would do the same -- and they should -- if a law firm took on a case supporting a legal concept that unfairly restricted their rights.

    While it is a cornerstone of American law that every PERSON, no matter how despicable he/she may seem, deserves legal representation (ie, murderers, convicts, etc.), every LEGAL CONCEPT (marriage right restrictions, segregation, religious restrictions, etc.) does not. The two are not the same.

  12. Once again all smoke, no fire. It wasn't external pressure that caused the law firm to drop the case but the requirements the clients has demanded in their contracting agreement. Paragraph 4(g) of the agreement required that all the firm's employees 'will not engage in lobbying or advocacy for or against any legislation… that would alter or amend in any way the Defense of Marriage Act and is pending before either the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate or any committee of either body during the term of the Agreement.'

    Simple put, that requirement is ILLEGAL in states where there are offices of King & Spaulding, that is why they are saying there was a 'vetting' error in accepting the client. Beyond that there are rumors of executives and partners threatening to leave the agency and major clients expressing their displeasure but the one thing that would make a law office take notice is finding they had agreed to require illegal treatment of their staff in taking the case.

    This major law firm isn't running in fear of a few protests and harsh language, they are cutting their losses and preventing criminal law suits against their firm itself.


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