Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NBC to Air "Play Boy Club" - Unless...

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In followup to yesterday's blog; there has been a growing outcry from the Christian/conservative community regarding NBC's editing of the Pledge of Allegiance. As we expressed yesterday morning, NBC's actions were purposeful, not an oversight, and as we also mentioned, their apology was pathetic.

Now the Media Research Council has released the following statement, which we fully support:

“NBC’s pathetic apology did nothing but compound the offense by refusing to admit what they had done. Either NBC identifies and fires the employee or employees responsible for this act or the network is guilty of deliberately giving aid and comfort to religious bigots.”

The MRC is “urging religious leaders to educate their congregations to NBC’s attack on faith and join us in publicly denouncing the network.”

Beginning this fall, NBC will begin airing "The Playboy Club" at 10 PM/9 Central.

Here's how NBC describes the new weekly series set in 1963:

"The provocative new series captures a time and place that challenged the social mores, where a visionary created an empire, and an icon changed American culture."

Playboy, in the early 1960's, opened the floodgate to public pornography and celebrated the misuse and mistreatment of women in our culture. They indeed did change the culture.

NBC affiliate KSL in Salt Lake City has already notified NBC they refuse to air the show.

Many churches and faith based organizations are discussing how---not whether, they should respond.

Here's what Faith and Freedom is doing.

Faith and Freedom Foundation has made the decision to join a growing coalition of faith based organizations who will be asking NBC to drop the show and not air it. If they do air it we are asking you to pledge not to watch it and we will ask you to boycott the advertisers on the show. If we get to that point, we will give you the list of advertisers.

Please stand with us in this effort. We feel it is very important and a strong and firm response from the Christian community is vital.

Click here to join with us and others.

I am asking NBC to Remove "The Playboy Club" from their fall program line-up. I will not watch it and will boycott the advertisers on the show, should it air.


  1. Oops, looks like Gary and his pals at MRC have gotten caught in their double-speak. If editing "under God" out of the pledge constitutes "religious bigotry", that would have to mean that it is an expression of religion, and therefore in violation of 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Of course, when talking about the phrase "under God" in this context (whether it passes Constitutional muster), Gary and his pals at MRC will swear up and down that it is not religious expression. So which is it? are they lying now or lying then?

  2. Religious bigotry is forcing everyone to acknowledge 'your' god every time they pledge allegiance to 'their' country.

  3. Appears to me someone goofed up big time here . Some folks in the media live in the bubble , I guess most of us do . But thinking the Pledge is offensive is only really only in very liberal circles. Perhaps some religious beliefs would have a problem with saying the pledge also . But the problem here is more about censorship .

    In the 1860's the Federal mint started putting In God we Trust on coins , from what i have read it was because of massive deaths during the war and a resurggence of Faith that resulted when grief hits many of us . I know when I am going through a bad time , God is on the top my list of who I want to acknowledge and get a hold of .

    The Pledge in 1954 was from the Knights Of Columbus activists , perhaps dealing with the intolerance of the Cold War from the communists to religion .

    I watch Cable most of time anyway , NBC along with the mainstream media lost out years ago because of their corporate political correct management styles.

    The Supreme Court says the Pledge is not promting religion , there is nothing in the First Amendment that stops the state from acknowledging religion . Read the Justices opinions , they are better denbaters then I am when talking about the Law of the Land . ;0)


  4. I find it pretty telling that you would knowingly encourage people to violate one of the ten commandments by making them lie and state something the don't believe is true.

    But it's a moot point because you really just don't care about others who don't believe your way.

  5. @mick,

    Sorry, but you're misinformed. The Supreme Court has made no decision as to the Constitutionality of the phrase "under God" being inserted into the pledge. They decided the Newdow case by finding that Newdow, as non-custodial parent, did not have standing. They never spoke to the question of including what Gary and MRC now admit is a religious invocation in the pledge.

  6. @ Anomymous 933
    Actually I should have put the States Supreme Courts, your right . The decision has never needed to go to the Supreme Court yet . But your mis informed about the other case also , where the court has stated For the majority on the panel, however, “one nation, under God,” isn’t state indoctrination of religion, but rather an acknowledgement of the Founders’ conviction that people “derive their most important rights, not from government, but from God.”

    @ anom 904 no one is forced to say the pledge .
    You can opp out . Just like schools offer the opportunity for parents to opp out kids from sex education etc etc . Kind of amazing this is such a big deal . You would just think there be more important things that people have concerns about .

  7. 8:32p

    Seriously? If I can’t honestly state ‘under god’, I should opt out? So, you acknowledge that it’s a pledge only for people who believe in god. The rest of us can either not pledge to our country or just pick and choose parts of the official pledge, but not the whole thing.

    Even as an adult, I’ve been in positions where I wasn’t comfortable ‘opting out’. I’ve had very religious bosses that I hid my lack of religion from for fear that it would be a career crippler if they knew I didn’t believe in God. Religious discrimination works in both directions. That’s why it’s a bad idea to force people to declare their religion in public.

