Friday, July 01, 2011

Sunrise-Sunset Over Washington DC

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As you celebrate our country and our freedoms this weekend, here's a thought as to why we have been blessed as a nation.

It's interesting that in DC, the first and last rays of sunlight each day fall on the Washington Monument--the tallest structure in the area, at 555 feet tall.

On the peak of the Monument, inscribed on the four-sided aluminum capstone are the Latin words, Laus Deo, "Praise Be To God."

Join our Founders, in an expression of praise to God for His blessings and favor on what has become the most free, blessed nation in the history of the world.

May God bless America. And may America bless God.

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  1. God bless our country and our military for keep us free. Yes, Praise be to God for this precious country. May we ever remain free.

  2. Thank you, Gary. If the Founders weren't Christian, why did they put those words on the Washington Monument? Case closed.

  3. Thank God for the MEDICARE DONUT HOLE.

  4. As we celebrate this very special holiday, let us who stand up for Godly righteousness never forget that all battles on this earth really belong to the LORD! The future King David of Israel spent many harsh years on the run before King Saul, and he cried out continually for his Creator to bring relief....and victory finally came! God is faithful, but his ways mysterious! Our founders suffered greatly for their audacity, and sometimes, so must we. The gift that is America is something to be VERY thankful the generous, powerful God who has given us more freedom, peace and prosperity than any other nation on earth. PRAISE HIM INDEED!!! Spokane

  5. @10:03

    They didn't. Construction on the Washington Monument did not begin until 1848 and the capstone wasn't placed until 1884, or over 100 years after the singing of the Declaration of Independence, at that point every one of the Founders was dead and buried!

    It's not your fault though, you've obviously been listening to pseudo-historian propagandists like David Barton, for whom "truthiness" is the same as fact.


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