Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Gay is Not the New Black"

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I have repeatedly said that sexual behavior is not equivalent to ethnicity, yet the mantra of the homosexual movement is to identify with the civil rights struggle of the 1960s and beyond.

And some uninformed are buying it. I continue to get email from people, some very hateful, accusing me of being a racist for not accepting the gay agenda as equivalent to the civil rights movement.

I had not reported this story earlier this spring, but had read it, because of my interest and many years of active involvement in the National Religious Broadcasters Association.

However, I continue to hear from those who either actually believe or are seeking to cause others to believe, that gay is the new black.

I believe every Christian and conservative should familiarize themselves with what Pastor Voddie Baucham told the National Religious Broadcasters Convention back in February.

Earlier this year pastor and cultural apologist, Voddie Baucham, challenged christian broadcasters at their national convention to not buy into the "gay is the new black" propaganda, but to remain committed to defending biblical marriage.

Baucham, an African-American, said, "I'm insulted that people equate not just a sinful behavior but a behavior that's a special category of sin called abomination with the level of melanin in my skin," then proceeded to tell the broadcasters how we got to where we are. And why they and many pastors feel uncomfortable addressing this issue.

He told the broadcasters that they are often nervous, even afraid when the subject comes up. He said you squirm in your seats and try to prove you don't hate gay people by saying you have gay friends or family members.

He said the reason for the discomfort is that homosexual activists have "co-opted where now, we actually believe gay is the new black and we actually believe homosexual marriage is a civil rights issue."

Pastor Baucham said the discomfort "is an intentional result of an aggressive homosexual agenda that started over two decades ago."

He explained the process and cautioned the NRB audience, representing most of the religious broadcasters in America, not to fall victim to three common attacks in the homosexual agenda.

He also lamented that black leaders are providing "cover" for gay activists to play the race card instead of giving a legitimate reason for their demands.

He said, "There is nothing more loving than calling a person to repent of their sins," reminding America's religious broadcasters that according to Ezekiel 33, "The blood will be required on their hands if they don't tell the wicked man to turn from his ways."

He outlined the three pronged gay agenda that has successfully gotten us to where we are. I have linked the story and his explanation.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Bigotry is Bigotry. One is neither better, nor worse, than the other.

    Racism and Homophobia are equally abhorrent affronts to human decency. It shows that you are a lousy Christian, with a complete inability to empathize, exercise compassion, understanding, love, grace and the other qualities that Christ lived and died for.

    You are indeed the new face of bigotry in America. Just as my generation looks at those who opposed Racial Integration with utter disgust, you will be looked at the same way. You are a bigot. Your bigotry is as ugly as those who opposed racial Integration. It's that simple.

    You don't see it, just as anti-Integrationists didn't see it. You both think you're right, and yet you're both on the losing and incorrect side of History.

  2. Excellent. I see courage, not bigotry or racism. Stand strong Gary.

  3. @ 10:40 AM,

    Yes, the LGBT community has shown a stunning amount of courage in the face of bigotry!

  4. OK, I couldn't help but notice where he made these remarks, the convention was held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. It almost makes me believe that there is a god and he has a sense of humor.

  5. Anyone who has given their own sexuality a moment’s thought can see the enormous hole in Gary’s and this pastor’s logic. If you are a straight man, why do you indulge in the “behavior” of having sex with and marrying a woman? Because there is a built-in sexual attraction inside you that compels you to be attracted to and to fall in love with women. For some, that attraction aligns with members of the same sex; for others, the opposite. That is your sexual orientation.
    Zillions of movies and songs have been written about the enormous influences this sexual attraction has on heterosexuals, both positive and negative. We see the 30-year-old single woman yearning for love and marriage, the widow who remarries and finds companionship at 70 years old, the 16-year-old girl whose enormous crush on a young man leads her to do crazy things.
    To equate a gay person’s desire to fall in love with a person of the same sex as a “behavior” is insulting at best, and it denies sexuality as a influence and force inside each of us that directs us to find love and build a family. Is your marriage a “behavior”? I don’t think so. It’s probably your most cherished part of your life.
    Of course, many of you will bring up murder or pedophilia and how some people have powerful forces inside them to kill or have sex with children. But, no matter how strong the urges might be for these behaviors, these behaviors have victims. Two unrelated adult women who consensually decide to build a family does not.
    Does this attraction have to be “changeable” to be protected? No it doesn’t. For example, religious choices are clearly changeable, yet religion is such an inherent part of one’s identity that the law forbids us from putting undue obstacles in the paths of others for their religious choices – even though religion is a CHOICE. So it is with sexual orientation; our loves and our partner choices are so inherent to our being that we should not face discrimination for them.