    Should I really have to tell everyone around me at the start of a city council meeting that I don’t believe in god just before the meeting starts? How is that appropriate to the purpose of the meeting?

    You really ought to read the 9th circuit court ruling on the Newdow case mentioned earlier. They found that forcing little kids to declare their religion in school might put some in the untenable position of going against their teacher. And for what? So the other 90% can feel good about their faith when it really should have no bearing on the school activities?

    Congress interfered with the original pledge and inserted religion into it during my lifetime (it’s that recent). Let’s just go back to the original pledge - a pledge for ALL americans regardless of religion.

  8. I am saying exactly what I said . You are not made to say the pledge . Relax .

    Your not concerned about kids having to opt out of sex education classes are you ? Or are you concerned about sexually orienation being talked about in classrooms . Many things people find in this culture that do not support their beliefs .
    The pledge violates religious standards of Jevovah Witnesses , not because of God , but just because their religion is against the their faith . We have many freedoms in this nation , based on the belief we have rights given from God that our nation protects . You have a right in this nation to believe in any god or no god .
    If it hurts you to say the pledge , do what many in 12 step groups do and just pretend the higher power is a desk . But that is not what this is really about , is it . Because if you were concerned about respect and the views of everyone you would not be on this blog atatcking others beliefs would you . You would be sharing your view , that is different then what your doing . You want respect for your beliefs and give none for others . You only show respect if you get your way .

    I understand real concerns of feeling left out or being mocked for your beliefs . Interesting you don't seem to , you appear to enjoy the friction you cause by being different.

    I am an Evangelical , I hear people mocking Evangelicals and catholics , in fact its quite worse then the ridicule one would get for opting out of the pledge . I hear people accusing me having the same mind set of those that promte hating gays , ignorant about science , and pushng my values on others .

    I said the pledge in school , never even thought about it really except thought it was something you do to show your a citizen and support for your country .

    I would think though for a young child , whose parents were so passionate about not having their kid say the pledge , he would feel weird about it . Yes .

    But at this stage of the game , considering the millions and millions of kids who have no problem saying the pledge and suddenly being told it was hurtful the consequence of that would outweigh your concern . Especially since your concern of beliefs and feelings seem to not indicate it bothers you to lurk around here . Seems strange you are so concern about being offended but so quick to attempt to offend others . Its why your view is seen as disingenious.

    You are concerned about feelings when you are so easily quick to disparage other beliefs . Actually if you think about it , your doing just what you claim hurts you and others . And this is even a state run site . Walk your Talk and you may have been able to make a point about respect .

    Could have just shared your view , instead you shared your motive . As in court , you loose again.


  9. In most issues I find myself favoring some democratic party issues . I am pro immigration , believe we should heavy duty tweaking of our laws so people can legally come here easier and without the buracractic hassles. I am pro envirnoment , for government over sight in some wall street practices and getting rid of the corporate welfare . Support saftey nets , and like programs like WIC and such that help the poor. I don't get this class warfare on the working man if he happens to be in a Union, or the fear of immigrints .
    . I don't like religion used in politics or the Cross being used to promote marriage or attack marriage laws . I understand the church being pro marriage , but not using the church for political movements . The attacks here on outsiders only put my opinions of religion not being used in politics appear wrong . Its obvious the disgust for religion found here , not just the disdain for the politics here .
    The rights of people should not be disregarded because they come from a religious perspective or western culture.

    I am pro life and believe traditional marriage is a good way for any culture to help our next generation to be able to succeed in the next . If that becomes law of the land , it will change little how i treat my fellow man or any gay person for that matter . In fact it changes nothing , many of us did not need civil rights legislation , some obviously did . The demonization of gays is the pathetic sin of the right . Marriage laws have nothing to do with gays , they were written for our culture to provide a government assisted method of families , as were some of the tax laws were written for families . Excemptions for kids etc . Changing these laws are unchartered , hope my concerns are off , but really already see the change in culture that caused these laws to become available . Religion is seen as a negative by the left . Many openly mock it with no concern as being seen as a bigot . Even bigots of race often hide their true beliefs . Its become acceptable in this culture . Especially in higher education .

    The left has been taken over by the folks who because they feel insulted such as saying the pledge , there fore they are RIGHT because they are insulted . I am insulted does not mean your right . It means you have view that is bothered by something . Right and wrong has little to do with it .
    At least the culture will allow gays to have better learning envirnoments in public education , hopefully safer . But the left thinks they have already arrived in regards to equity . They are not even close . Equity means we all have excess to being treated fairly . Attacking the Pledge is just one example , a symbolic one , that shows the hatred for America and those of us who see God as a Hope and way to get in touch with our Better Angels . The basic foundation of this country was our nation could take away the rights we allowed to have because of a God who saw as equal . Basic 101 Americana . The aspect gays give in debate is compelling , time to stop with the anti gay rhetoric , if the Bible is true , and I believe it is , don't they need to be shown the love of God all the more . Loosen up Gary , the core of the problem is not gays , its we all think our feelings make us right .

    "The church must be reminded that it is not the master or the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state. It must be the guide and the critic of the state, never its tool. If the church does not recapture its prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1963



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