Thursday, May 05, 2011

How Much Should Teachers Teach?

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State Senator Stacey Campfield is answering this question----one that many parents across the nation are asking.

Campfield has sponsored a bill---SB 0049, in the Tennessee Senate that would amend Tennessee code to read, "No public elementary or middle school shall provide any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality."

I visited with Senator Campfield yesterday. He told me his bill will likely be voted on today.

As you can imagine, he has been vigorously attacked by those who oppose him and the bill. His bill has been dubbed the "don't say gay bill." And much worse. His legislative record shows he is neither bigoted or homophobic, but that matters little to those with the agenda.

He told me he is concerned about the "fence sitters" in the Senate. He said they come to me and say they agree, but are hesitant to take a public position with a "yes" vote because of fear. Barring that, he feels the bill has a good chance to pass.

So what is he saying?

He said, "Gary, I firmly believe that families, not public education, should decide what, when and how children are introduced to the controversial subject of homosexuality."

He told me, "Teachers should not decide for every family and every child what they think is right and what time they think is proper to introduce it to a child. ...I just think that's going too far."

Noting that schools are falling behind with their original mandate of teaching "math, science, English, history---the bare basics," he said, "schools should not 'be trying to teach our kids their social philosophy.'"

Well said. And true.

While he did not say this to me, I noticed he has told some adversarial interviews, like Alan Colmes and others that, "In spite of what educators say, teachers are spreading the' gospel of gay' in classrooms around the state."

I would add, "around the country."

Beyond this bill he said, "I hope lawmakers in other states will take note and review how public education is assuming a roll that families---parents, should rightfully hold and be emboldened to take a stand for what is right, morally."

We have those in the Washington State Legislature who would whole heartedly agree with the Senator from Tennessee---I know they would, however, in our case they are not in the majority. In fact, I believe Washington State leads the country in the number of openly homosexual legislators.

And they are active on every front, attempting to redefine marriage, re-engineer the family and rewrite 5000 year old social norms that have served every successful society.

Parents, please take responsibility in your children's education. And God save and protect the kids.

Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. This bill is a great start! Next we need one that bans them from providing any instruction or material that discusses any religion other than Christianity. I don't want them teaching my kids about Islam.

    Then a good one would be one that keeps them from providing any instruction or material that discusses Barack Hussein Obama as the 'legitimate' president of the US. It's too controversial and parents should decide what their kids are taught about that. And for that matter, they shouldn't teach that Bin Ladin was actually killed. I want to determine what my kids learn about that hoax.

    Yup, it's a good start.

  2. This bill is harmful and bigoted on so many levels and attempts to silence mainstream views on homosexuality.

    The anti-gay crowd believes homosexuality is like a disease. They believe that a gay-friendly change in law, or classroom discussion, or TV show turns people who would otherwise be straight into gays. They want negative attitudes about gay people to prevail because they believe shunning gays in society will lead to fewer of them. They think that getting a gay person to abstain from homosexual contact is a "cure" - at least as long as it lasts, which is usually not very long. Now that more Americans support equal treatment for gays -- even when it comes to marriage (Google it) -- the anti-gay crowd is getting desperate, and this law to silence the opposition is a sign of it.

    The rest of us understand that gay people are a normal part of the human fabric, a part of a variations we see in all aspects of humanity. We know all too well that trying to change it leads to severe depression, self-loathing, shame and oftentimes worse. We will always be a small percentage of the population, no matter how harmful or friendly the laws are. We are happiest and healthiest when we have the freedom to find a loving partner to care for (and to be cared for by). And, guess what, stable gay families are good for society, too, just like stable straight ones are. We want young people who happen to be gay to know that they are all right and loved. We don’t want them tied to a fencepost and beaten or ridiculed until they jump off a bridge.

    The more Americans have a chance to explore this issue, the more they come to understand the truth. That has Gary and Mr. Campfield frightened.

  3. Golly gee, I Gary Randall claims Campfield isn't an anti-gay bigot that's good enough for me. I guess he's just proposing anti-gay laws and making anti-gay statements because of how much he loves Gays. He loves them so much he wants them to be invisible!

