Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When the Foundations are Being Destroyed

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"When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" PS. 11:3 (NIV)

Things were so bad, David wrote in the Psalms that the wicked bend their bows and are "shooting from the shadows at the upright in heart."

He also wrote in PS. 12, "The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men."

Clearly that defines the trend in America's culture today:

  • Perversion is celebrated in cities across America under the guise of "equality" and "pride" and "tolerance."

  • A US President doesn't even know what he believes about marriage, but says his belief is "evolving".

  • Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill church in Grandville, Michigan, is now preaching that there is no hell--all will ultimately go to heaven. Love will win out. A theology of Universalism, yet, calling himself an evangelical and denying that he believes in Universalism.

  • Oprah and President Obama have both claimed publicly to be a Christian, yet both have said they do not believe Jesus is the only way to God, even though Jesus Himself says He is.

  • Politicians campaign, speaking to churches and Christian Universities, declaring to share their values, but when elected we discover they have a very different set of beliefs and values.

  • We slaughter tens of millions of babies and call it a "right"--- a "choice."

  • Our National Christian heritage is denied, revised, maligned and marginalized. Sometimes mocked.

  • Public Education, while failing to adequately educate, has been transformed into a social experimental laboratory for political correctness and the advancement of extreme social agendas.

  • Military readiness has been compromised in favor of normalizing deviant behavior.

  • Right is wrong---wrong is right and those who oppose come under attack. And are often silenced.

  • An "Emerging Church" movement, in its rush to relevance, has become indistinguishable from those they claim they want to reach. They are conforming to the culture, rather than transforming the culture by the gospel they claim to advocate. They deny its power.

  • The religious left is destroying this country under the guise of "social justice" by demanding more and more government entitlements, all leading to a culture of tyranny built on those very entitlements.
The foundations of this great nation are being destroyed.

What can people of faith do?

Some are suggesting we put the social issues, the values, aside for the 2012 election. Some in the church suggest we should stay out of cultural issues all together. "Religion and politics just don't mix," they say.

They were telling David the same thing several thousand years ago during his time of testing, saying, "Flee like a bird to your mountain." ( Ps. 11) Run for the hills, godly people must not soil themselves, nor make themselves vulnerable with these unpleasant cultural issues.

He didn't buy it. And neither do I. I believe many of you don't buy it either.

Faith and Freedom is committed to following biblical guidelines in all we do.

I'm asking for your financial support to allow us to continue in this work.

Ours is not a popular position in the current culture. Particularly here in the Northwest. Anyone who opposes these destructive agendas is personally attacked. Read some of the comments directed toward me posted on my blogs. There are many others so vile they cannot be published.

Here's 5 things we're trying to communicate to a culture in which the foundations are being destroyed. Everything we do is based from biblical principles, biblical teaching and biblical action concepts.

1. Be Transformed, Not Conformed.

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Romans 12:2 NIV

Current cultural trends are conforming Christian beliefs to the culture rather than godly beliefs transforming the culture.

The reason? A professed identity with Jesus Christ and Christianity, but a denial of its power to transform.

2. Be Awake. Be Aware.

"And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber..." 1 TH. 5:6

3. Embrace Wisdom and Understanding.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: all who follow His precepts have good understanding." Pr. 1:7

Stay true to God's word. Follow His precepts. There are many misleading voices today. Our own President has referred to Scriptural teaching on homosexuality in Romans 1 as "obscure," dismissing it. The Emerging Church Movement is redefining core evangelical beliefs, while the left is redefining Scripture to support their practice of abortion, homosexual behavior and the re-engineering of the family. These practices destroy individuals and nations.

4. Stand Firm. Fear Not.

"Wicked men are overthrown and are no more, but the house of the righteous stands firm." Pr. 12:7

Assaults on God's Word and His precepts have come and gone throughout human history. This is a time of assault on His truth and a testing of those who believe it. And it is growing in its intensity. God is often mocked. Those who serve Him in His Truth are often shunned and ridiculed, if they voice their beliefs publicly.

5. "Faith by itself if not accompanied by action, is dead." James 2:17

State Senator Ruben Diaz was the lone Democrat to vote against homosexual marriage in New York last Friday and the only lawmaker to speak against it from the floor. Following the vote Senator Diaz said, "We have to organize better. The problem with the Christian movement, with the Christians and pastors, is that they pray too much and act too little."

Diaz has received threats, including death threats since taking a public stand in defense of natural marriage.

Senator Diaz is also a Pentecostal pastor and president of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization.

Your financial support allows us to continue speaking godly principles to the culture and organizing efforts to advance truth and legitimate hope in the message of the gospel. Your prayer sustains us.

Your support is necessary for us to continue. Click here to make an online tax deductible donation.

Thank you for standing with us with your donation and your prayer.

God bless you.

Gary Randall


  1. I saw a great report on tv last night. It was compilation of video from the early 70's of christian leaders predicting the end of america if we passed the ERA and gave equal rights to women.

    As you might guess, christian leaders were hysterical that they might lose the right to discriminate against women and used the bible for validation.

    Of course, none of the dire predictions came true and almost all of us now agree that religious bigotry against women is wrong.

    I can't link to it, but you might search for the video. It was very enlightening.

  2. Thank you for an accurate and motivating picture of where we are in our country. We support you. Keep up the good work.

  3. And it came to pass that the church acknowledged it was wrong and that the earth was not flat nor was it the center of the universe.

  4. Read between the lines, and all I see here is name-calling and ideological elitism.

    By Gary's definition, gays are perverts and therefore gay rights are wrong. This is simply name calling, not an argument.

    By Gary's definition, Christians who do not believe his brand of Christianity are not really Christians at all. This is simply an insult to many Christians, and not an argument at all.

    And, by Gary's definition, what he believes is "right" and those who disagree are simply "wrong." This is elitism, and not an argument at all.

    So there's Gary and his small group. And then there's the rest of us idiot, pervert, non-Christians.

    Thanks, Gary... but I'm not convinced.

  5. How can Christians believe that it is alright to saddle the sickest of our seniors with some thing like the Medicare Donut Hole?

    The United States is no longer a Christian Democracy.
    A Christian Democracy would never ,never, ever go against
    the commandment , “HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER,'' and saddle their
    sickest seniors citizens with something like the DONUT HOLE.
    This can only happen in a FASCIST state where corporate profits trumps the lives of its senior

  6. Ralph,

    You're absolutely right. The big corporate money is playing the religious right for fools.

    These poor people think it's about the social issues, but the money organizing them is really just about continuing the biggest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich in history.

    For example, the lie that you shouldn't tax the job creators. It's just the opposite. Keep taxes low on their profits and they'll just keep them. Tax the profits heavily and they'll funnel the money back into the business to avoid the tax. That's how it worked all through the 50's and 60's when the top tax rate was about 90% - and we had strong growth back then.

    But somehow, not taxing the rich became a religious value. I don't think Jesus would agree.

  7. I had supported Pastor Randall, but I cannot support him any longer after he abandoned the people who signed the R71 petitions. You persuaded us to sign and now you say nothing about the federal lawsuit. You keep us all in the dark but we have a right to know what is going on.


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