Monday, May 16, 2011

$60 Do-It-Yourself Mail Order Suicide Kits

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They are available by mail, with no questions asked---and they're selling like hot cakes.

Well, maybe not hot cakes, but Sharrlotte Hydorn, 91, based in San Diego, says sales of her device have increased more than 300%, thanks to the Northwest. Oregon in particular.

Oregon and Washington are leaders in the assisted suicide business.

Hydorn's kit or "exit kit" as she calls them, consists of a plastic hood that closes around the neck and tubing that connects the hood to a tank of helium or other inert gas---the inert gas sold separately, as they say.

The kit comes with complete instructions.

I have linked 2 sources for this story. Reuters News and ABC News.

Hydorn has been selling her devices for sometime, but since the death of Nicholas Klonski, 29, an Oregonian with no terminal illness and customer of Hydorn's took his life, her business has come under scrutiny by lawmakers. She has also experienced dramatically increased sales as a result of the publicity.

Now Oregon lawmakers are moving a bill through the Legislature to make it illegal to sell or market these devices in Oregon. Washington will likely follow.

But the "pro-suicide option" lawmakers, have a problem.

The cutting edge, assisted suicide laws in these states not only require that the patient be terminally ill but be physically capable of administering the drug themselves.

This is a conflict, something death legislation often presents.

Now legislators are looking for words that will allow people to kill themselves with the state's drugs or methods, but not drugs and methods of the patients choosing.

Yet, assisted suicide is suppose to be about a personal choice.

Klonski's family are understandably upset at Hydorn, but Hydorn says she gets, "emotional satisfaction" from helping people in this way and that their problem is not her problem.

She says she got the design for her "exit kit" from a Hemlock Society meeting she attended. She feels this is a mission for her.

She said, "We treat animals better than we treat dying people. They keep people alive and do terrible, painful things to them because we can't let go and patients just become cash cows."

When people assume the role of God, and are not God; and the belief of a Creator, eternity and eternal consequences are removed from one's thinking, the sanctity of life and more is lost.

People, then, have no greater value than animals.

It then becomes rational---makes sense, to kill unwanted pre-born babies and call it choice.

It makes sense to help kill the elderly and call it compassion.

We are drowning in moral confusion.

God Help Us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Not Afraid.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Excellent conclusion Gary. Thank you and God bless you for keeping the light on for truth.

  2. "Now legislators are looking for words that will allow people to kill themselves with the state's drugs or methods, but not drugs and methods of the patients choosing."

    What are you talking about? I couldn't find anything on this. Is this another non-story put out there to agitate your followers?

    "people assume the role of God"

    Keeping them alive artificially is assuming the role of God.

    "help kill the elderly"

    Allowing me the option to determine for myself how my own life ends if I have a fatal disease is not helping kill me. Get out of my life. I you don't want assisted suicide, fine, but stop trying to control MY options - please, just stick to your own business.

  3. These kind of things are another example to show us how our present society needs the message of the cross.

    There have been followers of Jesus that so embraced the cross daily that they were not in fear of death, nor in what might happen to them. They learned a higher and better way by following Christ.

    I heard that the apostle Peter willingly walked right into his crucifixion. He asked that he be crucified upside down saying that he wasn't worthy to die just like his Lord did.

  4. 10:49 All of us have to live under restrained options. There are many many things we are not allowed to do under our law. Do you think killing ourselves should be something the government should participate in? If they do participate, as Gary has said, why should they have the right to demand you use their medication or method and not have your own choice in it?

  5. anon 10:49 Why would you say you want us out of your life and then welcome the government into your life. You are not free to take your own life under the law. You are only free to do it their way.

  6. Ms Hydorn should have sold handguns as a suicide kit, just as effective and she would be being defended by those attacking her now.

  7. 12:38

    I want you out of my life because you want to completely take away my option to end my own terminal illness as I would choose. The government is only regulating the process to protect me from an unscrupulous doctor, from relatives seeking a faster estate settlement, from making a decision based on a bad diagnosis, etc. I'm still making the decision for myself rather than you making it for me.

  8. u so-called faith and freedom fascists claim to be advancing "Judeo Christian values" but what you're really advancing is your own fascist viewpoint, you are a bunch of bloodthirsty, baby killing fascists whose pathetic god (the English word God is actually the name of a pagan German deity, you brainwashed maggots don't even know who's name you're invoking) and Christians are for smashing babies against rocks: "How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones against the rock," (Psalm 137:9).

  9. Engage brain before typing, people...

  10. if u r 18 and understand the consequences of your actions u should have the right to live as u choose and die when as u choose with the only restrictions being that your choice does not interfere with someone else's freedoms or right to happiness. We send people to war to protect and if necessary die for our freedom to live ... why shouldnt that include the freedom to die if we choose. I totally believe it would be better to offer assisted suicide to all over the age of 18 with perhaps a waiting period to consider your choice then what we have now which is people blowing their brains out in motel rooms or crippling themselves in failed efforts. If we offered assisted suicide to all with required counseling more would come forward for help and might be helped and families wouldn't have to come home to find their father's hanging in the basement. think about it


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