Tuesday, July 19, 2011

35% Of Americans Apathetic to Debt Crisis

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While America teeters on the brink of financial disaster, Gallup has found that 35% of Americans have "no opinion" about it.

As of yesterday, July 18, there were 311,792,749 people living in this country. See population clock here.

So, 109,127,462 Americans are not interested enough to have an opinion one way of the other.


Francis Schaeffer said in his book, How Then Should We Live?, "Culture and freedom is fragile."

History teaches us what not to do if we want to remain free.

Judeo- Christian principles teach us what we must do to remain free.

Yesterday, I came across a short video of Francis Schaeffer explaining how apathy destroyed Rome and the implication to our own culture.

Schaeffer says Romans tried to build upon the state---they turned away from the Christian answers and principles that were before them and there culture collapsed.

It collapsed from internal, not external weaknesses.

"Apathy," says Schaeffer, "was the chief mark of the period."

I have linked his video here. Please take a moment and watch it. So you can----

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Free.

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  1. I can not speak for anybody else.
    I have written this country off.
    The United States is morally, ethically and financially bankrupt.

    It can not be said that a country that saddles the sickest of it's senior citizens financially
    with something like the Medicare Donut Hole
    is exceptional.

  2. Ralph,

    Agreed, the example you give is the perfect example of the power corporations now have. With no enforcement of anti-trust and the citizens united ruling, just expect the big to get bigger and and the rich to get richer, and for the middle class to slowly disappear.

    Elections are increasingly decided by who spends more money, not who has better ideas. Since the tv stations get all the money, don't expect the news to buck this system.

    The religious right believes they're fighting for the moral issues, but in the long run the groups they're supporting (freedom works, etc.) are really just about making the koch's and their ilk richer and the big corporations more profitable.

    I really don't think this is what the founders envisioned.

  3. The silence to last post is deafening !!!!

  4. The beginning of the end of a country
    is when that county loses compassion and empathy for the weakest of its citizens. The seniors of this country have work ,paid taxes , raised families and fought and sacrificed their health for this country.

    The MEDICARE DONUT HOLE targets the sickest of these senior with a financial burden.
    The Donut Hole represents zero compassion and empathy these seniors.


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