    ""Teachers should not decide for every family and every child what they think is right and what time they think is proper to introduce it to a child. ...I just think that's going too far.""

    That's right! it's up to state legislators like Stacey to decide what time it is proper to tell kids the facts (e.g. gay people exist)!

    Be Bigoted. Be Hypocritical.

  4. How about if we ban saying prayers in schools too. Whoops already done that . The fact of the matter however is homosexuality for the better or worse has become mainstreamed in American culture . Especially in academia , in the media , and how many see homosexuals . Perhaps the double edged sword has been the split the activism has caused , especially from the left . The right has had little effect on the policies adopted and taught in public schools . The religious right has seen parts of it loose creditability because they demonized people who are just doing their best like all of us are , ts obvious from just knowing gays they are people like anyone else . The scare tactics of the religious right has hurt all of us , especially preaching the Gospel . The left has used some of most McCarthy like tactics and intolerant PC methods in supporting their views. The result is a social culture fragmented , and an increasingly epidemic of drugs, alienated and dysfunctional youth , and little attempts by the culture to see them as ALL needing love and support . We now help groups and causes instead of Kids and people.

  5. 9:59

    Prayers are not banned in school. The school cannot lead prayers, but the kids themselves are free to pray.

  6. This perverted senator wanting to teach my child about sexuality is very twisted. I am the sole educator of my child regarding human sexuality. So the real question is why are schools teaching anything about sexual orientation at all...

    When this educationally irrelevancy is eliminated then that should properly clear this up and there will be no complaints. We can get back to reading, writing and arithmetic - and some genuine science.

  7. 9:52

    Be perverted. Be sad.

  8. It looks like to me that Christians will be hated just for wanting what's good for their children and all the children, trying to do what is best for whatever situation is at hand.

    When God reforms it is a process. Let's continue to seek his will and do what is best. We don't always know what is ahead.

    If society goes whatever crazy way it wants to go, shouldn't they consider what might be ahead?

    I wouldn't want my children in an automobile being driven like that, would you?

    To be hated by the world for doing what's right, or for doing what is best for the situation, or for even trying to do whatever is best, is part of our lot in life as a Christian.

    Won't our reward in heaven be according to our suffering while we were here on this earth? If our suffering was for his purposes, for his sake, for his kingdom, if it was unjust, I think it will be according to how much we have suffered.

    Will not our rejoicing in heaven be (when we arrive) be according to how much we have hated the ways of darkness while we were in this world?

    Let's be saved by Jesus. If you think you may be in some darkness, if you think you see darkness, if you think the world may be heading for destruction, if you ever read something from the Bible, or heard something of the gospel by TV or radio and were troubled by it, now might be the time to call out to God and ask him to save you by Jesus the good shepherd.

  9. 6:53am

    "To be hated by the world for doing what's right"

    No, I have no concern with how you choose to live your own life. The conflict arises when you trying to force me to live MY life by your religion.

  10. @8:52,

    Yes, your sense of justice is very perverted, and it does make right-thinking people sad.

  11. 716

    Thanks for the correction , your right prayers are not banned in school . Just organized ones .

    They say as long as their are tests you will have kids praying . But lets say if a teacher decided to pray out loud or even in silence in fron their class , what do you think would happen ? Or
    if their were two kids praying during a study period together . One I really don't
    think that happens too much , because of the envirnoment that is there.

    There is national Day of Prayers or days designated to say pray around a flag pole , but to me that is equal like the day of silence . its more of a show then what is needed. Kids being open to gay issues for a day, because of a politically correct peer pressure . Sort of like praying for one day to show others your religious .

    Tolerance and diversty are words only when one group of people believe their group needs respect and tolerance and the other group is somehow less deserving . To really think religious folks feel accepted or understood makes as much sense as judging gays and human beings by the hateful rhetoric I hear from both sides here .

    As if a christian Kid feeling Ok with his Faith and what he has learned in home with some of the curricullum that flows out of organizations like the Poverty Law center and such is just nonsense . You never can lift one group up by lowering the respect of another . It never works , its the way God planned it . ;0)


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