Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Does McKenna Support Legalizing Marijuana?

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I honestly don't know.

However, there are some who are suggesting he has given Initiative 502- an initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana in the state of Washington, a real boost.

Dominic Holden with Seattle's homosexual newspaper, The Stranger, and an apparent supporter of the initiative, says the Attorney General's office did such a good job writing the title and summary of the initiative for the ballot that it actually pitches the initiative in a way "that a campaign would pay a million dollars for."

He says the A/G's work "could buy this thing [Initiative 502] a few points when it goes before voters in 2012."

I am quite certain Mr. McKenna is pro-choice. I am uncertain as to where he really stands on marriage.

Now this. I'm wondering where he stands on the issue. Surely he does not support the legalization of marijuana?

I recall Larry Stickney, Steven Pigeon, myself and others who led the Referendum 71 campaign did not get any million dollar endorsement titles or summaries and in fact, the Attorney General is still committed to releasing the names of those who signed the petitions to homosexual activists who are still demanding them.

Another court trial is scheduled for late September. All petition signer names continue to remain sealed.

Ironically, Dominic Holden harvested names of donors to Protect Marriage Washington from the PDC reports and called them, attempting to have "a conversation."

If you actually know the A/G's position on marijuana, please let me know.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

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  1. I just wrote Rob mcKenna on where he stands on Marriage, Abortions and Mary J

  2. Faith and Freedom Staff2:10 PM, August 02, 2011

    12:48 Please forward his response to us. Thank you.

  3. Why does Gary insist upon labeling The Stranger a "homosexual newspaper"? It isn't a gay news focused paper, this site probably has a higher percentage of gay-related stories than The Stranger. The majority of the staff is heterosexual. I'm fairly positive newpapers have neither gender nor sexual orientations. So by what logic does Gary insist upon labeling The Stranger a "homosexual paper"?

    Seems to me the only logic involved is Gary's readers are anti-gay, and Gary wants to label The Stranger as "bad", so in this simplistic "logic" gay="bad". How trite.

  4. 7:09 If the Stranger doesn't have a gay orientation, then the pope isn't catholic and Dan Savage is in the wrong place.

  5. Gary

    God made hemp - God called it "good". Of course McKenna should be supporting the legalization of hemp. Why would you want big government intruding into our relationship with God? Invading our privacy?? Why would you want to increase our precious taxes to engage in violence against fellow citizens because they smoke flowers and leaves - that is insane!! Why would call evil that which God calls good?? It is not the place of government to regulate our personal behavior - unless of course you are a LIBERAL!! Are you really a liberal??? I hope not. A genuine conservative wants the government OUT OF OUR PRIVATE LIVES! It is time that hemp is legalized both to honor God and honor America. The constitution was written on hemp paper. The founders GREW HEMP!!! It is time hemp Washington grown rather than imported so that can CREATE JOBS!! Why are you opposed to developing the Washington economy?

    Are you really going to "call evil that which God calls good?" If you have some personal concern with the personal behavior of other people, you are free to share to share your personal concern with them. But keep your #$%$^ big fat buearacratic tax stealing government out of citizen's lives!!!

  6. Why does a paper get to have an 'orientation' but with people it's a 'preference'?

  7. @11:12

    I know, I know,it's because Gary et all want the law to discriminate against the people!


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