Thursday, April 28, 2011

Five Truths About Planned Parenthood

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Anyone who believes PP is primarily concerned with the health of women and girls needs to look at the record.

With the Washington State Legislature considering how to further fund Planned Parenthood, even in the desolation of the state's budget crises, and the US Congress on the same path, it seems appropriate to take another look at the myths surrounding PP.

As the 2012 budget battles began, Clare Coleman, CEO of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, took to the pages of the Washington Post. In a piece called “Five Myths about Planned Parenthood,” she argued that defunding the organization was an ignoble goal for members of Congress looking to cut the bloated federal budget.

She said she wanted to address “misperceptions” about the abortion-industry giant. She was joined in her goal on the front page of the Washington Post by reporter Sandhya Somashekhar, who painted a picture of Planned Parenthood that minimized the role abortion plays at the organization’s health-care affiliates.

In presenting Planned Parenthood as mainly focused on prevention, Ms. Coleman neglects to mention several statistics, gleaned from the organization’s own annual reports and fact sheets, that illustrate its heavy (and increasing) involvement in abortion, as well as its practices that routinely place women’s health and safety secondary to its own bottom line.

While the Washington Post declined to present an alternative to the Planned Parenthood way of thinking, there are a multitude of other facts to consider. To add to the discussion of whether Planned Parenthood should continue to be funded, let’s consider five truths about an industry that receives more than $360 million in taxpayer subsidies annually.

The National Review has written an excellent response. Click here to read it.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Once again, the referenced article states that abortions are very profitable for PP and that they want to increase them to drive up revenue.

    If that's the case and abortions are profitable, then none of the tax dollars given to pp to provide health services would be needed for the self sustaining abortion division. There would be no need to illegally co-mingle funds as you allege they do.

    Further, if you de-fund the pregnancy prevention side, there will just be more pregnancies and certainly more abortions which will - ta daaaa - drive up revenue for the self sustaining abortion division. In other words, the abortion side of the business would be the winner and just get bigger if you de-fund the health services side.

    Mark in Tigard

  2. 8:49 You are echoing Planned Parenthood's talking points. The trend on numbers of over all abortions has been going down in recent years, while PPs number of abortions is up. It's called bucking the trend.
    If Planned Parenthood is so drapped in virtue, why do their clinics continue to be caught on camera agreeing to anything from assisting in child porn to aborting babies from little girls who are slightly more than babies themselves? It must be difficult to honestly support such an enterprise. I agree with Gary, they are the face of evil.

  3. @9:06

    That's because PP is one of the few women's health care facilities to fight against the wave of right-wing anti-abortion terrorism that is sweeping this nation.

    If a group were to start targeting dentists for harassment and assassination, picketing dental clinics - harassing patients as they came and went, photographing them without permission and concocting lurid fantasies about said patients, heck in some cases even smoke or fire-bombing dental clinics. If all that were to happen, the number of dental visits would drop across the nation, yet rise at those few dental clinics that stayed open.

    It's not "bucking the trend", it's called standing up to a relentless and well funded campaign of harassment, intimidation and even domestic terrorism!

    BTW: If Gary were really interested in informing his readers so they can be informed and discerning etc. etc., he would have linked to WaPo piece he is attacking and not just to the right-wing rebuttal.


  4. 9:06

    Making sense of abortion numbers can't be simplified as up or down when you're customer based is low income during these tough times. Cut their pregnancy prevention services and abortions will increase.

    I have no difficulty supporting a great organization. The videos were highly edited, mashed up hoaxes. Once they were exposed as such, they've been mostly ignored except by the extreme right wing including fox news. If they are guilty of assisting in child porn, etc, where are the convictions? There aren't any.

    I don't expect you to change your opinion. I just hope moderates will realize that vindictively de-funding the health services side of pp will actually result in increasing the number of abortions on the non-publicly funded side.

    Mark in Tigard

  5. No matter how much the abortion apologists try to put a logical, civilized face on what they advocate, the truth is that abortion is the murder of innocent people. You can call it "choice", and "women's health" (that's my personal favorite) but you can't change what it really is.

    I tremble at the consequences to those who defy God over this issue. God will not be mocked, and He will not always abide the murder of the innocent.

    And we wonder why America is going down the toilet.

    Save the Humans!
    Vanessa A
    Camas, WA

  6. I read just a little bit of the informative article that was linked.

    Now, it seems to me that if a man had an auto service garage and provided all kinds of service to anyone, and sold their brand of car to 12% of it's customers, (and to 97% of it's customers who reported themselves to be expecting a new car)
    then is it wrong to assume they are a certain kind of car dealer?

    I suppose we could make the argument that if they were to stop doing the oil changes, tire rotations, and front-end alignments, that the customers would go out and buy that certain brand of new car sooner.

    Therefore, if the shop was put out of business, we would see more of their brand of car on the roads anyway.

    But is that how it goes in a real world?

    It seems to me that if P.P. is defunded there should be less abortions, though I believe the correct thing to do is protect the unborn's right to live as long as they are residing in America.

  7. 4:01am

    Thank you, that's a great analogy!

    If we shut down the preventative maintenance side of car dealerships, people would have to buy more new cars. Bingo!

    Health services is the 'preventative maintenance' side of Planned Parenthood and it is the only side that receives public money. The 'new car' side of PP (abortions) is self funding and would see an increase in activity if the preventative maintenance side were shut down.

    Thank you 4:06,

    Mark in Tigard

  8. It's one thing to take an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies and another to do so in the battlefied.

    Let's all stand up for the rights of the unborn. They should be protected more by the constitution in my opinion than what we've been seeing. If it is indeed a living document I think it should be living in more strength and virtue than what we've been seeing.

    Because the United States has a constitution, we don't live in a "majority always rules" situation. Even the minority has certain rights. Even those who can not voice their opinions should have those rights.

    Let's do what we can to support those rights.

    A leader can gain the majority in many different ways, through intimidation, treachery, craft, manipulation, deceit, false promises, outward appearances, vain speeches, by whatever worldly means, but that doesn't make such a following right.

    Sometimes a leader will turn a deaf ear to whatever may be good,
    right, true, honest, or just. That doesn't make him right.

    Adolf Hitler trained his leadership in a place called Vogelsang.
    If one was there, being trained around 1940, and he voiced any opinion about all people everywhere having the same value in the eyes of God, I think he would have been in the minority and in danger of being arrested for treason. I think he would have been in danger of being sent to one of the death camps, but first he would have been verbally scourged, ridiculed, and mocked.


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