  6. The entire rationale against gays roots itself in the claim that sexual orientation is a choice as opposed to race, which clearly is not a choice.

    As more and more gays make their orientation known and the entire subject is exposed to more light of day, rational people increasingly realize that it is simply could not be a matter of choice.

    We'll never convince Gary and his ilk. They have found refuge for this flavor of bigotry where most bigots find it - in the bible. And this is justification enough for their own comfort.

    The good news is that 65% of people under age 40 now support gay marriage. This up considerably in recent years.

    It won't be very long now until Gary's bigotry will be pushed almost completely out of mainstream life and into the extreme margins where racial bigotry still resides. It will be an embarrassment for his future generations, but it won't be law.

  7. God calls everyone to a life of sanctification and honor.
    All of us were born in sin. Being born in sin was not a matter of choice for any of us. It's simply the way we were born.

    Being born with a nature that is contrary to God has played itself out in many ways. Homosexuality is only one of those ways. Drug addiction is another way that people have been held captive to sin. Pornography is another way, so also is
    gambling, adultery, alcoholism, legalism, and the list goes on and on.

    Homosexuality is a branch of sin. It's only one branch of it.

    The good news is that there is a righteoues branch. His name is Jesus. He's the one that mediates for us.

    Unless the righteousness of Christ is found somewhere within us, we will not be saved from the firey wrath of God.

    Once Christ comes inside of us, by the hearing of the word of God, through faith, and thereby conviction of our sins,
    we come to the message of the cross and the throne of his grace to receive his forgiveness and his covering us under his righteousness which endures forever, we then find peace with God, having the burden of sins which we have committed,
    fall off of us and unto the grace of God, because of the righteous blood which was given to us by him, and was shed upon the cross for us, by Jesus Christ his Son, we then
    are given a new nature, his Spirit which enables us to receive the things of him all the more, and our hearts go through the change.

    We then find a new and better way through life and living than we had before, and we realize all the more the reason for the hope of eternal life which God has promised us who came to Christ by his grace and love for us.

    Therefore we go on in life, leaving the sin and weight of it behind. Having received a new nature by the Spirit of God, we embark on a new course which will have as it's final
    goal, it's final resting place, heaven itself, the most wonderful, eternal purpose of God, eternal life in Christ Jesus.

    The only alternative is captivity to sin which will have as it's end, our souls in hell where we would be forever in torment, and anguish beyond what we can now comprehend.

    Jesus comprehended it at the garden just before his arrest, his giving himself over to the will of God for us. He drank of it for us at the cross.

    Jesus is the only one who will bring a man into heaven. He's the only one who can let us in. He is the door to it,
    the only way in. He is the grace of God, God's favor to us
    and those who will be saved will cherish him forever. Together forever in God's family, his household in heaven, we will be forever happy and blessed.

  8. Homosexuality is Satan’s answer to God’s institution of marriage. Homosexuality is a perversion of God’s plan. Ethnicity is God’s gift to the nations. To equate the two is like trying to draw a favorable comparison between a terrorist and one who has dedicated his life to bring peace among the nations.

    The attempt to equate a perversion with heritage is a lie of Satan himself. But what would you expect from a society that has lost their Spiritual moorings? Bud from Lynnwood

  9. @6:23 So beautifully said.

    Homosexuality does exist and it is spoken of in the Bible.

    It is part of God's design for a healthy and robust marriage as was so eloquently stated @1:46. God planted a very strong sexual drive in most of us. Your explanation with your comparisons and thoughtful logic is impressive and I'm sure cleverly persuades some.

    Yet it doesn't change the fact that homosexuality is a perversion of God's design. (If I were you, I would look up all the passages that speak of it. What man would do, did not take God by surprise.)You see truth is really not complex at all. In fact when 'things' need lots of complex understanding and explanation, it is usually a fast sign of perversion. Boys fit nicely with girls. Off spring come from that wonderful and powerful union. Simple. Not complex. In fact it is kind of 'in your face'. Funny isn't it, how much effort needs to be expended in order to explain something that doesn't really make common sense?
    That is the way of the world.

    Open our eyes Lord so we are not persuaded with logical gymnastics nor silenced because we are called names. Let us stand for truth and common sense.

  10. Anti-gay bigot isn't the new black either.


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